My new favorite letter is….


This weekend I received my first “G” gifts.  “G” being my new initial once the Tar Heel and I are married, of course.  The Tar Heel’s sweet Mama Kay bought me my very first G present, a gorrrrrgeous wine bottle stopper.  It is cut glass and so pretty!  My cousin Christina (that I saw for the first time in SIX long years this weekend) gave me a “G” pink and green bag, “G” tissues and a “G” badge reel for my new job at the hospital, but I am already using it because it is too cute to sit in my closet for months. :)

Also, thanks to everyone who commented on the last post about your planning tips.  I have signed up for theknot and their checklist is AWESOME! I was already overdue on 22 items, but no big! I am slowly checking things off.

I also discovered Style Me Pretty, specifically where you can create your own inspiration boards.  I am incredibly torn on the colors for our wedding.  I think the Tar Heel wants to go with whatever makes me happiest, but I love having his input too.  At first, I thought it would be Coral (my COLOR of the season.  I love all things coral right now. Its a strange obsession.) and light blue (in an around-about-color-range of Carolina blue… but I could never call it that. You know, what with being the Stately Lady and all…).  Sort of like this:

(These are my first attempts at putting together inspiration boards, don’t laugh!)

All images found via google search.  Bottom left corner image is  by the awesome Millie Holloman Photography.

But I bought a painting for the Tar Heel as part of his 6 month anniversary gift that we both fell in LOVE with, and we are seriously considering going with this color palette from the same print:

Sources: Center image, “Shrimp Cocktail” by Ortud K. Tyler found here, other images found from top left to right: Paratinovia, Paratinovia, Paratinovia, The Bride’s Cafe, Snippet & Ink, Style Me PrettySnippet & Ink,  Snippet & Ink, Snippet & Ink, Style Me Pretty, Snippet & Ink, Snippet & Ink

We are getting married in Wilmington, so both will include a beachy feel.  But I can’t decide between these two palettes–sweet and soft understated beach theme or bold and bright nautical theme?


Blog magic

I wish I could say I were coherent enough at this point to write this post, but thanks entirely to the wonders of blog magic I am bringing this post to you from the future.  Or past. Or basically, I set this post to show up Friday night at midnight. Either way, I just wanted to share with you the results of a project from back in April that I just realized I never showed you! Remember this post?  Here is the final product. (Click to view larger)

This sequence of shots actually happened entirely by accident.  We weren’t going for this effect at all. But you know what they say about the best laid plans… So while we were testing the camera, I ran down from those steps to  the right and jumped into his arms and voilà!  The camera caught the whole thing.

We were planning for something more like us just walking toward each other, inspired  by this shot from Kelly Hornberger Photography (found via The Bride’s Cafe.)

The Tar Heel used his edit-savvy skills to produce the final result, and I happen to love it.  By the way, we took these pictures before the Tar Heel bought his new pair of flip flops for the warm weather.  After revisiting these pictures, I had to laugh.  I was still instantly drawn to his “niks” as he refers to them, and I still wish I could crop them right out!  If you’re my friend on facebook, I’m sure you remember that discussion. :) But that’s my sweet Tar Heel and I love him. Niks and all.

It’s Monday…

…Therefore this post is going to be in list format (in no particular order) and with limited content. Sorry folks. This Monday has been pretty difficult so far, most likely due to the fact this weekend was Awesome with a capital A and I am still recovering. 

1. Chick-fil-a yogurt parfaits are aaaaaahhh-mazing.  I just inhaled the granola topping yogurt with strawberries. Delightful!

2.  The Tar Heel and I went on our first photo shoot together involving other people!  A friend of the Tar Heel’s wanted some pretty pictures of her and her sister for Mother’s Day (which is this Sunday, by the way).  The girls were both beautiful and fun to work with, which made everything much easier.  Clearly I am not the photographer in this relationship but I did get to guide the girls on what to do and that was  I also helped the Tar Heel narrow down the 1,100 or so shots to 75 pretty pictures.  Here’s one of the outtakes which showcases the beautiful light we got to work with.  I don’t want to reveal too much and ruin any surprises!

3.  Reunited with my Amster and it feels so good!  I had so much fun at the “Ladies Night Out” dinner held for Amy by her aunts.  My favorite part was when we all got to stand up and tell how we know Amy and share a fun memory.  I shared the same memory I always share with everyone–how we lived in the smallest dorm room on campus and loved every minute of it! We all laughed, cried, and celebrated the fact  that our favorite Amy Lou is marrying her best friend in 3 weeks.  It was a wonderful night! Here’s Amy and I, post-tears and a huge dinner so disregard the red eyes/swelling. Ha ha ha.


4. My Tar Heel did AWESOME at the tournament this weekend! Friday night he won both matches in each division he was entered in and Saturday morning he played a TOUGH match that he ended up winning, qualifying him for the Semi-Finals!! He then won his second round in his other division, causing him to win that division over all. He even got a trophy :)  Unfortunately the semi-finals and championship rounds were to be played on Sunday and since he works at a church, he had to forfeit the games. I was definitely sad for him, but so PROUD regardless! He would have definitely won that championship if he could have played. My view of the Tar Heel warming up from above the court.

5. If you live in Goldsboro and frequent the restaurant Sumo like we do, you will love this.  A couple of weeks ago the Tar Heel and I were there and waited several minutes before we were waited on.  The owner happened to stop by and we told him we hadn’t even given our drink order yet and he immediately sent us a server as well as a free appetizer.  We went again yesterday and saw that the tables now have a “Call Button” for service!! Awesome!! One more reason to love that place.

A photo shoot preview

This weekend the Tar Heel and I decided to have a quick photo shoot. It was somewhat sporadic so we just had fun with it.  I must say I am in love with our end product.  I loved the old blue house — we could not have asked for a better backdrop. If anyone is familiar with the area, we took these in the big city of Princeton, NC just off Main Street. It is amazing what you will find after driving for 5 minutes in an old, tiny town!  I am only posting a couple because a few of the shots are being combined for a really interesting final effect so I will share the rest after that has been completed.  Here are a few of the best outtakes for now!

The new link

First, I am finally feeling a little better. I am not 100% but I am getting there. Thanks for thoughts and prayers :)

Next, please direct your attention to the Links listed to the right of your screen. —-> 

These are my daily blog reads, aka my favorites in the blog world.  I love these blogs and think the great minds behind them are so fun and bring a little joy to my day.   I have recently added a new link to a photo blog of someone who I am a bit partial to…. the Tar Heel. :) He has decided to start his own blog journey in the form of a photo blog (pholog?) After all, the Stately Lady wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for him… Yep, its true. The Stately Lady was started by the Tar Heel, during one of his many efforts to woo me in our early days (Side note: His wooing efforts were completely unnecessary. I was smitten with the Tar Heel for a long  time.  But It’s common courtesy to let a man woo you when he wishes, though. So I let him.) He obtained the domain name and helped me get started with WordPress since he is a web genius and generally great at EVERYTHING. So, check out the Tar Heel’s  blog if you get a minute.  :)

While we are making some introductions, have you met my sweet Riley yet? No? Well here he is. :)
( I realize that Riley is completely unrelated to my post but I saw this picture in my Random pics folder at work and couldn’t resist. He loves the fall, just like his mom.)

riley bear