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Apothecary Ball 2013

Right now I should be preparing for our first OSCE of the semester scheduled to take place tomorrow morning. Or I could be studying for our first exam of the semester coming up Friday. But instead, I’m doing what I really want to do…which is to post memories from my first Apothecary Ball!

The night started off at Caffe Luna with two other PA couples for dinner before the ball. It was delicious, as always.

After dinner we made our way to the ball. The Apothecary Ball is an event for the Pharmacy and PA students held each year at the beginning of Spring semester. The theme this year was “Fire & Ice” and so naturally, I aligned myself with the “Fire” side and wore Red.  It was such a fun night.  I was looking forward to the event being held at the Brownstone hotel — the same place where we had our Initiation party my freshman year on the day I was initiated into Pi Beta Phi!  Being in a sorority, we had formals and semi-formals each year. I was SO EXCITED to finally be able to take my sweet Tar Heel to our first “formal” together.

And we had a GREAT time!  Granted, I think the Tar Heel had pretty low expectations given his former formal experiences. Poor guy just wasn’t lucky enough to experience a Pi Phi event at State. BUT, the Apothecary Ball made up for all of that.:)

I think this was during Ke$ha’s “Die Young” song – sooo fun!

We even had Class Superlatives. They included: Best Dressed, Most Likely to Misplace Their Cadaver, Most Likely to Flirt with their Supervising Physician (this was a little awkward for both the peeps who received this since they are married/engaged…gotta love it), Most Likely to Yell at their Patients, and Most Likely to Cry in a Corner on the First Day of Rotations.   Seriously.

Alex made me promise this pic didn’t go on FB. She failed to mention the blog… Love this girl. :)

The night was simply perfect. It ended shoeless – a proven indicator of any worthwhile formal event. We even stopped by gumby’s for a quick pit stop before the trek home to Holly Springs.  Yes, this was a great event to relive my “glory days” of Pi Phi formals and carefree nights of pretty dresses and sweet drinks… but this night was better than any of those simply because I finally had my forever date with me – my sweet Tar Heel.

So, cheers to not having to pretend when your reality is better than anything you could ever dream up. :)

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