This is an important post because what is about to be presented has never happened before.  I am not really known for my ability to keep plants alive.  In fact I’m probably more well known for my ability to kill plants.  When I saw these cute little plant growing kits all I could think about is how adorable they would be on my windowsill. I didn’t decide to actually purchase the kit until I read the words “Guaranteed to grow!”  After that I figured what the heck, and grabbed the grass growing egg and a purple pansy egg.

So here is the “Before” shot of my growing grass egg.

Next I tried to plant the pansy and this is what happened after attempting the very first instruction to “tap the top of the egg with a spoon and lightly crack open.”

So I gave up on that one.  But this minor setback did not deter my grass growing efforts.  And apparently all my hard work and natural born grass growing ability paid off because this little guy seems much happier with some “hair.”

Adorable. :)

Chosen Child Adoption Auction

Hey blog friends!  I just wanted to write a quick post about an awesome event going on TODAY, November 4th and continuing through SUNDAY, November 7th – the Chosen Child Adoption Auction! The auction is being held by an organization called Worthy Of The Prize, which helps raise money for families going through the adoption process, including my sweet friends Justin and Tara McLamb.  If you aren’t from the area, you may not be as familiar with their story, but their journey/story/TESTIMONY during the adoption process has been simply miraculous and touched by the hand of our Savior completely.  Just two short days ago their adoption was finalized and literally thousands of prayers were answered! Sweet baby Zane is officially theirs! And they are great examples of why this auction is so important!

ALL proceeds will go to the 18 adoption families that WOTP sponsors,  including the sweet and wonderful McLamb family and their newest addition, Zane!!

If you are not familiar with the Worthy of The Prize adoption ministry, click HERE for more info!

The auction will be held TOMORROW-SUNDAY (November 4-7, 2010) online at!

Just in time for Christmas shopping!!

Please stop by and bid on these FABULOUS items:

Adoption Rocks T-shirt
Africa T-shirt
BeautiControl Spa Manicure Gift SetBlog Re-Design
Bundle of Bows #1
Bundle of Bows #2
Child’s Tee
Customized Cards
Diaper Bag
Doll Gift Certificate
Fit Band and Fit Cards
Hand-Stamped Necklace
“Hope” Stamped Wood Ornament 
I Love Africa T-shirt
IPhone/IPod Touch Wristlet
“I Will Not Leave You As Orphans” Stamped Wood Ornament
Ladies Tee
Mary Kay Makeup Set
Mary Kay Skincare Set
Matching Necklace & Earrings Set
Mommy & Me BLESSED T-shirts 
Mommy & Me Prayer Journals
My Little Superhero Cape
Photo Session
“Pray for Africa” Stamped Wood Ornament
Sara Groves/Danen Kane Autographed 3-CD Pack
Scentsy Warmer
School Years Scrapbook
Silver Locket
Team Bling Shoes
Thirty-One Gifts Fold-And-Go Organizer
Vera Bradley Wristlet
Website Development

A Mathews Tradition

Hey lovely blog readers! I have a quick favor to ask.  Basically, the Tar Heel gets his talent honest.  His whole family has special gifts and his cousin, Luke, has entered a video contest featuring his sister Jerri-Rae and her husband Robby.  It is an AWESOME video and it is a Top 10 Finalist in the contest. 

Now here is where ya’ll come in.  Would you mind taking a second to cast your vote for the video?  It is really cute and definitely worth watching. Even if you don’t have a big interest in hunting (like me!) you will love the video regardless.  All you do to vote is register by providing your email, but you can opt out of ever receiving anything from them. Really simple!  Head on over now!!!  You can click directly on the picture above to get there or on the link listed below.

Thank you and I promise I have a great post in the works as we speak!! :)

A Mathews Tradition.