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I wish I could say I were coherent enough at this point to write this post, but thanks entirely to the wonders of blog magic I am bringing this post to you from the future.  Or past. Or basically, I set this post to show up Friday night at midnight. Either way, I just wanted to share with you the results of a project from back in April that I just realized I never showed you! Remember this post?  Here is the final product. (Click to view larger)

This sequence of shots actually happened entirely by accident.  We weren’t going for this effect at all. But you know what they say about the best laid plans… So while we were testing the camera, I ran down from those steps to  the right and jumped into his arms and voilà!  The camera caught the whole thing.

We were planning for something more like us just walking toward each other, inspired  by this shot from Kelly Hornberger Photography (found via The Bride’s Cafe.)

The Tar Heel used his edit-savvy skills to produce the final result, and I happen to love it.  By the way, we took these pictures before the Tar Heel bought his new pair of flip flops for the warm weather.  After revisiting these pictures, I had to laugh.  I was still instantly drawn to his “niks” as he refers to them, and I still wish I could crop them right out!  If you’re my friend on facebook, I’m sure you remember that discussion. :) But that’s my sweet Tar Heel and I love him. Niks and all.

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