Seven Months





On May 17, Emmy turned seven months old! Here’s a recap from her seventh month!

A lot of fun things happened from May 17-June 17 for our big girl. One of the biggest accomplishments this month had to be the successful arrival of her bottom TWO front teeth! Yes, our first “tooth” was actually a combo. Emmy is always outdoing herself it would seem. We really struggled (really) with cutting these two teeth but after they got here, Emmy was back to her happy-go-lucky self. It was a rough few days, but we made it. Emmy is such a sweet baby, so any time she isn’t sweet and laid back, we know instantly something is off. She was so fussy for three days before her teeth appeared. She was fussy off and on for much longer than that, but for a solid three constant days she was really out of it. We tried everything we could to calm her. Tylenol, warm baths, frozen teething rings, frozen bagels, cold wash clothes, all natural teething tablets, watching lots of Mickey Mouse… nothing seemed to work. We even decided to bring her blue kiddie pool into our living room so she could have as many toys in the pool as she wanted to make her little self feel better. We gave in to her every wish. Nothing seemed to help but time. Eventually, she woke up one morning and showed off her two new pearly whites and things have been relatively back to normal ever since!

We spent our Memorial Day weekend and the week following at Dustin’s grandparent’s beach house. It was Emmy’s first time being at the beach house with everyone there and she really loved it. You can read more about it in my last post. I loved having the week off to spend some time with my sweet little family. We took Emmy to a new surf shop on the island while we were there and they happened to have a big display of Mickey Mouse stuffed animals. As soon as she spotted one, she started grunting and kicking her feet and reaching as far as she could, trying to get her hands on one of those Mickeys. It was the first time she has ever reacted that way towards a toy. Needless to say we came home with a new, stuffed Mickey Mouse that night!

As soon as the weekend ended, we started back to rotations and I headed to the OB/GYN office where I was blessed with an amazing experience. I got to see lots of mommies growing beautiful babies and even delivered 15 babies myself. I assisted with 4 c-sections as well. It was a wonderful, albeit emotionally draining, experience. I am now starting in the Emergency Department for the next five weeks and will get one more week-long break at the end before my final THREE rotations before Graduation!!

Emmy Mae at 7 Months from Regina Gurley on Vimeo.

EM @ 7 Months

Weight: 22lbs, 5.5oz

Firsts: Emmy cut her first two teeth! She also had lots of firsts at the beach house for memorial day: First boat ride, PaPa’s homemade peach ice cream, first trip to Sear’s Landing, first time eating MeMa’s mashed potatoes and sweet tea/lemonade.   Daddy had also been dying to give her raw lemon for the first time. I think he built it up a little too much – our girl had no problem chewing on that lemon and didn’t make a single funny face! She was all business. :)

Sizes: We are hanging out in 12-18 months clothing now. I can tell she is starting to slim down a little bit and is looking more and more like a toddler and less and less like a baby…already! Diapers: Size 5

Likes: Pretending to crawl. She is getting SO close. One of the moms of another baby in her room at daycare said her baby is starting to pretend to crawl “like Emmy does.” She has quite a bit of influence, already! ;) She also loves watching Mickey Mouse. Emmy is a BIG fan of little children/toddlers. Anytime we go somewhere and she spots little kids, she starts kicking her legs frantically with excitement and she instantly becomes enthralled with them. It seems to be intensified when she is around her big cousin Karis and big cousin Dane. It is so sweet to watch all of them interact together!

Dislikes: Diaper changes. She just doesn’t have time for anything like that! She instantly starts to cry when we lay her down to change her. Hoping this phase ends soon… :)

25 Weeks 4 Days

I can’t believe there are less than 15 weeks left before we get to meet our little girl.  It seems like yesterday we were at 15 weeks, with 25 weeks to go!


We have had one busy past few weeks – no doubt a contributing factor to the weeks just flying by. In addition to the baby countdown, I am counting down the days (8!!) left in my didactic year of school and I am still in shock at being so close to finished.  It WAS just yesterday that I was counting down the days until school started, right?? And just a few days ago that I got my white coat and had no idea what I was doing? I. Just. Can’t. Believe. It!  In a little over one month away I start my first of 12 clinical rotations and I am excited/nervous/terrified/eager all rolled into one.  My first rotation practice has no idea they are not only getting a student (always an adventure) but a 32-week, very pregnant student at that!  Lord help us!

We had a fantastic July 4th holiday weekend celebrating two sweet friends who got hitched and we spent a wee bit of time with the family.  We didn’t actually make it to an actual beach for July 4th weekend, which is unfortunate because these days it seems like all I want to do is stick my toes in some sand and prop my rather large self up near a big body of water. But I plan to make up for that very soon on my break between school and the start of rotations.

My oh-so-handsome husband and the father of my unborn child looking snazzy in his groomsman outfit and photobooth prop bowtie :)
At sunset after the Shrimparoo at the fishing club.
Playing around in Wings at the beach after getting ice cream from Island Delights. This is actually a still from a video the Tar Heel was taking, unbeknownst to me. Love these silly moments with my husby!


Me and baby girl enjoying a bit of froyo. At least there is a small bit of froyo under there somewhere…

This July 4th weekend was also special for us because my sweet brother-in-law proposed to his beautiful/amazing/wonderful girlfriend, whom I absolutely LOVE!  To say I am excited to call her my sister-in-law is a huge understatement.  She is the kind of girl I would want to be friends with even if she weren’t connected to the family in any way.  She has an amazing, Christ-filled heart and it truly shows in her sweet nature.  Everyone loves her to pieces. I am especially excited that she is going to be an Aunt to our sweet baby girl!!  :)

With Dustin’s dad and step-mom, celebrating the newly engaged couple! :)

Last week was a little bit more adventurous than I’d like an average week of pregnancy to be. Both the Tar Heel and I ended up in the ED with severe food poisoning.  I had my first trip to L&D as well and thankfully, baby girl was safe and sound and only showing minimal signs of irritability during the whole episode. We both got lots of fluid and rest and after countless trips to the restroom, we were eventually freed of the horrible grips of whatever bacteria made its unwelcome way into our digestive tracts. Turns out my ED physician at WakeMed was also a preceptor to CU PA students and when I told her I was only a couple weeks from starting rotations, she was happy to give me clinical teaching points as I was lying on the bed barely able to hold my head up. She was super nice and helpful, but I’m quite sure I was not nearly as receptive to her teaching as I could have been under other circumstances. Regardless, I am grateful for her help and grateful both Dustin and I are back on the mend. :)

Our first L&D room. Thank goodness our precious baby girl is strong and stayed IN where she belongs for a bit longer!
Mema came prepared to visit us when we were sick.:)

Here’s to staying healthy and always having something to look forward to… :)



It’s Official

The day I had prayed over so many times had finally arrived.  When my phone rang, I was getting out of the shower and had just missed the call but received a voicemail message.  It was our OB’s office calling to tell us the results of our Panorama genetic screening test were in.  Even as I began to listen to the voicemail “Hi Mrs. Gurley, this is Atrium OB. We are calling with good news from your test results…”  my heart beat faster with every passing second. Good news!  There’s good news!  I had lifted prayer after prayer that if it were the Lord’s will that our child be healthy, we asked with all of our being that He make it so.  Finally, a sigh of relief.  I knew the test results were good, which meant I only needed to call the office back for one additional (oh-so-exciting) piece of information – to find out the sex of baby Gurley!

So, I dialed the number to Dustin’s office as fast as I could. He picked up quickly (thank the Lord) and I blurt out “The test results are back and they’re good and we need to call to find out what we’re having!”  He stammers out a “Ok…. great! Let’s call now!”  so I conferenced him in on the call to the office and we waited with bated breath as it rang, we stumbled through the phone tree, made the selection, and we finally heard our nurse answer the phone. I can remember it very well — Cathy, our fantastic OB nurse, said she was so happy our test results finally arrived (it was one day later than expected and 3 o’clock on a Friday afternoon) and that they were all normal – and she  asked again if we still wanted to know what we were having. “YES!” I shrieked/squealed.

That’s when she said…

“It’s a little girl! You’re having a girl.”

My shimmering wedding shoes with Baby Girl’s first pair of shimmer shoes!

And the tears came pouring down.  I couldn’t help it. I didn’t know why, but in that moment all I could think of was the happiness swelling in my heart and the knowledge that in a few short months, I’d be giving birth to my best friend.

Of course, Cathy starts crying and she courteously exits the call. I think I just sat there crying with Dustin asking me “Are you ok? Are you sure you’re happy?” and of course I was. I was also probably a hormonal mess; but I couldn’t vocalize my happiness through the tears so I’m sure he had to ask twice whether I was happy or not given the amount of tears.  Finally I was able to tell him yes, yes I was SO happy. And I also admitted what I hadn’t wanted to admit to myself all along: I wanted a girl.  I wanted a little girl with every fiber of my being.  I just couldn’t bring myself to admit that I could be selfish enough to ask God to give us not only a healthy baby, but the baby GIRL I’ve been dreaming of for so long.

Drake and Dustin showing off the reveal box they painted for me with Adam’s help! So cute.

Whether I was selfish or not, I do know hearing the words “It’s a girl!” were the best words I’d heard since “Will you marry me?”. Truthfully, it was one of the happiest days of my life.  We have had a great time telling our friends and families that a whole new world of “pink” is fast approaching.  Our little girl is the first girl born to our families since 10 years ago this fall when our sweet niece was born. That’s four boys born since 2003 between both our families and we are excited our little girl is breaking the streak.  She is going to be so spoiled, sassy, and a handful just like her mom was. But I pray she also has the kindest of hearts and a beautiful, humble nature like her dad. I think every day of all the things I want to teach her, and the person I hope she becomes.  But above all, I want her to KNOW the indescribable love of her Father God.  We fully recognize that our Father is giving her to us on loan — she is not truly ours at all, she is HIS beautiful child.  And by knowing Him, she will know True Love beyond compare.  I just cannot wait for her to get here.

We released four pink balloons to the heavens and left one tied that says “Baby Girl”. Such a fun day!
Captain Dustin taking the Live Well out for the first drive of the season and for Baby Gurley’s first boat ride ever ;)
Mema tied two of our extra balloons to the beach house mailbox following the reveal. :)
photo 5
The start of our “Ba-bee” girl collection. We just can’t say no to anything bee related for her! And can you believe the bee on the tooshy? Oh. My. Word!

Counting down the days to October 24 to meet our little Gurley Girl… :)

20 Weeks and 5 days stats

Baby is the size of: Banana!

Favorite food this week: Cheeseburgers (odd, since I never liked/ate cheeseburgers before pregnancy unless I had to.)

Babymoon #2: Baltimore, MD to see my Amster! May 30-June 1

Baby’s first kick: felt on Tuesday, June 4. Feeling kicks nightly now just as I am falling asleep! :)

Maternity clothes: Always on, all the time. I try putting on pre-pregnancy tunic tops and am always surprised at the fact my belly doesn’t fit in them anymore. We are growing for sure!

Wedding rings on or off:  ON! For now… getting tighter on those super hot days!




Captain Riley says the coast is clear.

…we have a water dog on our hands.  Riley’s first boat ride occurred this weekend and he was smitten.  Once we found just the right spot to anchor at the Point, Riley wasted no time jumping in and doggy paddling his way into everyone’s heart.  Adorable.

Why am I not in the water yet? Hurry up, Mom!

This Monday marks the last week of my job and I am so excited to spend the next three weeks seeing everyone I can and squeezing as much quality time in with our loved ones as possible.  From August 13 and for 28 months following, I have been told to tell our friends and family that I am, generally speaking, “unavailable.”  For reals.  I know these next few months are going to be the hardest I’ve ever experienced in my life, but it will be worth it in the end!

Motorboatin’ is hard work.

And on an unrelated note, I am happy to report the Tar Heel saved yet another plant’s life. Our gardenia plant came back from the dead with great ferocity and the fragrant blooms offer a pleasant, Southern welcome  to our visitors.  This lovely plant lives on our porch and came to us as a house warming gift from my parents.  The Tar Heel saved it (as well as the majority of our plants) and I am so grateful for his green thumb.