An Open Letter

Dear North Carolina,

I have loved living among your pine trees, crystal coast, and beautiful mountains for nearly 25 years now.  You are home to some of my favorite places/things; namely, the NCSU Wolfpack, Wilmington (where I am getting married even), the Biltmore, Wilbur’s BBQ, and the NC State Fair. I always feel a sense of love and home whenever I cross the State Line when returning from a trip.  However, this was not the case yesterday.  You see, I left my most favorite part of North Carolina, my sweet Tar Heel, behind yesterday in Georgia.  Yes, Georgia.  You may have heard of it.  For some reason you and Georgia are a  solid 6 hour drive apart.  This is no bueno.  A six hour drive does not allow me to run home and make a quick dinner for us to share in-between classes and work.  A six hour drive does not allow me to check on the Tar Heel before I leave for work to make sure he gets up on time.  A six hour drive does not allow me to spend  the evening watching American Pickers or some other show I always pretend not to like snuggled up next to my sweet fiance. 

So, I guess there is really only one thing left for me to do: Move to Georgia.   I love you NC, but I love my Tar Heel waaaaaaay more. See ya in 2-3 years.


The NC StatelyLady


5 thoughts on “An Open Letter”

  1. Sad day…but still very exciting. New chapter of your life will begin in 6 months and 5 days!

  2. LOVE ths pics – thanks for posting them. I was hoping to get a glimpse of the house!! Everything looks SO good and it looks like “home”!! I really like the photo of Dustin’s first day of class!! Now…just use this time away from Dustin to plan your wedding and time will fly by and before you know it, you’ll be living in Savannah!! :)

  3. Kept looking for a Stately Lady post and pictures of your and Dustin’s house. Absolutely LOVE the pictures and the beautiful job you did on the house! Your special touch made it beautiful and full of love (I knew you would make it special and a beautiful place for the two of you to call “home”). Thanks again for helping him get settled in and being a wonderful fiancé and equally wonderful “soon to be” daughter-in-law!! LOVE YOU!

  4. Really love your new living quarters. Looks so nice. Can’t wait to share a burger on the grill with you guys and to have you both argue over me being your partner in CatchPhrase! Love you both! GOOOOOOO BEES!

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