The surprise parties!!


I am so happy to report that the surprises I had planned for the Tar Heel went wonderfully! I cannot tell you how happy I was to see him so happy and surprised! What were the surprises? Well, not one but two surprise parties, of course!


The Tar Heel’s sweet/beautiful/amazing mother, KSG, helped me to coordinate each of the events and I could not have done it without her! For those of you that don’t know, the Tar Heel and I actually live over an hour away from each other.  He lives in my home town with the rest of my family and his, so it was an easy choice to have the family dinner surprise party in our home town where everyone could attend.  The “after party,” as it became known, was also held in our hometown so the Tar Heel’s closest friends from high school and college could also come.  We ate, drank and played Catch Phrase into the wee morning hours.  It was so much fun! Happy 23rd Birthday Tar Heel :)





The super uber special birthday


So, today is a very special day. It is the Tar Heel’s Birthday Eve. Tomorrow is an even more special day, because it is the Tar Heel’s actual Birthday! Everyone should celebrate a birthday eve. Afterall, your parents spent approximately 9 months awaiting your birth… don’t you deserve more than one special day? Yes? Thought so!

I am so excited to celebrate my sweet Tar Heel’s birthday with him for the first time.  I am also very excited that I will no longer be “two years” older than him after tomorrow. I am exactly (to the day!) one year and four months older  so for  four months it appears that I am actually two years older than him. It’s giving me such a complex.

I HAVE SO MUCH SNEAKY STUFF PLANNED! I am a titch excited, can you tell? I will be sure to post all the glorious  Birthday surprise dets. on Monday.  But not a peep more until then! The Tar Heel has been known to come around these parts and I would hate to give it away. He knows I do NOT like bubble bursters! (We may definitely did have had a  “discussion” when I thought he was trying to ruin all my birthday surprise plans for him… its something to giggle about now, just not so much at the time :) )

cupcake image from here