53 days

The Tar Heel sent me these beautiful flowers last Wednesday on our “Two months until our wedding day” day!  He is always so thoughftul and sweet.  I can hardly believe we have only 53 days to go until our wedding!  The to-do list is winding down, and I am trying to remain calm but it is hard to stay composed with all these emotions floating around.  I am so excited/anxious/overjoyed and I am just so ready for the day to be here.  BUT, there are some wonderful events that are scheduled to occur between now and our Wedding Day that I am extremely excited about as well! 

– Two job interviews in Savannah!!!!!!! YAY! Praise the Lord and PLEASE pray for the Lord’s Will with me!! 
– Two wedding showers in February hosted by our sweet families.
– The Tar Heel’s first speaking engagement at a local conference.
– My Bachelorette weekend!  I am soooo excited to have my best girls with me for a weekend of fun in Charlotte!  I received this gorgeous invitation to my girls weekend last week, and got SO excited!

I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life.  These girls are going above and beyond anything I expected, and to say I am excited is such an understatment!  And in case you are wondering, the Tar Heel is having a Bachelor weekend the weekend after mine in Charlotte as well.  It’s also his birthday weekend, so that makes me sad I won’t see him on his birthday — but I am sure he won’t mind considering  the fun they are going to have :)  We are both very blessed to have such great friends, and we couldn’t imagine getting married without these awesome people in our lives!

Whew!  Is it March 19th yet?  :)

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