Oh hello there, beautiful shoes.

The other day I was going through my daily blog reads when I made a truly amazing discovery. While reading this post about her beautiful bridal shower inspiration board, Nina at According to Nina had included a link to Nina Shoes and I decided to head over for a look. When I got there, my eyes were immediately drawn to the “Design your Perfect Shoe” ad. I eagerly clicked and waited for my oh-so-slow-we’re-talking-snail-pace internet at work to bring up the greatest idea to happen to shoes since the peep-toe pump: a website to pick the color, style, sole color and sparkle of your own shoes!!!

How many times have we gone shopping for “just the right shoe” only to walk away with our “settlement shoe”? Let me tell you, the geniuses (they must be women) at Nina Shoes  got it RIGHT. I am one of those girls that when the blessed day arrives that I get to walk down the aisle, I want every eye to be on my shoes! I am fully prepared to spend as little as possible on my dress so I can SPLURGE on my shoes! Now with this option from Nina Shoes, I may not have even have to do that, considering the completely personalized, designed-by-you shoes are only ~$150.

Someone tell me this isn’t just a dream.

Finally, meet my shoes:


This week has been absolutely exhausting.  I am blaming it on my newfound dedication to going to the gym.  I have busted my butt every night this week and tonight, by golly, I am just not going to do it.  The MuscleBar class has been really fun though, and last night our instructors Gay and Greg announced that they obtained their marriage license which is pretty cool!  They are, by far, the most fit/gorgeous couple I know now… haha. 

In short, I am beyond ready for the weekend.  Fortunately, I planned out my week so that tonight is my night to do anything I want.  On the sched so far is: 1) Manicure 2) New dress shopping 3) Versa Spa love 4) packing for my exciting weekend so I can leave work early tomorrow at 3 and head H-O-M-E! 5) Lots-o-sleep.

What a wonderful  life. :)

Ps. The other day I was browsing clearance items at Target and found these Letterpress thank you cards on sale for $3.23/50 count (Picture above).  Being completely obsessed with all things Letterpress, I bought every box they had (3).  I am sooo excited about this little find of mine.  I can’t believe Target carries Letterpress stationary, but it is just another reason to love that store even more!

Pretty alert: Talbots

I was considering posting about the gorgeous new pieces at Talbots, but after Grits decided to go and offer an awesome giveaway, I had all the incentive I needed to share this find with my lovely friends and readers.  Moment of truth: Before a few weeks ago I’d never even been to a Talbots store. After seeing this Post  about about their Fall collection, I decided I would stop in. I was so pleasently surprised. Their new Spring line is also divine, and has all the  “transition to spring” pieces I need. The pinks, the greens, the paisley… Oh my!
If you haven’t stopped in Talbots lately, it is sooo worth the trip!

Here are some of my favorites: (Click to view bigger)

So cute, right?  Image from here!

And while you are browsing the Talbots website and plotting your next purchases, be sure to check out this amazing blog —  Red Chair Confessions, The Talbots blog.  Naturally I love the name of this blog (I have a thing for red being a State fan and all) but there is much more to this blog than just a fun name.  In the Spotted section you can see everyone sporting their Talbots in  the general (and not so general, hello First Lady) public.  Awesome!

Randoms and fun finds

1. Yesterday I purchased this visor in Light Blue with Fuschia thread and I am ready for it to grace my doorstep.

2. I saw this necklace on (No) Sex in the City today and fell in love.  I want one for myself, for my mom, for KSG, for everyone! Aren’t they understated yet beautiful?  I am a fan.


3.  A Fitness Pro at my gym is conducting a Beach Body class starting this week for an infomercial and yours truly is participating. Yup, I may be one of those hideous “before” and gorgeous “after” people on a FitTV infomercial one day. We have class twice a week, do intense cardio 3-5 times a week on our own and consume a diet designed by a  nutritionist for celebrities (she lived with Tom Cruise!) So this is an exciting little venture!  I will let you guys know how it goes. We’ve only had weigh-in, “before pictures” and measurements so far. The first official workout is on Wednesday. This is our instructor, Gay, and she is awesome.  Even though I am scared, I am just as excited! Pray for me!! :)

4.  I ordered this dress and it is scheduled to arrive TODAY! I am so excited!

5.  The Tar Heel and I are headed to the beach this weekend. I am so very READY to be there! I need a little bit of sunshine and salty air!

A slice of humble pie

Last night the Tar Heel and I went to a local  spot called Humble Pie for dinner.  I had the urge to stop in after walking past their newly re-opened Tiki Bar and large patio deck covered by twinkling lights.  What other reason would you need to go?  Oh, well the food was actually quite spectacular.  Even though it wasn’t what drew us there.  We shared Shrimp and Grits and Mahi Mahi entrees.  They were amazing!  We got  there just as the sun was setting and there was a perfect breeze blowing.  It was the kind of weather where it was just warm enough to not need a cardigan after the sun set.  There is little sweeter in life than enjoying the company of someone you love over a meal outside at sunset. :)