Pack Pride and Tar Heel Love

It’s so hard to believe that 8 years ago this fall I was starting the journey of a lifetime as I became a member of the Wolfpack.  My time in Undergrad was the most memorable, life-changing and fun experience I have ever had.  That is, until about 6 months ago when I married my best friend, and started a brand new life-changing and memorable experience.   As such, to celebrate our six month wedding anniversary, the Tar Heel gifted me with two tickets to the NC State vs. South Alabama game where I got to share one of my favorite places with my favorite person for the very first time.  The Tar Heel and I were joined by two sweet friends, Grant and Averi (“Graveri” as the Tar Heel likes to call them) for a lively tailgate and fun-filled game.  Some of you may recall that Averi is my Lil Sis in Pi Phi and was one of my bridesmaids at our wedding.  She is such a sweet person to me and I love both her and Grant so much.  As two pretty big State fans, I will never know how we managed to marry two of the biggest Carolina fans.  But we love our Tar Heels and they must love us because they both donned Red for the game on Saturday.  That, my friends, is true love.  To top off the day, we submitted our pictures to Pack Pride during the game and one of the pictures made it to the jumbotron during the game!  It was so awesome to see my picture up there for 5 seconds! hah!  I just can’t tell yall how much I love my Wolfpack, NC State University and my sweet husband (the Tar Heel).  Go Pack!


Our Handsome (and Silly) Husbands :)

The pic that made it to the Jumbotron during the game.  And it was another WOLFPACK WIN!

NC State: 35

South Alabama: 13

Thank you, sweet Tar Heel, for marrying me six months ago.  I love you more than words can say!

Last week


[Picture by the Tar Heel taken while on the go this weekend at Biltmore.]

Wow! More than a week (nearly two) since my last update.  Horrible.  My blog is dying a slow death.  Ok, I really hope not!  It has just been so incredibly busy in my world I have hardly had a chance to catch my breath.  But there is definitely something to be said of leading a life where your breath is constantly taken away.  I seriously love all of my busy, breathless moments right now!

Here’s what you missed last week:

1- Picked up my wedding gown from Olga.  It is amazing and fits like a glove!

2- Celebrated my 25th birthday last Wednesday.  Can’t believe I am a quarter of a century old…! The Tar Heel’s family made me feel like a princess.  It was such a special birthday — they made me almost (almost!) forget he wasn’t there for it!

3- Had my bridal portraits taken in Chapel Hill last Thursday!  My mom, the Tar Heel’s mom and I traveled to Raleigh to have my hair done at Primp Salon Bar (my favorite salon!) and then to the portrait session.  It was SO much fun and there must have been at least 40-50 shouts of congratulations and well wishes to me as we walked around UNC’s Franklin Street and around campus.  It was a blast!!! I am beyond blessed to have such a wonderful mother AND to be marrying a man with an equally supportive and loving mother in his (and now our) lives. We finished up the night with dinner at Carolina Brewery, the very place where the Tar Heel and I went the night he knew he was going to marry me! :) [Read about that very weekend HERE]

4- Left for Asheville, NC where the Tar Heel and I spent an amazing weekend together celebrating my birthday.  We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Black Mountain, NC and visited the Biltmore Estate as well.  We took SO many pictures because the leaves were absolutely gorgeous.

Hope you all haven’t completely given up on me and will check back tomorrow for a full spread of beautiful Fall goodness in pictures from this weekend. 

Mini Pumpkins!!

Last night I wandered into Walmart to pick up a few things and that’s when I saw them….

Mini Pumpkins!!

img source

Mini pumpkins make my heart squeal with glee!! I can’t explain it.  I think I am in love with all things mini in general, but I especially love mini pumpkins.  They are the first official sign of fall–my favorite time of year!  I was so happy!  Plus, one year ago I gave a mini pumpkin to a NP (new possibility) and that Tar Heel turned out to be my one and only!  And just a FYI… the mini pumpkin sat on the dash of his car for weeks, and then it exploded from heat.  Hehe that still makes me laugh! :)

I love the colors of fall, the smell of fall, and pulling out my cowboy boots for the first cool-weather tailgate of the season.  Speaking of tailgating, How ’bout that Wolfpack my friends?!  I am keeping my fingers crossed this may be our return to glory post-Rivers years.  Furthermore, my birthday is in October!  And this October has an added bonus of special because I’m having my bridal portraits taken!  Throw in the North Carolina State Fair and I am in absolute H-E-A-V-E-N!

You can imagine my delight when I opened my email to see this glorious display of fall as well:

I may or may not have picked up a few fall holiday decor items over the weekend for my trip to our Savannah house this weekend! 

Good-bye sweltering season of heat, hello to the goodness of F A L L!