This weekend…

…I am headed to Savannah, Georgia to see this girl get married:

That’s me and my Big, also one of my faaaavorite Pi Phis, from my FRESHMAN YEAR at our very first Formal!!  Please note the amazing Pi Phi ice sculpture behind us.  Legit. Hah!

I am SO excited to spend this weekend with my sweet husband-to-be and some of my absolute favorite people from college, I can’t even tell you! My Lil’ Ave will be there too!  The Tar Heel and I won’t be getting a hotel for the wedding of course, we will be staying at our house!  Our houuuuse! Where I get to live soon! Yay!  How exciting. :)

Can’t wait to celebrate with these wonderful girls this weekend!  Hooray for weddings and best friends!

Heather and I in O’Lunney’s Pub in Times Square!

My Big Heather, My Little Ave, Me, and Kelly at Caffe Luna my junior year!


Ave’s wedding and more

I am finally getting settled in at my new position and it feels great to get to know a new group of fun people and start something I am really excited about.  I still get a little amazed every time I walk down the hall to where I work because I have to pass by my boss’s office.  My boss happens to be the man who perfected the gastric bypass procedure and is a world renown physician and surgeon.  You know, the usual.   He is a really sweet man on top of all that!

So this past weekend was little miss Averi Renee‘s wedding.  It was such a busy, fun time and I loved seeing her and catching up with one of my faves Caroline, aka Polka Dots and Protein Bars aka Miss Self-Employed.  And trust me, this girl really is as hilarious as she seems on her blog.  I laughed so much this weekend, generally at her (or my) expense.  Just kidding. :)  It was fun though, and got me super pumped for wedding planning.  Averi really facilitated that by giving me her wedding planning books.  She is a sweet friend, that Mrs. Linderman.  Many congratulations and well wishes to my Lil Ave and her new husband, Grant!

Here is a pic I stole from Caroline who stole it from the photographer, Jessica Key Photography.  We were getting all fancy before the wedding.  Cute, right?

Speaking of wedding planning, the Tar Heel and I are heading to Wilmington this weekend to take a look at a potential reception site, Elijah’s.  The pre-requisites are checking out nicely for this venue, so let’s cross our fingers that we like it and can finally have our reception site booked!

Averi’s Bridesmaids Weekend

So last weekend we celebrated the upcoming marriage of my Lil Sis in Pi Phi, Averi Renee.  Averi is such a sweet friend and I am so excited to be a part of her Big Day!  That wedding is going to be so much FUN! And I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she started planning it in early 2008, several months before she even met Grant. :)  But you have to appreciate a girl who knows what she wants! Plus we all do it, anyway… hehe.

Anyway, the plan was to drive down to Morehead City straight after work on Friday.  That plan hit a pretty hefty detour when I was making my way down and started smelling a really odd/horrible smell coming from my car.  I decided to pretend it wasn’t there and kept driving, but eventually ended up pulled over and calling OnStar.  Now, OnStar has not paid me to make any of the statements I’m about to say (But if they want to, then please feel free to contact me) but I LOVE my OnStar! I will never buy anything but a GM car until OnStar becomes available in other brands (Hello, Acura TL)  because OnStar has helped me SO MUCH! They have brought me gas, fixed my flat tires, given me directions and unlocked my car for me so far.  They came to my rescue again and towed my poor CTS to the nearest Cadillac dealership.  Bonnie, one of the other bridesmaids was making her way into town just in time to pick me up when the tow truck arrived!  Thank goodness for Bonnie!!!

Pretty soon we made it to Averi’s parent’s home and our fun weekend got started.  We stayed up drinking wine and chatting the night away.  Early Saturday morning we had a delicious breakfast and headed out to the pool for some tan time.  One of my legs totally missed the sunscreen memo and it got pretty burned, but was bearable.  Saturday afternoon we celebrated with a little shower for Averi.  (I missed most of this because my dad came into town  to meet me and get the car taken care of.   All it needed was a new battery, thank the Lord!) 

Since the weekend was planned entirely by Averi’s two best friends from high school, the rest of us just went along with everything.  All we knew about Saturday evening was that there would be a big surprise and we were to be dressed in cocktail dresses at 6 where our ride would come and pick us up from the house.   Now, we were trying to come up with what this “surprise” was all day Saturday.  We knew it wouldn’t be anything trashy, since none of us (and especially Averi) are not into the “typical bachelorette” experience of gross straws with boy parts on them, or veils with boy parts on them, or cakes in the shape of boy parts. So we were at a loss about what it would be.

We finally figured it out when we arrived at Corinne’s condo in Atlantic Beach where her dad’s sport fisher yacht was parked out back!  We all boarded the yacht and rode around eating, drinking and listening to Jimmy Buffet and Eric Church for a few hours!  It was AMAZING!  We were then dropped off at the Beaufort waterfront where we sat on the dock and finished our wine and talked about Averi and her future children’s names.  It was such a special time and I think one of my favorite parts of the entire weekend!  Her giddy excitement about marrying her best friend is so sweet, and I am so happy for her! :)

We ended up the night at Jack’s where we danced the night away.  We then headed back to Averi’s house where we all promptly crashed! Overall it was a wonderful weekend and made me appreciate having amazing friendships even more!  Congrats to my fave AVE!  I love you and can’t wait for July 24, 2010!  Woo hoo!! :)

PS: Caroline, we missed you this weekend!