The Tar Heel saves a kitten (and more)

Last weekend I took off from work on Monday so the Tar Heel and I could spend a little time at the beach.  There is a new boat in the life of my sweet Tar Heel and we were both excited to put it in the water for the first time! Just before we left to take the boat out,  I heard a baby kitten crying from inside the Tar Heel’s Papa’s boat.  I peaked in and saw a fluffy little ball of fur caught in a fishing net. The Tar Heel came running and gently cut the kitten out.  I was crying  the entire time. The little baby had the net wrapped very tightly around its neck several times.  I have no idea how the kitten was able to breathe, much less cry so loud.  After we got  the kitten untangled, the mama cat came and carried him away immediately.  I love that my Tar Heel saved that little kitten and I think it reveals so much about his sweet tempermant and kind heart. I am so grateful for him, and happy to call him my boyfriend of 5 whole months today.  :)

Here are a few pictures from our visit and the new boat’s first salt water experience!

Headed down to the beach

Dustin got a new lens and this was taken with it. You can even see the dust on his dashboard.. :)
Dustin got a new lens. You can even see the dust on his dashboard... :)

Captain Tar Heel driving the new boat!

I'm on a boat!

Off the Coast of Carolina