Ave’s wedding and more

I am finally getting settled in at my new position and it feels great to get to know a new group of fun people and start something I am really excited about.  I still get a little amazed every time I walk down the hall to where I work because I have to pass by my boss’s office.  My boss happens to be the man who perfected the gastric bypass procedure and is a world renown physician and surgeon.  You know, the usual.   He is a really sweet man on top of all that!

So this past weekend was little miss Averi Renee‘s wedding.  It was such a busy, fun time and I loved seeing her and catching up with one of my faves Caroline, aka Polka Dots and Protein Bars aka Miss Self-Employed.  And trust me, this girl really is as hilarious as she seems on her blog.  I laughed so much this weekend, generally at her (or my) expense.  Just kidding. :)  It was fun though, and got me super pumped for wedding planning.  Averi really facilitated that by giving me her wedding planning books.  She is a sweet friend, that Mrs. Linderman.  Many congratulations and well wishes to my Lil Ave and her new husband, Grant!

Here is a pic I stole from Caroline who stole it from the photographer, Jessica Key Photography.  We were getting all fancy before the wedding.  Cute, right?

Speaking of wedding planning, the Tar Heel and I are heading to Wilmington this weekend to take a look at a potential reception site, Elijah’s.  The pre-requisites are checking out nicely for this venue, so let’s cross our fingers that we like it and can finally have our reception site booked!

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  1. do you mean Elijah’s down by the waterfront? I love that place! We go to eat there every year when we’re at the beach. I was just there last week!

  2. That’s the place! I didn’t get a chance to stop by this weekend like I had hoped because we were running a little late to the wedding we were going to. But hopefully I can check it out soon. Neither I nor Dustin have ever been there, so I can’t wait to see it. It helps to know you like it so much! :)

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