The v-day reveal

Remember this post where I told you I was working on a project with the Tar Heel? Now that Valentine’s day has passed we can finally show you! We were working on an effect to modify the bokeh into hearts for my Valentine’s this year. Here’s the raw shot.


And now here is the shot after we added the effect to modify the bokeh!


And here is the final product that we sent to friends and family.


The surprise project

One of the major perks of having an uber talented boyfriend is that some of these fun ideas I have floating around get to come to fruition. For example, my brother’s baby shower invitations. When I couldn’t find what I wanted online, I told the Tar Heel what I was looking for and voilà! He designed them exactly to my liking.  I love the arts and all things creative, so the Tar Heel’s incredible talent in media and photography won me over really quickly.  I’ve been pretty smitten with his work since the very beginning.  Lately I stumbled across some amazingly creative bloggers and was inspired by their work, so I decided to put together a little project of my own– with a bit of a twist.  The Tar Heel was so sweet and eager to help fulfill my vision with his professional perspective.  I think he was also excited to get some awesome shots with the new D90 he got for Christmas.  I can’t reveal our final product until Valentine’s Day, but here are the supplies we picked up for our project.  Think you can figure it out?? I bet you can’t… :)



heart punch




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