Seven Months





On May 17, Emmy turned seven months old! Here’s a recap from her seventh month!

A lot of fun things happened from May 17-June 17 for our big girl. One of the biggest accomplishments this month had to be the successful arrival of her bottom TWO front teeth! Yes, our first “tooth” was actually a combo. Emmy is always outdoing herself it would seem. We really struggled (really) with cutting these two teeth but after they got here, Emmy was back to her happy-go-lucky self. It was a rough few days, but we made it. Emmy is such a sweet baby, so any time she isn’t sweet and laid back, we know instantly something is off. She was so fussy for three days before her teeth appeared. She was fussy off and on for much longer than that, but for a solid three constant days she was really out of it. We tried everything we could to calm her. Tylenol, warm baths, frozen teething rings, frozen bagels, cold wash clothes, all natural teething tablets, watching lots of Mickey Mouse… nothing seemed to work. We even decided to bring her blue kiddie pool into our living room so she could have as many toys in the pool as she wanted to make her little self feel better. We gave in to her every wish. Nothing seemed to help but time. Eventually, she woke up one morning and showed off her two new pearly whites and things have been relatively back to normal ever since!

We spent our Memorial Day weekend and the week following at Dustin’s grandparent’s beach house. It was Emmy’s first time being at the beach house with everyone there and she really loved it. You can read more about it in my last post. I loved having the week off to spend some time with my sweet little family. We took Emmy to a new surf shop on the island while we were there and they happened to have a big display of Mickey Mouse stuffed animals. As soon as she spotted one, she started grunting and kicking her feet and reaching as far as she could, trying to get her hands on one of those Mickeys. It was the first time she has ever reacted that way towards a toy. Needless to say we came home with a new, stuffed Mickey Mouse that night!

As soon as the weekend ended, we started back to rotations and I headed to the OB/GYN office where I was blessed with an amazing experience. I got to see lots of mommies growing beautiful babies and even delivered 15 babies myself. I assisted with 4 c-sections as well. It was a wonderful, albeit emotionally draining, experience. I am now starting in the Emergency Department for the next five weeks and will get one more week-long break at the end before my final THREE rotations before Graduation!!

Emmy Mae at 7 Months from Regina Gurley on Vimeo.

EM @ 7 Months

Weight: 22lbs, 5.5oz

Firsts: Emmy cut her first two teeth! She also had lots of firsts at the beach house for memorial day: First boat ride, PaPa’s homemade peach ice cream, first trip to Sear’s Landing, first time eating MeMa’s mashed potatoes and sweet tea/lemonade.   Daddy had also been dying to give her raw lemon for the first time. I think he built it up a little too much – our girl had no problem chewing on that lemon and didn’t make a single funny face! She was all business. :)

Sizes: We are hanging out in 12-18 months clothing now. I can tell she is starting to slim down a little bit and is looking more and more like a toddler and less and less like a baby…already! Diapers: Size 5

Likes: Pretending to crawl. She is getting SO close. One of the moms of another baby in her room at daycare said her baby is starting to pretend to crawl “like Emmy does.” She has quite a bit of influence, already! ;) She also loves watching Mickey Mouse. Emmy is a BIG fan of little children/toddlers. Anytime we go somewhere and she spots little kids, she starts kicking her legs frantically with excitement and she instantly becomes enthralled with them. It seems to be intensified when she is around her big cousin Karis and big cousin Dane. It is so sweet to watch all of them interact together!

Dislikes: Diaper changes. She just doesn’t have time for anything like that! She instantly starts to cry when we lay her down to change her. Hoping this phase ends soon… :)

Six Months


Emmy turned 7 months old yesterday! Let’s take a look back at her BIG sixth month of life. Happy Half birthday baby girl!

Emerson Mae had a big month full of firsts. Just a few days after turning six months old, she started attending daycare. We were so blessed to have Dustin’s mom keep Emmy during the day and my mom in the evening for several months before starting daycare. I cannot thank them enough for making my transition back to rotations in January much easier knowing she was in the hands of a loved one, and delaying our start to daycare until six months. I wanted to wait until six months when her little immune system was stronger and she had mastered holding her head up on tummy time. I am so grateful the timing worked out where a spot opened up at the daycare just before she turned 6 months after being on the waiting list for almost one year! Coincidentally, her first day at daycare was also my first day of rotation at WakeMed in Raleigh. It was a big day for us all! Fortunately, we both had great experiences and we continue to love her daycare so much! As it turns out, one of her morning caregivers is the same lady who took care of me at my daycare 20-“something” years ago! ;) I turned out pretty good so we’re happy with that!

_DSC7627 (2)

_DSC7712 (2)

We had two more big milestones in Emmy’s life at six months. First, Emmy was baptized on Easter Sunday! Emmy was a little angel that day. It was so special to have her baptized in the same church where I was baptized as an infant and in the presence of our family and friends. We had a beautiful service and my sweet cousin, Beth, sang a gorgeous acoustic rendition of Lead Me to the Cross.  She also sang at our wedding, and we were so happy she agreed to sing during this special event in our lives as well.  Emmy wore a new Christening gown, but had on my Christening gown slip and wore the same cross I wore during my baptism.  She also had the flower I wore on our wedding day on her headband.  I can’t believe that three years ago this March when we got married, we didn’t know what our baby would be like or when we would even have a baby. But the Lord already knew her, already loved her, and planned her just for us.   We pray over our roles as parents daily, and we pray Emmy will develop a deep and meaningful relationship with Christ one day as well. Her baptism is an outward symbol of our hope and commitment to raising her in a Christian home. And let’s be honest: Raising a baby is hard. We cannot do this alone, and we are so grateful for all the support we receive from our family and friends daily and especially on that day. We are so thankful for their prayers over our little family. It was such a special day to watch our beautiful little girl being baptized and made me so proud to be her mommy, and Dustin’s wife. He is an amazing spiritual leader and challenges me to deepen my relationship with Christ on a regular basis. He is setting a wonderful example for our daughter, and I cannot thank God enough for bringing us together to share this journey.

_DSC7826 (2)

Emmy and her daddy certainly have a special relationship. I don’t think this was any more evident than the day she said her first word, “DaDa”! We were able to get it on video and it is the cutest thing ever, and I have probably watched it 50+ times. She is the BEST!


Emmy had another first this month, although this is one we weren’t so happy about. She got a very bad stomach bug and we ended up taking her to WakeMed after she had gone several hours without eating and was vomiting and had diarrhea. I was worried things could take a turn for the worst very quickly, especially at her young age, so we went to the children’s ED and she stayed there for several hours until she was able to keep milk down after 2 doses of Zofran. Bless her little heart. It was so hard seeing her so weak and lethargic. I’m so thankful everything turned out ok and her body was able to fight it. I am blessed to be able to give her breast milk which helps her fight viruses and bacterial infections like this one. She bounced back after a few days and was her sweet, adorable little self before we knew it.

EM @ Six Months

Weight: 21lbs, 24inches.  95th percentile for head, 96th percentile for weight, 25th percentile for length (she’s chunky, in a good baby way!)

Firsts: Baptism on Easter Sunday, First word: “dada”, first time in the hospital :(, first Easter.  First time trying squash, garden peas, and bananas.  The bananas were a hit. The squash and garden peas were NOT!

Sizes: Still wearing size 9-12 months in clothes and size 5 diapers.

Likes: Rolling, almost crawling/pseudocrawling, and WATER! This girl is a bit of a hazard risk around water. She LOVES it. I am TERRIFIED for taking her to the beach this summer. I am going to be a nervous wreck watching her around the OCEAN!!! This girl is getting swimming lessons, STAT.

Dislikes: Squash, garden peas. The faces she makes when we try to give them to her are priceless, though!! J



Five Months


Ohhh this is all happening too fast! I can barely keep up with my sweet girl.

Emmy turned five months old on St. Patrick’s Day. And, just days after she turned five months old, she finally started rolling over! Once she got the hang of it, she really loved it!  We could lay her down on the floor and she would go from one end of the room to the next within seconds, or so it seemed.  We knew then our world was changing a little bit with this new skill!  Emmy also started another big milestone in her fifth month of life.  Two weeks before she turned six months old, she stopped sleeping through the night and suddenly wanted to wake up 1-2x each night to eat.  Our little girl has always been a healthy eater, but she has been an ever better sleeper than we could have ever hoped for. SO, when this new hunger pain started hitting in the middle of the night we decided to call our pediatrician for the green light on solids.  She suggested Emmy was no longer completely satisfied on breast milk and that we could go ahead and start supplementing with rice cereal.  Emmy had been intently watching us eat and mimicking chewing for several weeks, and so the first time I brought the bowl of rice cereal to her, she got VERY excited! It was as if to say “Finally, MY turn!” It was so sweet to watch her trying to figure out what this new “substance” was that we were feeding her. Fortunately, it was an easy transition as we soon found out we couldn’t feed the rice cereal to her fast enough!


EM @ Five Months

Weight: ~19lbs, ~22.5inches

Firsts: Solid foods (rice cereal, carrots) and we are officially rolling over! Emmy also went to her first tee ball game to see her cousin Dane and cousin Wilder play in their first game. She was a trooper! I think she loved their brightly colored t-shirts. J Emmy also got to meet her newest cousin, baby Bradley, born March 24th.

Sizes: Still wearing size 9-12 months in clothes and size 4 diapers.

Likes: Rolling, rolling, rolling!!  And her jumpy.  We officially packed away the mamaroo as her sweetness can no longer fit inside comfortably and the motor sounds like it is dying under her weight! hah.  She also loves walking outside with Grandma in the evenings.

Dislikes: Diaper changes are getting tricky since she prefers  to roll over than sit still for them :) She also isn’t a fan of squash! Love learning her likes and dislikes as she grows!!


Three Months!


I can’t believe this girl is 1/4 through her first year of life! WHAT!  Seems crazy.  We have survived the transition back to work/school, although my current rotation schedule is more like “rotation lite” since I only go three days a week.  The other two days I am working on writing my master’s thesis so that by the end of this rotation, I will have completed two rotations during one five-week rotation block!  Crossing my fingers that actually happens, anyway….

On to the important stuff. Emmy is three months old. I love/hate this all at the same time. Crazy? Yep.  She is such a DOLL at this age!! We fall a little more in love with her every second.  She has been so sweet.  When we wake her up in the mornings and unwrap her double swaddle (if you are a new mom and don’t know what that is, google it — it’s a life saver) she gives us the SWEETEST little smile!  Just melts your heart completely.

She is developing her little personality every day. When she is unhappy about something, she fusses and arches her back so much until she almost slips right out of your arms. She is silly!  She has developed a fondness for her fingers and has started refusing paci in exchange for her fingers. We also think she may be teething a little since her drooling has been out of control and she lovvveeees a cold teething ring.

Here’s a few 3 month stats –

EM @ Three Months

Weight: 14lbs, 12oz

Firsts: Emmy saw her first snow fall a few days ago, figured out how to grab/kick at stuff on her activity mat, and she found out Riley is really funny. She loves seeing him fetch his toys and return them to us – gives us all a great laugh to hear her chuckle at her older brother!

Sizes: Wearing size 6-9 months, though she can wear some 6 months pieces if they are footless. She is getting long! Diaper – size 3 (omg!)

Likes: Her daddy!  This girl is SMITTEN. When he comes home, you’d think Jesus returned. :) She gets so tickled over him! I love it so much.  She also really loves her night time routine where he reads a book to her, changes her, and swaddles her without any problems and she falls fast asleep. I promise if I attempted to do those things, she would bend over backwards to get down/fuss/cry and be all around against it.  To say she is a Daddy’s girl would be an understatement… :) She also LOVES watching Duck Dynasty and Mecum Auto Auction.  I cannot explain either of those. Hah!

Dislikes: Getting INTO the car seat (once she is in and we are moving, she’s great!), taking her bottle away mid-feed for pacing or a burp. This girl does NOT want anything to come between her and her milk! :)

collage1Clockwise from top left: Daddy and Emmy on Christmas Eve and Emmy is unnnhappy about her bow I just put on her, Emmy and Daddy on a walk in her Rudolph hat, Mommy and Emmy selfie, and Emmy on the changing table staring at her BFF.

collage2Love the Lara Casey print above EM’s crib, Emmy and Daddy’s nightly routine, no that isn’t a sausage — it’s Emmy’s arm!, and finally my cute little pudgey pants


Two Sweet Months

2monthsMiss Emmy Mae is already two months old!  I can’t believe how fast time is flying by.  She had her two months visit today and we suffered through two more shots.  That was harder for me than her, I’m sure. Something about seeing her chubby little thighs being injected and her tiny little face all tear-filled and crying… breaks my heart!  BUT, evidence based medicine wins out on this one.

The past month has been one of fun and learning for this little one.  Her personality is shining through and getting brighter every single day!  She makes me laugh so much.  I am loving being her mom a little more every second.  This month she learned how to cry and get her way (already!).  She also has been doing great with tummy time and holding her head up a little longer on her own.  The BEST thing that happened this month…. her bright smile every time she sees me enter a room!  The Lord really knew what he was doing with that one.  There’s nothing like seeing your baby so happy to see you!  I have also enjoyed seeing her fascination with watching me talk.  She stares at my mouth as I talk to her about any and everything… and then she tries to get a little response out. It is adorable! She twists her tongue and contorts her mouth like she is trying so hard to say something back.  She can usually muster up a little “ahh” in response.

Also this month Miss Emmy went to college for the first time!  Well, in person, anyway.  She finally met all of my classmates at our clinical seminar day.  It was so exciting!  She stared at several of them as if to say, “something seems familiar about you…”  and I really believe she recognized their voices.  It was such an exciting day for the both of us. Everyone seemed so happy to meet her and just doted on her all day long.  It was so sweet :)

EM @ Two Months

Weight:     11lbs, 11oz (WAhoooo!!!)

Firsts: First full day away from mommy (stayed home with super dad!), met Santa, first responsive smiles, first visit to Campbell, and first college sporting event (Duke @ UNC football game – Pope Box tix!)

Sizes: Officially out of newborn, and in 3 months, though 3-6 month size is a little less snug than 3 months! Wearing Size 2 diapers (omg!).

Likes: Her PACI! Being held (always), baby einstein pandora station, mommy’s milk (drinking 4-6oz at each feeding now) and cuddling with mommy.

Dislikes: We aren’t a huge fan of tummy time, but it’s getting better every day!

collageClockwise from top left: Our bar sink is now “stocked” with breastfeeding supplies instead of alcohol, my adorable Gerber baby with her dried milk chin and ridiculously beautiful eyes, Emmy waving hello in her sweet cupcake sleeper, and finally the pouty lip of all pouty lips…this girl is going to be spoiled ROTTEN!

collage2Clockwise from top left: Getting ready to go to cousin Dane’s birthday party, Emmy sound asleep on her favorite spot: Granddaddy, Emmy at her first church service watching cousin Wilder sing Silent Night, and finally.. mommy and daddy got to get all dressed up for a night out at the Law Ball!


Clockwise from top left: An outtake with Granddaddy trying to make her smile, getting SO good at holding her head up!, at today’s visit just before her shots (:(), and finally…my girl has a big head. And that’s not surprising given how big her daddy’s head is. ;)

Merry Christmas! Love,