A photo shoot preview

This weekend the Tar Heel and I decided to have a quick photo shoot. It was somewhat sporadic so we just had fun with it.  I must say I am in love with our end product.  I loved the old blue house — we could not have asked for a better backdrop. If anyone is familiar with the area, we took these in the big city of Princeton, NC just off Main Street. It is amazing what you will find after driving for 5 minutes in an old, tiny town!  I am only posting a couple because a few of the shots are being combined for a really interesting final effect so I will share the rest after that has been completed.  Here are a few of the best outtakes for now!

3 thoughts on “A photo shoot preview”

  1. I love these!! And I know exactly where this place is. I just might have to “steal” your spot :) the pics turned out great; can’t wait to see the final product you talked about.

  2. Love the last one – too cute! PS – The Me Fine Foundation is HQ in Princeton. I’m going to do a post about their store on my blog, soon!

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