Amy’s Wedding Part I

My favorite part of the entire weekend was just being able to spend time with Amy and other sweet friends.  I have missed her so much since she moved to Maryland, but I know our friendship has only grown stronger despite the distance.   Sure, I miss not being able to call Amy and schedule an impromptu date at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Southpoint like we use to do.  But that is just what made her wedding weekend a little extra special.  Finally being able to see her again and under such happy circumstances was an absolute delight!

We started off the official wedding weekend plans with a Bridal Luncheon held at 518 West.  The colors were baby blue and brown (one of my favorite color combos currently).  Mindy found blue Ball jars that Amy really wanted, and filled the beautiful jars with wildflowers and some from Mrs. Becky’s garden. Mindy got so “tickled” about her “tablecloths” because they were actually shower curtains, and while she didn’t want anyone to know this fact before the event, she managed to tell each and every one of us at the bridal luncheon.  But that is just so Mindy!  I love her for being such a sweet and genuine, down-to-earth person.  At the end of the luncheon, she even let me have one of the shower curtains since those are my bathroom colors.  Love that Mindy! :)

The Rehearsal at the Rose Garden, where the wedding was to be held, ended up getting rained out and we had to practice under a little shelter.   This was a bit of foreshadowing. Nonetheless, after the rehearsal, we made our way to Porter’s Tavern for the Rehearsal Dinner.  The Tar Heel joined me, and we all had a wonderful time laughing, crying and toasting  the couple-to-be.  Amy and Matthew made a “timeline”  slideshow of their lives set to “Lie in our Graves” by Dave Matthews Band (uhm, hello, my friends have excellent taste in music). The best part of the night was when Amy and Matthew distributed these awesome books they made for each of us.  Amy and Matthew both wrote something special about each of us in the bridal party and each of their family members and compiled them into this book called “Love: Yours and Ours.”  It was AMAZING!    I cried and cried reading what each of them wrote about me.  Such a sweet and thoughtful gift that gives happiness each and everytime I read it.  Now, for pictures of the Rehearsal Dinner day/night!


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