Getting there…

We are so close! All signs are pointing to baby SOON, but I am hoping she can stay IN for at least 3 more weeks. I want my little October baby!  But if she ends up being an end-of-September baby, you’d hear no complaining from me. ;)

photoHere is the 32-week belly in all it’s [big] glory!  We made our way up to the beautiful NC mountains for one of my sweet sorority sister’s wedding over Labor day. We enjoyed a final little baby moon together in Boone before our precious little girl makes her way into the world.  We stayed at Crestwood Inn, the wedding venue, and  it was absolutely gorgeous.  We even made our way to Grandfather Mountain over the weekend where me and baby G got to cross the mile-high swinging bridge! We weren’t as adventurous as dad though – he had to take pictures the entire length of the bridge. I was perfectly fine just walking across and saying “Ok I did it.” No documentation necessary. ;)  It was good to be back in the beautiful blue ridge mountains — the last time we were here was for our wine trip over the holidays in 2009, our first “couple” trip together. Who knew back then where we would be in just 4 short years!I just love the way Love works out! ;)

The ever flattering mirror selfies.
The ever flattering mirror selfies.
Me taking a picture of Dustin taking my picture... crossing the bridge, of course!
Me taking a picture of Dustin taking my picture… crossing the bridge, of course!

I could get use to views like this during breakfast!


I am so excited for our little one to be here soon. We have had such a blessed pregnancy and I can’t complain about a thing. That’s not to say we haven’t had our fair share of little hiccups along the way. But overall, this journey has been amazing.  It always helps to have your best friend and better half beside you every single step. I love my sweet Tar Heel like nothing else in this world!!

35 days and counting!



15 Weeks, 5 Days

I cannot believe we are already only a few days away from being 16 weeks along with our sweet little Baby Bee.  Ever since we found out we were expecting, we’ve been calling Baby Gurley our little Baby Bee.  We buy lots of bee things around here because it reminds us of a special time in our life – when the Tar Heel was a SCAD Bee down in Savannah!  Now we can hardly wait to add one more very special Bee to our family this fall :)

We started a garden, the perfect spot for our baby Bee spinning flag!

And as of almost two weeks ago, we now know what our little Baby Bee will “bee”!  We are so excited.  When we went for my 12 week visit and ultrasound, we were presented with the option of doing some testing for chromosomal changes that may indicate serious disorders or syndromes.  I had really wrestled with this, and after speaking to a few friends, had pretty much decided we wouldn’t do any testing.  We figured no matter the outcome of the tests, we wouldn’t change anything.  One of the major perks of being pregnant in PA school is having access to some incredible medical resources.  One of my mentors at school happens to have practiced women’s health for 20+ years. When I mentioned to her we decided against testing, she kindly asked if I cared to know what she often told patients with regard to testing. Of course I was interested to find out. She told me that for many years she carried the same belief that I had – regardless of testing, it wouldn’t change the outcome (with regards to aborting). And that was ok for a while, until she began to see the many couples who opted not to test who ended up having a child with needs who could have benefited greatly from being born in a hospital with every resource available, a decision the parents could have made with the knowledge gained from prenatal testing.  And for those children, every prolonged second of care in transport can significantly impact their quality of life down the road.  I share all of this for anyone who may come across the blog who is trying to make the same decision we were.  Of course, this is not a blanket statement for everyone and each mother-to-be should have a very candid discussion with their partner and physician before making this decision.  But for us, the option to test made a lot of sense, so we went for it.

The test we chose to go with is called Panorama and is a simple blood test (not invasive). The test separates my DNA, the baby’s DNA, and Dustin’s DNA (by a cheek swab) in order to analyze for chromosomal abnormalities.  This test is over 99% accurate for detecting changes of chromosomes 13, 18, and 21.   As an added bonus, it also looks for the X and Y chromosomes which determine the baby’s sex. So, two weeks ago this Friday we got a great test report AND found out what our sweet Baby Bee will “bee”!!  Isn’t medicine amazing?

For now, what our little Baby Bee will “bee” is our little secret. We are keeping it a secret for another little secret we have :) Gosh, secrets are fun when you’re the one who knows them!!!!!!

Here’s some pregnancy stats so far:

Weeks of morning sickness:11.5 (thank goodness we got through that!)

Baby is the size of: Avocado!

Favorite food this week: Watermelon and Chocolate Milk

Babymoon: Ocracoke Island in April!

Maternity Clothes: Still sporting my dresses, tops, and some work pants. Just purchased first pair of maternity jeans!

Thing I miss the most from pre-pregnancy: My beloved Diet Pepsi

Thing I love most about pregnancy: Of course I look forward to seeing our little Bee on U/S, but there’s nothing like waking up each day remembering that our bundle of love is growing stronger each day inside my belly. I am still in awe at the whole process. More superficially, the thicker locks are nice. :)