The sickness


This is what I feel like when I get the common cold, like I have right now. I turn into a very big, whiney baby. It’s the worst for me. And I know that all I can do is drink as much water as humanly possible and let it run its course, but still… colds suck.

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But I did manage to find a few images in the blogosphere that made me momentarily forget my cold curse. Enjoy!


Williams and Sonoma Message-In-A-Cookie cutters here via With This Ring


A Chicago Proposal by David Wittig Photography via The Bride’s Cafe


Image from Color Me Katie‘s flickr

The Friday hodgepodge

Happy Friday everyone!!

1. I am seriously freaking out about  this 5K tomorrow. What was I thinking? I am picking up my registration packet a day early at the Pit on UNC’s campus. This is so legit and for real now. Eeeek!

2. Is it December 1st yet? Because if it is, my life may resemble some sort of normalcy in the near future. I have tons of grad school applications due this date. I am ready for it to just be here and better yet, I’m more ready for the 2nd of December, so it will be OVER!

3.  I am completely, whole-heartedly with Puttin’ On The Grits about this one. All this vampire madness mumbo jumbo needs to stop. For real. Go play in the sunshine people.

4. I just ordered  the cutest Strutting Wolf t-shirt from the Alumni Association.


I love ALL things Buzz & Berly, though I heard rumor they were going out of business? I hope that is completely FALSE. I’m thinking of getting the block S cocktail dress, though I generally go for a more understated look for collegiate attire. So I am a little torn. It is still super cute though. dress

5. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and try to eat as little as possible to save up for all the massive feasting that is going  to happen next weekend!! Yay for Thanksgiving. :)

The ish.

Be still, my heart.

John Mayer’s newest album was released yesterday and I’m pretty much already in love with it. JM (what I like to call him, because we’re tight like that) is probably one of my favorite artists of all time. However I must say that after following him on Twitter for some time…. he is a pretty weird character. I’m not sure how much of his tweeting is actually him trying to be outlandish and a “celeb” or how much is his natural strangeness. Regardless, the boy can sing and play some guitar like nooo other. I’m still not sure if any of the tracks from his new cd will top his cover of Tom Petty’s Free Falling, however. You can listen to  that little gem here.

In other news, I think I’ve already mentioned a little about Bobo and SIL’s wedding shower coming up. Their bedding for the baby has a blue and lime green turtle theme and is ridiculously cute, so I decided to go with that as the baby shower theme.  As usual, I was checking out Etsy for some inspiration and stumbled across these adorable stickers from ladybuglabels.  They are perfect for the shower! I think we will be using them for the party favors in some form or fashion, but that is TBD at this point. I can’t wait to post pictures of the shower and my brilliant decoration ideas that I’ve stolen from other blogs come up with all by myself. :)



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The love.


I just can’t contain my excitement!

I have a pretty intense love for all-things-stationary(ness). I love note cards, notepads, address labels, invitations, you name it.  The more personalized, the better! I am so excited to say I just ordered these sweetthings and I am looking forward to getting them in  the next few days! It literally took me approximately 45 minutes to choose a design, and I ended up deciding to just get two. Visit Bohtieque’s shop on Etsy to get yours. Bohtieque has all sorts of return address labels, shipping labels, and are customizable. I got the one below in black and white damask (instead of the oh-so-Carolina-blue) with red writing and I was just sent the proof  and they look GREAT!  Seriously, click on the images and order your own. You won’t be disappointed – especially at $5.50/30 labels.



Yay for stationary. :)