2012 Already?

I am staring in disbelief at my screen telling me that the last time I blogged was in September of 2011.  Goodness – where has the time gone?  More importantly, where the heck have I been? I guess the short version would go something like this:

1. Started full-time travel job and divided my weeks between Grand Junction, Colorado and Louisville, Kentucky.

Hiking  Serpent’s Trail on the way to the Colorado Monument

2. Hated said full-time travel job and the travel, but at least got to meet some incredible people and had some good experiences.

3. Celebrated my 26th birthday on October 27.

4. The Stately Lady blog turned Two on November 2.

5. We enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving and first Christmas as a married couple back home in North Carolina.

My stocking on the mantel at Dustin’s Mema’s house for Christmas.
All of the stockings at Mema and Papa’s house for Christmas.  I am so blessed to be a part of this family!

6. We celebrated the Tar Heel’s completion of his Candidacy Review, which marks the approval of his Thesis work and allows him to be able to graduate in June!

7. Received the best Christmas present to date when I accepted a seat in Physician Assistant School, Class of 2014! Yes, this means we are moving BACK to North Carolina in a few short months.  And YES this is probably the last time I am going back to school.

8.  I rang in the New Year with my best friend and husby, the Tar Heel.  We went to Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub on the River to celebrate with great Irish music in downtown Savannah.  You can see from our picture above that we opted to visit Party City for our News Year’s Eve accessories this year.  The Tar Heel was adamant about finding a 2012 “wizard hat” and crown.   I love that man. :)

So far, 2012 is off to a beautifully blessed start.  And with this New Year I hope to return to blogging with renewed vigor.  I have a feeling this year will be one of the best yet!

Because I couldn’t resist…

A few more pictures of Christmas in Savannah, including  the one we will be using as our Christmas card!

And just so you know, the picture showcasing our mistletoe and me kissing a present/snowflake man is due to the fact that the Tar Heel positively hates that picture.  He insisted that I could only use the picture if I disguise him in order to spare any grief from friends.  I insisted that only forces me to tell everyone I’m really kissing SANTA in the picture! :)