7 Weeks


It is hard to believe we just finished up week 7 of PA school.  I cannot even begin to explain how much I am enjoying this experience so far.   Every single day I find another reason to love the PA profession and get more and more excited for the future.  One of the biggest reasons I am enjoying my time in PA school has been the 39 new “family” members I’ve added to my life. It would be a total lie if I said I didn’t feel like the kid sister to each of them — not due to my age, but due to having the feeling that I have SOOOOO much to learn from each of my classmates.

Waiting for the white coat ceremony to start. Pic taken by one of our classmates and our resident photog. :)

Seriously, they are all so impressive. Everyone has such varied backgrounds and extensive healthcare experience. Aside from being brilliant, they are all incredibly friendly and helpful as well.  Campbell has done a phenomenal job of fostering a collaborative environment and removing the cut-throat competitive nature notorious of medical training. Our administrators are often heard saying “leave your grades at the door.” The idea of “getting ahead,” especially at the expense of your fellow classmates, does not exist in this program.  We all work VERY hard at helping ourselves AND each other be successful. I keep hearing the words of one of our faculty members over and over in my mind who told us during orientation that we simply don’t have time to dwell on our grades anyway.  If we barely pass a test, we get over it and move on to the next. If we get an A on a test, we get over it and move on to the next.  We can’t maintain the energy it takes to obsess over every single grade when we have so many “educational opportunities” (aka exams) coming our way each week.

One of my faves, Alex! We carpool together and live less than a mile from each other :)

I know my biggest fear before starting PA school was that I might not be able to do it.  And while the volume of information is more than I ever could have imagined, the concepts are very straightforward and I am humbled and really surprised at how well I have done thus far. I just keep praying it lasts!  But, as our medical director says all the time, grades are not sole indicators of how successful one will be as a provider.  That is tough to wrap your mind around when everything leading up to PA school has been so focused on grades. Funny how that works, right?

One of many sticky notes the Tar Heel has left for me. This was on our 1.5 year anniversary day. Love him :)

Things at home are going great. My Tar Heel is busy being awesome at work, and he has been my rock for the past 7 weeks.  I just did a few loads of laundry today for the first time in at least two weeks. He has kept this house going for me, bless his heart. On test days (1-2x a week), I just wake up, get ready and walk out the door. He has my car loaded with my stuff, breakfast shake made and sitting in the cupholder and seat-warmers turned on high. Oh, and typically there are a few love notes to be found throughout the day (inside my bookbag, notebooks, somewhere in the car, etc.) He is AMAZING.  I do not deserve his love but I am so grateful to have it. He is and always will be the best part of my life, no matter what I do for a living!


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