So this is kinda cool…

…and I may be a celebrity in my own (tiny/microscopic/cellular level small more like nano level small) way.


For the record, I was sitting in the front row at the White Coat ceremony so I was an easy target in my Red dress (yes, naturally, had to represent my Stately-ness).  I was looking up to the spot where my family sat last year for my graduation ceremony and again this year for  my white coat.  I was also tearing-up a little seeing them up there, which explains the weird happy/sad smile I had going on.  I couldn’t help but think about how very proud my Mama would be, knowing she was watching from the best seat of the house with Mr. Tim.  It was a memorable moment for me…and now one I get to share with everyone who visits the Campbell website! (At least for a few days, anyway).

Hope that smile sticks after my first OSCE tomorrow and 2nd test of the semester.  Eeek! Back to studying!