The weather… completely ruining my life. Today was a wretched day at work. I worked 10 full hours and still have lots to do tomorrow. It was rainy outside, which is what I am choosing to blame. Foul weather makes for foul moods in my book. I know it is literally only the third day of December, and I feel like I should have a lot more Christmas spirit than I have right now, but I really just want the warm weather back. Is that so much to ask?  I mean, how many more days until I can do this again?


Lil and I at Shack aboard the Heel Yeah!

A lot? Really?

Looks like I’ll just have to move to the Keys for the winter.

The 5k.

Friends, family, loved ones. I’ve officially lost my mind.

I’m actually trading these….ChristianLouboutin-Anemone-BlackBow                       

….for these.


 For those of y’all that know me, you know that I pretty much only run when chased. Running is so not my thing. However, despite these known facts, on November 21, 2009 the Tar Heel and I will be headed to Chapel Hill for the Eve Carson Memorial 5K where we are actually planning to participate in the race. The whole crazy shenanigan of an idea got started because I am pretty involved in the NC Triangle Alumnae club, and the Eve Carson 5K is co-sponsored by the NC Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi.  What began as a simple way to support my sisters and remember a wonderful person turned into a crazy, insane, “I think I can do this” challenge to myself.  Don’t get me wrong, the past few weeks that I have been training (or trying to  train, anyway) I have really learned a lot about myself and how great it feels to push my athletic limits.  However, after about the 2 mile mark, I’m without fail hating myself and thinking “I am positively crazy for doing this to myself.”  That always lasts for a few seconds, and then I get to the “but HEY, since you’re this far already…..” and keep on goin’.  At first, the Tar Heel’s involvement was more or less my attempt at getting motivated to really try and do well in this race.  Now, the idea of not dying before crossing the finish line is my main motivating factor. Afterwards is fair game, though. So I’m glad he’s going to be there to revive me should I collapse, or something.

Honestly, I love that the Tar Heel is willing to do something so crazy with me. I’m not gonna lie, our competitive natures have a little something to do with making  this crazy idea–dare I say it?–fun.

If anyone  is interested, you can learn more about the race and even register online, here: Eve Carson Memorial 5K. So far there are 427 runners signed up, and around 600 ran last year. I’m hoping even more will turn out for this year!

This is my challenge to YOU: please pray for me! No, literally, pray for me! I’m asking specifically for prayers of remaining injury-free and for continued motivation for the race. Thanks in advance. :) 

I promise to write an update after the race with standings (maybe) and pictures (definitely).

The bff

My spinner/salty/smurfette/bff is the best. This is why!



So last night, after the super fun Kristian Stanfill concert at WC, we headed back  to Salty’s parent’s house to hang out for a bit before I went back to Raleigh. We stood around in her parent’s kitchen snacking (Mrs. Philly always has the best snacks) and talking and laughing like we were 15 again. It was so fun. I love having her in my life and can’t imagine having a better best friend. When I was going through a disguisting breakup major transition period  last spring, I would call her crying, unable to say any words and she would  just start praying for me. Right there with me on the phone. What an amazing, shining example of a friend she is. I took this picture as an example of how our random talking/laughing will generally involve some sort of craziness like this. After Spinner somehow concocted this crazy hair style, she looked at me, completely serious, and asked if I would still be her friend if she wore her hair like this. I told her, “Of course. I just feel like I’d have to explain you  to every one I meet!” This quote describes us pretty good well:

You’re the strangest person I ever met, she said & I said you too & we decided we’d know each other a long time. –Storypeople

In other news, I have failed to mention that besides my extreme obsession with paper goods, I also love the fall.  I snapped this picture on my way out of work with my iPhone because I know in about a week all of these glorious leaves will make their way to the ground and winter will officially begin to rear its ugly head.


Finally, thank you to everyone who has served in  the armed forces for our country so that we may worship, learn, and live freely.  Happy Veterans Day.

The Predicament




Rileybear is currently living at his “country home” with my parents.  He is not a lover of the big city  like his mom and much prefers being able to run and play outside and terrorize my parent’s cat, Baby. This leads to lots of long distance anxiety and guilt on my part.  On Tuesday, my dad was out of town and my mom was helping at the local voting polls where she was scheduled to stay from 5:30 am – 9:30 pm with no option of leaving. (Seriously?)  This left my poor puppy to go potty-less for approximately 16 hours. Being over an hour away and working full time meant my hands were tied, and my usual puppy helpers, Bobo and SIL, were both busy as well.  I was at a loss at this point. Fortunately for me (and Rileybear),the Tar Heel came through and saved the day. The Tar Heel is my NP. (new possibility) If anyone is a follower of Mormon in Manhatten then you’ll get that.  He also happens to live in the same town as my parents. Being a NP, I was unsure if I should ask such a big favor right away. However, I quickly learned that the Tar Heel was more than willing and did not hesitate at the opportunity to help me. Not only did the Tar Heel take Riley out for a potty break, but he stuck around and spent “mantime” with him! How sweet was that? As if I wasn’t already smitten, the Tar Heel even sent me the cutest picture of him and Riley hanging out. Love it people, love it.

The Tar Heel is so legit.

The cast.

Every person has their own set of “people.”  These aren’t “people” as in the cliche, ‘Have your people call my people’ sense of the word, but rather the real, they’re there even when others aren’t kind of people. Because the purpose of this blog is for my enjoyment and yours, I’d like to introduce my people, all of which will make guest appearences on this blog  at some point in time.   These people are tried and true and have been there for me through the best and worst of times.  They are so legit.

  • Spinner: Old school BFF. Spinner is my best friend from high school, college and beyond.  She graduted this past May,  and we have been through life in every way together.   I love who she is in Christ, and I know I get through most of my most difficult times with her prayerful support. She will be in the majority of my stories. Get use to it.  Spinner is a reference to our love of rap music. We recently went to our first, but definitely not last, Lil Wayne concert this fall. I mean, after he gets out of jail, I’m sure he will be touring again. Right?
  • Amster: New School BFF. Amster and I met the summer before our freshman year in college and by December, we had ditched our pot-luck roommates for each other.  We shared the smallest dorm room on campus our spring semester, freshman year, and it was by far one of the most memorable times of my life.  Hard to believe I will be in her wedding next May, but I can hardly wait!
  • The Lil: Some of you may know her as Southern-Sunshine! She is my Lil Sis from my sorority in college, Pi Beta Phi. She is one of the sweetest, most loving people of all time and I love her and her unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. She is quite the little example of a fully-devoted follower. And I really mean little. She is basically five-foot-nothing.
  • Bobo: My brother. Bobo is five years older than me and married to my S-I-L (obviously) and they are expecting their first baby in January! This is exciting to me on several levels. 1) I am so excited to be an Aunt! I am really hoping to be called something cute like Auntie Gina. 2) Goodbye pressure from my parents! I’ve been hearing complaints of no grandchildren from them for years. What is with that?! 3) I can’t wait to spoil this child rotten!
  • Riley: My puppy. Aka Rileybear, Riley-roo, Rowdy Riley, or just Crazy, he will answer to any. Riley was rescued from the big horrible pound just weeks before Christmas in 2005. He is believed to be around 7 years old and of the cocker spaniel variety. But he is KNOWN to be of the sweetest, best-puppy-ever variety. :) We also think he is fluent in Spanish.  

That’s it for now. This is the condensed version but I figured I should get those few out of the way first so everyone isn’t completely in the dark.