11 down, 15 to go

Our IM team shirt designed by a classmate and loved by all. FYI: Our certification exam is called the PANCE. How great is this?

11 Down, and 15 to go…

15 Exams left to go this semester, that is.  I cannot believe I have suffered through successfully completed 11 exams so far in P A school.  It seems like every time we get a chance to breathe we are gearing up for the next.  This morning we had our 2nd Pharmacotherapeutics exam, a subject where my background in Pharm really comes in handy.  Friday we will have our third Clinical Medicine test covering a good chunk of Cardio material (second Cardio Clin Med test so far) and it seems like it will be a beast. Not looking forward to it very much but the best part of getting it over with is….getting it over with. So no anxiety yet over Friday’s fast approaching date. :)

The end of Fall Break marked the half-way point for this semester.  I cannot believe it. As soon as I decided to go to Campbell last fall, I just knew it would be what seemed like an eternity to wait for our first day of class.  Now we are already “downward sloping” this half of the semester and, fittingly, we are gaining momentum in our decline – covering much more ground in much less time. Just when we go to hit the breaks (weekends) we miss and hit the accelerator (new version of weekends that resemble more of a busy week day than a relaxing day “off.”)

But, I am so excited to be where I am and can feel a happiness about fulfilling this need that reaches deep into my core. There is absolutely no where else that I’d rather be and nothing else I’d rather be doing (Disclaimer: OK, maybe it would be nice to be a few years into my practice and already standing on a firm foundation of knowledge but before I know it I’m sure I’ll be there. I hope, anyway.)

I picked my sweet Tar Heel’s number to don the back of my team shirt. Also, coincidentally, the number of my locker at school.

I plan to write a quick post later this week with pictures from Fall Break. It really was a great time to relax and enjoy some much needed time with my sweet husby.  He has been so wonderful and supportive to me and so it was good to surprise him with a clean house, clean clothes and home-cooked meal for a change.

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