Three Months!


I can’t believe this girl is 1/4 through her first year of life! WHAT!  Seems crazy.  We have survived the transition back to work/school, although my current rotation schedule is more like “rotation lite” since I only go three days a week.  The other two days I am working on writing my master’s thesis so that by the end of this rotation, I will have completed two rotations during one five-week rotation block!  Crossing my fingers that actually happens, anyway….

On to the important stuff. Emmy is three months old. I love/hate this all at the same time. Crazy? Yep.  She is such a DOLL at this age!! We fall a little more in love with her every second.  She has been so sweet.  When we wake her up in the mornings and unwrap her double swaddle (if you are a new mom and don’t know what that is, google it — it’s a life saver) she gives us the SWEETEST little smile!  Just melts your heart completely.

She is developing her little personality every day. When she is unhappy about something, she fusses and arches her back so much until she almost slips right out of your arms. She is silly!  She has developed a fondness for her fingers and has started refusing paci in exchange for her fingers. We also think she may be teething a little since her drooling has been out of control and she lovvveeees a cold teething ring.

Here’s a few 3 month stats –

EM @ Three Months

Weight: 14lbs, 12oz

Firsts: Emmy saw her first snow fall a few days ago, figured out how to grab/kick at stuff on her activity mat, and she found out Riley is really funny. She loves seeing him fetch his toys and return them to us – gives us all a great laugh to hear her chuckle at her older brother!

Sizes: Wearing size 6-9 months, though she can wear some 6 months pieces if they are footless. She is getting long! Diaper – size 3 (omg!)

Likes: Her daddy!  This girl is SMITTEN. When he comes home, you’d think Jesus returned. :) She gets so tickled over him! I love it so much.  She also really loves her night time routine where he reads a book to her, changes her, and swaddles her without any problems and she falls fast asleep. I promise if I attempted to do those things, she would bend over backwards to get down/fuss/cry and be all around against it.  To say she is a Daddy’s girl would be an understatement… :) She also LOVES watching Duck Dynasty and Mecum Auto Auction.  I cannot explain either of those. Hah!

Dislikes: Getting INTO the car seat (once she is in and we are moving, she’s great!), taking her bottle away mid-feed for pacing or a burp. This girl does NOT want anything to come between her and her milk! :)

collage1Clockwise from top left: Daddy and Emmy on Christmas Eve and Emmy is unnnhappy about her bow I just put on her, Emmy and Daddy on a walk in her Rudolph hat, Mommy and Emmy selfie, and Emmy on the changing table staring at her BFF.

collage2Love the Lara Casey print above EM’s crib, Emmy and Daddy’s nightly routine, no that isn’t a sausage — it’s Emmy’s arm!, and finally my cute little pudgey pants


My girl…


…I just love her so much. How am I ever going to go back to rotations and leaving her for 10+ hours a day? Go away, January 6th.. I always knew you were coming, but kept pretending you were still far, far away.   Now I am staring it straight in the eyes and don’t know what to do with myself.  This has to be one of the hardest things I’ll go through as a mom… right? RIGHT!?

Next week is going to be rough.