Well, this little slice of the blog world is about to transition a bit into a wedding planning blog of sorts.   That is kind of fitting considering the first blog I ever read was The Preppy Wedding before it became the preppy baby blog, and boy did that ever start a frenzy of blog reading and subscribing!

I hope to be able to document my planning ups and downs here and most importantly,  get your feedback!!  I would love to hear from everyone who has ever been married to tell me what they loved most about planning, or wish they could have done over, or any good bits of advice!

So, I have 355 days to go and the planning is already taking off.  It actually started last Monday, a mere 48 hours after our engagement when the Tar Heel and I waltzed our way into some of the best venues Wilmington, NC has to offer.  We honestly thought we might put down a deposit at any one of the three of our top venue choices that very day!  How crazy naive we were.  Maybe we were still living in a haze of happiness from the engagement.  Either way, we quickly left with a packet of information from each place and the idea of: “WOW that is more expensive than we thought it would be”.  But we are looking at all the options now and trying to come up with our next step. In fact, we may or may not have most definitely DID googled the phrase, “Engaged, now what?” :)

Which brings me to my first question for you lovely blog readers.  What books, online resources or other sources of information did you find to be most helpful with planning your wedding?  Did you make your own binder or “planner” and if so, did you have  a creative and very helpful way of organizing it?  Right now I have a binder with a calendar from July 2010-July 2011 and a few sections like Location, Attire, Meal, Video/Photo, and Misc.  But I am finding I spend most of my time in excel using worksheets my Lil, Southern Sunshine (And Bride-to-be this WEEKEND!)sent me. So a paper based binder may not be what I need.

Please feel free to leave a comment with any good ideas you may have.  If you would prefer to email me you may do so at statelylady08 at gmail dot com.

YAY! Let the wedding planning commence!

Amazing pictures above by WithaK Photography, by Kristen Williams.  Click on the link to go to the WithaK Photo facebook page and become a fan.  You can see the rest of her shots from our engagement shoot there, too!

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  1. Woo hoo! First comment! :) Girlie, you know you’re going right down my alley :) Love weddings & wedding planning! I pulled pics from bridal magazines & decorating magazines for my flowers, centerpieces, table settings, & just for the “look” of the wedding & reception. I put it all in a binder sectioned off with titles like “Flowers”, “Reception”, “Honeymoon”, “Dresses”, “Hair”, “Makeup”, etc. Let me know if you have any questions! Have fun!!

  2. Yay! Let the FUN begin! I made my own binder/planner…but used the website “the knot” to print out a weekly “to do” list…I could check them off as I went and it would send reminders to my email if I got slack and skipped something…we had a year to plan and the whole week before the wedding, I got to relax and enjoy it cuz everything was done ahead of time…There isn’t a single thing I would go back and change about our wedding or wedding events…it was absolutely PERFECT in every way!!! I did lots of googlin’ and cut/paste out of magazines…be sure and attend a wedding show or two…there is one in Wilmington and Raleigh and both are great…take your camera, you can get lots of ideas…HAVE FUN!!! Enjoy it…355 days sounds like a lot, but it’ll fly by…next thing you’ll know, you’ll be celebrating your 3 year anniversary and have a baby on the way!!! :0) Let me know if you need anything!

  3. Hello my love! I wanted to let you know that I kept an electronic version of my inspiration binder on my hard drive so I could email people my ideas/thoughts/visions.

    I kept a file folder with me at all times that held my contracts, proofs, contact numbers, and even our pre-marital counseling information! Having that separated in sections and on hand was really nice since I do not have a phone where I can access email and attachments.

  4. Hey Regina,

    Funny you mention locations in Wilmington being expensive. Eddie and Andrea tried a couple of places in Wilmington before giving up on that and going to plan b. I won’t even bring up their plan b becuase I don’t want people after me for discussing such things as destination weddings. The issue they had was not only cost, but also availability when they wanted to book. I know one place they checked out was a crazy 10K location fee. So it’s one of those things that you might get lucky and get a deal or you might need to have an open mind about some things and make sure to explore your options thoroughly. The main thing is that ya’ll are happy. The last wedding that I really helped with a lot was Brian and Shana’s. I know she used the knot website also to help her with the planning so that’s probably not a bad idea either.

    On a completely unrelated note, how’s the numbness doing? I’ve been meaning to call and check but Dan and I have been out of town visiting his dad for a couple of weeks.

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