Eight sweet months


On June 17th, Emmy turned 8 months old.  It is so hard to believe our little girl is getting close to turning 1 year!  I have loved this past month so much and enjoyed watching Emmy grow.  Emmy had a wonderful month while mommy completed her OB/GYN rotation in Smithfield.  It was such an amazing experience to deliver 15 babies into the world, and each one of them reminded me of the day Emmy was born.  It was such a sacred day, and one filled with so much joy.  I have her birth story written, but just don’t know if I will ever have the courage to post it.  Some intimate details, like how Emmy was born, are just too precious.  I feel the need to guard and protect their perfect memories, saved for me and my little family alone to enjoy.  And, I feel the same protective nature for the perfect memories I have of each of those sweet babies I was honored to delivered. They brought me SO MUCH joy over the course of five weeks!

So yes, I’m searching for a job in women’s health.  But, that search and all it entails is for another blog post altogether. Back to Emmy.  :) She had a HUGE MILESTONE this month!  Our precious Emerson Mae started CRAWLING!!!!!  Just days after turning 8 months, she was off to the races!  It was a bit of a slow start to begin with, but with each attempt she got faster and faster until now she is a crawling MACHINE.  It was so fun to watch the evolution of learning to crawl to crawling, because she would get so frustrated by knowing she was SO CLOSE and then she was so happy once she figured it out!  She would smile and giggle and dart across the room in seconds.

Because she started crawling, she also started losing some of her little baby fat. :(  I am disappointed by this, but I know she is growing into a little girl and I am ok with that.  I know she is going to be a handful in the coming months, but she hasn’t exactly been a cakewalk this whole time!  She is a determined, some what stubborn, but very loving little girl.  So I am excited to see her personality growing every single day!

This month we celebrated Father’s day and Emmy’s first fourth of July.  We headed to the beach for July 4th and came back just in time for me to start a rotation in the Emergency Department.  She loved her time at the beach as always.  We also took Emmy to one of our favorite restaurants, Southern Exposure, for the first time.  She lovvvvveeeeeeed the mashed potatoes!  We went in celebration of my parent’s 42nd wedding anniversary!  I can’t wait for me and Dustin to celebrate 42 years. :)  We are well on our way seeing as how we met 10 years ago today! ;)

Emmy still hasn’t got anymore teeth yet but we expect some to peek through any day. She has become a pro at waving hello and goodbye and she has conquered the words “dada” and “baba” though we are still working on “mama.”  She does this hilarious motorboating noise with her mouth and anytime you do the same to her she will repeat it back to you.  She is starting to develop a little shyness around new people or people she has not seen in a while and can get some stranger anxiety as well.  I don’t mind this so much since she clings to me and hugs my neck for all she is worth when she gets nervous. :) I gladly take the hugs, but know we have to encourage her to not be afraid of others when she is with us.

Since she started crawling, she is exploring more than ever.  And she is SO smart.  In the first three or four days that she started crawling, I probably said the word “No no” more than I have ever in my entire life.  She is definitely learning the meaning of this word.  She is learning so much about how to manipulate objects and loves mundane things like wooden spoons, tupperware, and plastic cups much more than her toys.  She also recently started protesting diaper changes. Like screeching cries, turning over and refusing to roll back over, to allow us to finish changing her while basically being very uncooperative.  My mom asked one of the daycare teachers if she had begun acting out like this for them, and they said “Oh, yes, she did that couple times.” So my mom asked how they managed to deal with it, and Ms. Eula said very simply “Well, you tell her NO.”  My mom and I laughed because that seemed very obvious and we felt silly we had put up with her shenanigans for several days.  The next diaper change when she started rolling over, we very sternly put her on her back and said “NO Emmy” and she started up at us with the most puzzled look on her face, as if to say, “How do YOU know that word, too?!?!”.  We thought it was so funny!  She quit acting out immediately and we proceeded to change her diaper in peace…  Gotta love those daycare ladies! :)


EM @ 8 Months

Weight: 21 lbs (down 1.5 lbs since crawling!) :(

Firsts: Crawling!  She also enjoyed eating at Southern Exposure for the first time, and she tried lots of new foods including fresh corn, fresh figs, macaroni and cheese, and watermelon.

Sizes: Still in 12-18 months clothes. Diapers: Size 5

Likes: Her new found freedom in crawling!  She also loves her new pink swing her granddaddy got for her.  They could spend hours and hours swinging together.  She loves being outdoors in general and will crawl to her stroller when she is ready for her evening stroll.  She has us all wrapped around her tiny little finger.

Dislikes: Diaper changes (still), hearing the word NO, and peaches.  She is NOT a peach fan!





IMG_7089Melissa DeLorme Photography

This fall marks five years since Dustin and I began dating. Shortly after we started dating, Dustin asked me to go with him to his grandparent’s beach house in Surf City one weekend. He was so eager for me to go, I finally agreed to take some time off from work and we drove down one weekend in October when the weather was just starting to turn cool and well past the beach going season. I’ll never forget that first trip to the beach house.

As we walked up the steps to the house, he stopped just outside the door and said “Oh, by the way, you may want to know who you’re about to meet. My grandparents Mema and Papa, Mrs. Snow who is like another grandparent. Also, my mom Kay, cousin Jerri-Rae, her husband Robbie, my aunt Brenda, uncle Jerry, and my niece Karis. And my sister Lindsey and her husband Jarred. And maybe my other cousin Luke and his wife Jamie.”

OH BY THE WAY?! I thought. He couldn’t have mentioned I was about to meet his ENTIRE family on the two hour drive there? We had only been seeing each other for about two months at that point, so this was kind of a big deal. I stammered out a weak “O…K…” as we stepped inside. Lucky for me, they were all there! Literally, right there. Sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner as we walked through the door. Mema and Papa jumped up to greet me. I went to shake Papa’s hand and instead, he hugged me. He told me “Sorry if you don’t like hugs, but we hug people around here.” I instantly settled in for one of many delicious meals made by Mema and completely forgot how nervous I was just moments before.

I’ve always said that weekend was one of the weekends that changed everything for me. I loved seeing Dustin interact with his family, and it was evident he was in his element at the beach house. We had a great time fishing, eating, and enjoying each other’s company that weekend. More importantly, though, I caught glimpses of what my future might be like with this amazing man. And I fell for him hook, line and sinker. I couldn’t get enough of the love this family shared, and seeing Dustin so happy there was the best part. His kindness and genuine concern for his grandparents melted my heart. He was so sweet and so thoughtful. And let’s be honest – he was always sweet and thoughtful to me, but we were dating at the time. I was supposed to be treated sweetly and thoughtfully! How he acted towards his family showed me that his kind and thoughtful nature was truly sincere.

I also vividly remember how well he loved his beautiful niece Karis. She was just six years old at the time, and her wavy blond hair and constant smile was contagious. He acted like he was just smitten with her, and her with him. He picked her up and gently tossed her tiny little body in the air above his head over and over again. Hearing her giggle float through the air was the sweetest sound. Again, I was weak in the knees from glimpses of all that could be with his great man. That weekend was just the beginning of our story and I knew it was going to be a good one.

Fast forward to this Memorial Day weekend when I made the two hour drive to that same beach house once more with my sweet Dustin, now my husband of three years. This time, however, was even more special than our first trip. This time we had our own darling baby girl in tow, visiting the beach house for her very first time.

Yet again, that beautiful home on Sea Manor Lane gifted me with glimpses of an amazing life ahead with my sweet Dustin. Dustin was just as excited to introduce our sweet Emmy Mae to the easy going, love-filled life at the beach house as he was to share it with me that weekend five years ago. I was amazed that even though Dustin and I have been married for three years and we welcomed our sweet girl over seven months ago, I was able to see him in a new light at the beach house. And it was glorious. He was just so elated to share the memories he loved and cherished so dearly growing up with a little girl of his own, and it filled me with joy. He was so excited for her first boat ride. Her first sips of Mema’s lemonade. Her first bites of Papa’s homemade peach ice cream. Her first time visiting the Point, and her first swim in the ocean.  Her first visit to Sear’s Landing. Her first nap under Aunt Brenda’s tree. Her first walk around Atkinson Point. Her first night sleeping with the windows open and an ocean breeze so heavenly no restless baby could resist falling fast to sleep.

I always knew the beach house was a special place for my husband, but I had no idea how special he would make it for our daughter. He was so proud to show her off and to give her the experience he loved so much growing up.

On this Father’s day, I am reminded of these moments and all the ups and downs we’ve encountered in the past that brought us to today. I am beyond grateful to be married to someone who is so present, so loving, and so meant to be a husband and father. He is more than I could ever ask for – not just for me, but for my daughter as well. There are SO many more examples I could give of all the wonderful, sacrificial acts of love that my husband shows to me and our baby on a daily basis.  I can remember so many times shortly after giving birth that I was in awe of the man I married and how strong he was for the both of us.  I give all the glory and praise to my Heavenly Father for bringing Dustin into my life, and also for weekends at the beach house filled with glimpses of all that HE has in store for us. Happy Father’s Day to my love! Emmy and I cannot thank you enough and we do not deserve you, but we are so glad you are ours.


With love from your gurleygirls




1.  I got bangs and “copper” low-lights. I’m channeling my inner Zooey Deschanel. So far I love it!

Me and the hubs at the Tar Heel’s cousin’s baby shower. We can’t WAIT to meet Baby Pearson!! (FYI: those are little red elephants on my shirt. Just doing my part spreading the news about the impending election without jamming political propaganda down everyone’s throat. And who doesn’t love little elephants? just sayin.)

2. Fall Break is only 2 days away.  It could not get here faster. My big Fall Break plans? “Catching up” on studying/school work, several small crafty projects and FINALLY breaking out my fall decorations (which may stay up until December 20-ish). PLUS we are going to the…. STATE FAIR!!!!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER OF  THE YEAR!!! And we are going TWICE this year since we also got tickets for the Corey Smith show :) woot!

Part of last year’s fall decorations (in Savannah :( !!).

3. NC State upset #3 FSU on Saturday and I had to watch from my couch while I was sick with a cold and double ear infections (fun!).  It was a GREAT game and Dustin and I were both standing up in shock watching the last minute of the game. Amazing amazing game – so proud of my boys and HENCE Why NC State was named the NATIONAL TEAM OF THE WEEK. Can I just say that beating FSU has always held fond memories for me. In 2005 I went to the NCSU at FSU game which wasgreat 1) because we won and 2) because it was my first experience at a college football stadium other than Carter-Finley.  Despite ridiculous amounts of heckling by FSU fans, we had so much fun .  In 2006 I was at Carter-Finley as we beat FSU when we scored in the last quarter on a beautiful touchdown pass by Daniel Evans.  I think that game was the beginning of the “Daniel Evans” chants.  I am so proud to be a member of the Wolfpack, especially when we beat those ‘NOLES! :)

Photo courtesy of wral.com
I LOVE me some TO’B!!
Image courtesy of wral.com

4. I’m watching Long Island Medium shows I dvr’d (while simultaneously avoiding studying my genetics test Wednesday) and I freaking love this woman.

5. This week is national PA Week! Thank a PA this week :)



I know, I know…

…it’s been a while!  BUT, I have SO SO SO many good excuses (aka Wedding Plans).

1) We booked our chapel (which you already know! see? you aren’t THAT out of the loop!)

2) We booked our reception site — Elijah’s Restaurant on the Riverfront in Wilmington

3) I ordered my dress!  And I went with my 2nd dress, just like you lovely readers said I should.  I knew I could trust you all. :)

4) I ordered MY SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I should receive the tracking information today, which I will be stalking relentlessly until they are in my possession.  Yes, I know you are dying to see them.  Yes, I am dying to show you.  BUT since I am SO excited about them, I think I am just going to keep them my little secret (unless you send me an email, comment, or facebook message indicating that you cannot go on without seeing them! In which case I will happily send you the link)  and show everyone after the wedding. I may give blog readers a sneak peak once I have my bridals done. 

5) I received my last piece of my Bridesmaid’s Bundle (what I am calling my “proposal”  bridesmaids gifts) last week so I am ready to ask my girls to be my girls!  Hah.  Finally!  I hope we can find them dresses in time… if only I knew a superstar dress maker that could make my bridesmaid dresses in any glorious pattern and fit of my choosing… Hmm… if only I knew someone like that.

6) We are meeting with Jessica and Hannah of A Shindig Events this weekend to discuss our “Day Of” coordination that will be taking place.  Let me tell you, I want to be completely disconnected from the world on my wedding day.  (No phone + no texts =no freakouts)  And so someone will have to take over my Type A-ness for the day.  That’s where Hannah and Jessica will step in.  We are still meeting with one other event coordinator before we decide who we are going with, but I am just excited to meet with anyone who wants to talk wedding details with me.  :)

7)  I’ve also been working on a few non-wedding related projects like these adorable cupcake picks for Jerri-Rae and Robby’s baby shower!  I think they turned out aaaaadorable.  I am now working on something for the Tar Heel’s nephew’s 1st Birthday!  Crazy! He is the cutest little baby and it seems like yesterday that the Tar Heel was telling me he was on the way to the hospital to see the little guy for the first time.

I say of, you say a.

Tuesday night the Tar Heel and I headed  to my old home sweet home, Raleigh, for the O.A.R. concert at the new Raleigh Amphitheatre.  I was so excited for this show.  Originally, the Tar Heel and I bought O.A.R. tickets for July 9th in Chicago (where we first met) and we were both so excited about it. We decided to change our plans a bit when the airlines refused to drop the price of a RDU to CHI ticket below $264, so we sold the July 9th tickets.  I was pretty bummed.  Not only were we going to miss seeing O.A.R, but we were missing out on visiting the city that started it all for us three years ago. 

O.A.R. really came through for us when they announced a stop in Raleigh on the tour.  I immediately scooped up 2 tickets and all was well.  Oh, and the Tar Heel totally made up for cancelling our Chicago concert plans by proposing to me on July 9th in Charleston instead.  I specifically remember after it happened saying “This is WAY better than the O.A.R. concert in Chicago!!”  –haha!

So our little makeup concert date was August 10th in Raleigh and it was AAAAAA-mazing.  We had a blast, despite the insane heat and humidity that night.  I tried to take a few pictures before we were soaked through with sweat, but they still aren’t exactly cute. 


It’s better that we keep this close
Keep you close to me
Walking under every sky
Over every sea
You can be my modern girl
And I can be the one you found
If we’re taking on the world today
I know we got to leave this town

-“This Town”, Of A Revolution