A Mathews Tradition

Hey lovely blog readers! I have a quick favor to ask.  Basically, the Tar Heel gets his talent honest.  His whole family has special gifts and his cousin, Luke, has entered a video contest featuring his sister Jerri-Rae and her husband Robby.  It is an AWESOME video and it is a Top 10 Finalist in the contest. 

Now here is where ya’ll come in.  Would you mind taking a second to cast your vote for the video?  It is really cute and definitely worth watching. Even if you don’t have a big interest in hunting (like me!) you will love the video regardless.  All you do to vote is register by providing your email, but you can opt out of ever receiving anything from them. Really simple!  Head on over now!!!  You can click directly on the picture above to get there or on the link listed below.

Thank you and I promise I have a great post in the works as we speak!! :)

A Mathews Tradition.

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  1. Thanks for getting the word out Regina!! We need all the help we can get!!

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