Pi Phi Wine & Design

Without a doubt, one of the best outcomes of moving back to the Triangle area is being able to once again be involved with the NC TriAngels — the Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club for the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill areas.  I was pretty involved in 2008 and 2009 right after I graduated from undergrad, but when I moved back east I couldn’t really attend any events and after moving to Savannah, I ended up joining the club down there.

Last night I went to my first Triangle alum event since 2009ish at the Raleigh Wine & Design.  There were a few familiar faces and lovely new faces as well.  I re-connected with two sisters from my own chapter and met several sweet new girls.  Everyone was so welcoming and it was like picking right back up where we left off.  I love those types of friendships.

Aside from getting to see everyone again, I was SO excited for this event specifically because I have been wanting to go to Wine & Design for soooo long!!  In what seems like a former life now, I actually once loved to paint, draw and had a special gift with chalk pastels.  In high school, I spent hours in art class and took every class imaginable.  Anyway, it was my escape and I loved it and I was fairly good at it.  But ever since starting college, I haven’t had the chance to hone my skill or even just let go and paint a little.  Aside from the random silly craft, I just sort of let that hobby go.  I was really looking forward to holding a brush for the first time in far too long.

In the end it was a fantastic night of catching up with old friends, good wine and some pretty decent painting if I do say so myself.

Happy to be back, Raleigh!




This is an important post because what is about to be presented has never happened before.  I am not really known for my ability to keep plants alive.  In fact I’m probably more well known for my ability to kill plants.  When I saw these cute little plant growing kits all I could think about is how adorable they would be on my windowsill. I didn’t decide to actually purchase the kit until I read the words “Guaranteed to grow!”  After that I figured what the heck, and grabbed the grass growing egg and a purple pansy egg.

So here is the “Before” shot of my growing grass egg.

Next I tried to plant the pansy and this is what happened after attempting the very first instruction to “tap the top of the egg with a spoon and lightly crack open.”

So I gave up on that one.  But this minor setback did not deter my grass growing efforts.  And apparently all my hard work and natural born grass growing ability paid off because this little guy seems much happier with some “hair.”

Adorable. :)

The Raleigh Room

This post is going to be really picture-heavy, so sorry it it takes 15 minutes for you to load this post!  I just had a hard time cutting down on the number of pictures, because they are all so blog-worthy!  Two weekends ago I headed down to Savannah to visit the Tar Heel with his mom and soon-to-be stepfather.  You know them better on the blog as Mama Kay and Timbo Slice (or Timmy Buffet… or Tim Diesel).  We had an AWESOME time and we actually got a lot accomplished, including starting and– finishing the guest room!  I have decided to call our guest room “The Raleigh Room” because it is now home to my favorite Raleigh prints including the Skyline picture the Tar Heel shot for me a few months ago and the NC State Fair poster he printed for me for my birthday.  I chose the colors black, white and lime for our guest bedroom.  I’m not sure why, but  I just love that color combination.  For our master bedroom I plan to decorate in light blues, whites/ivorys and pale coral hues.  That room will be a bit more beach-y,  so naturally it will be called “The Wilmington Room.”  Hah, cheesy, I know!

So here are some shots from their visit to Savannah and pictures of our Raleigh Room!!  I also have to add that the furniture in the room was actually my grandmother’s set (My MaMa!!), then it was given to my mom when she was a little girl, and now I have it.  My dad actually refinished all of it before my parents gave it to me, and it turned out AMAZING.  We have even had several neighbors come over to see the guest bedroom.  Our Landlord’s wife saw our furniture the day after we finished the room and she quicklly spread word down the whole block about how awesome the furniture looks!  I am so excited and proud of this wonderful family heirloom we now have in our home! 

Also have to add that Mama Kay and I recovered the little white lamp with the black and white fabric.  We spent forever on it, but it was a no-sew project and I will be happy to share our technique with you if you want it.  It was completely off the cuff, and I think we did a great job!!  I am so excited she loves to do crafty things as much as I do.

On to the pictures….!

Tailgate & Celebrate

So this week our invites went out for our engagement party coming up in a few weeks!  We were so excited about these invitations because we put quite a bit of effort into them!  Early on in August, the Tar Heel and I decided we wanted to hold a tailgate themed party as our engagement party.  I L-O-V-E tailgating and football.  I guess this is due entirely to going to a school where tailgating for every home game was a staple part of the undergraduate experience and something I did every fall Saturday for four years.  The Tar Heel’s mom and I immediately started brainstorming fun ideas for the party, including cute invitation ideas.  We decided it would be great if we went to Carter-Finley Stadium and Kenan Stadium to take pictures of the Tar Heel and I wearing our teams colors, and then incorporating those shots into a fun invitation.  The Tar Heel was assigned the task to design the invites, and he created them entirely from scratch.  They turned out AMAZING!  Here’s the final product with some of the detailed info removed:

When we went to Kenan Stadium to take pictures, it was completely open to the public and there were several people there running around the track even.  We went on a Sunday afternoon, and some of the UNC football team players were even having practice while we were there.  Unfortunately, when we went to Carter-Finley to take pictures, it was completely locked.  I’m not sure if this was because the State Fair was going on at the same time, but I was really bummed.  Just when were going to reschedule the photo shoot at State, we saw a man locking a door to the stadium and asked if he would let us in to take some quick pics.  He said yes and led us to a side door of the Murphy Center.  He then led us down a hallway and past the NCSU locker rooms and other amazing places not open to the public.  I was THRILLED and so excited to walk out to the field the way our players do every Saturday.  We got SO lucky to see that man and he was so kind to let us in AND take us down a super secret passageway. :)

(I stopped for a quick pic in the awesome hallway on the way to the stadium — love this quote!)

Woo hoooo for fun wedding festivities on the horizon!! :)

A Mathews Tradition

Hey lovely blog readers! I have a quick favor to ask.  Basically, the Tar Heel gets his talent honest.  His whole family has special gifts and his cousin, Luke, has entered a video contest featuring his sister Jerri-Rae and her husband Robby.  It is an AWESOME video and it is a Top 10 Finalist in the contest. 

Now here is where ya’ll come in.  Would you mind taking a second to cast your vote for the video?  It is really cute and definitely worth watching. Even if you don’t have a big interest in hunting (like me!) you will love the video regardless.  All you do to vote is register by providing your email, but you can opt out of ever receiving anything from them. Really simple!  Head on over now!!!  You can click directly on the picture above to get there or on the link listed below.

Thank you and I promise I have a great post in the works as we speak!! :)

A Mathews Tradition.