3D Deliciousness

photo 5
Perfect for little baby bee feet :)

I’ve been out of school for nearly two weeks and I still feel as though there is more to be done between now and October 24th than I could ever actually accomplish! I am hoping this sense of being overwhelmed goes away soon.  (I have a feeling it will not!)  But, while moving an entire house and setting up a nursery/preparing for baby can be the very definition of crazy at times, I am so thrilled and blessed to be given such a wonderfully “crazy” task. Dustin and I are getting so excited and a little nervous, of course.  But we know that at the end of the day, the Lord never gives you more than you can handle and so we are resting on Him and His reassurance that we will make it!

Baby G
Baby G

This morning we had our 3D ultrasound.  It is our final “scheduled” ultrasound and so we asked Dustin’s step-mom to join us.  All of Baby Gurley’s grandmas have now met her in utero. Admittedly, we used these ultrasound visits as opportunities to get each of them even MORE excited for her arrival, and I think it worked!  I know our little girl is already so deeply loved by each of her grandparents, even before she takes her first breath of air.  Today’s ultrasound visit was especially amazing, however.  Truthfully, I had never been a fan of the 3D U/S images I had seen people put up on facebook and other social media outlets.  I thought they were a bit creepy.  BUT, it is a whole different story when the creepy 3D U/S pictures are of your OWN little baby! :)  We couldn’t have been happier with our images and the whole visit was just so sweet.  We even got to take home some video of her yawning and rubbing her little hand to her face.  Seeing her move while feeling her move also makes a lot more sense to me now. She has been getting SO active, and watching my tummy bounce and contort into various positions has been funny and interesting, to say the least! It was nice to watch her move in real time to understand specifically what her kicks/rolls/punches feel like.  I joke with Dustin every night that we have an Olympic athlete in training.  Sometimes she really “goes for the gold” with her kicks and punches and it takes my breath away! But, she has been doing that to me since day one. :)

Riley getting some Bump love
Riley getting some Bump love

Mom and I finally finished registering for baby girl and I am glad that task is behind us.  I didn’t think it would be quite so difficult, seeing as how three years ago I was registering for a wedding.  But  let it be known, this is completely different from registering for a wedding.  First, you don’t have a clue what you should register for in the first place. Second, who knows that what you do register for will even work for your baby?  Every time I scanned one of the Johnson & Johnson Bedtime bath lotions/moisture wash/shampoos (I simply LOVE that smell), I would think about the babies who suffer from eczema who can’t even use anything but fragrance/dye/chemical free.  Or when I register for breastpump accessories. What if I can’t breastfeed for some reason? Or bottles. Oh good Heavens, the number of bottles to choose from and the multitudes of opinions that accompany each of them. At the end of the day, I can rest easy in a few registry picks I am fairly certain we will need without question: blankets, onesies, and diapers.

photo 2

 We found our peds office!  Dustin and I went to the meet-and-greet after hearing wonderful things about their PA, and while we were there we found out one of their physicians in the practice was a favorite lecturer of mine last semester. We were sold at that point!  Yep, we are driving our kid to a peds office over 30 minutes away.  Yep, we might be crazy.  And yep, I know it will be worth it for her to receive excellent healthcare.

 Slowly but surely we are making our way to the finish line. And I can hardly wait to get my arms around her cute little self!  Eeeek I am so excited! :)


29 Weeks Stats

Baby is the size of: Small cabbage (And weighing in at 3lbs, 2 oz officially)

Favorite food this week: Dippin dots icecream in Banana Split. Dirt cake from Sheets gas station (who knew they even had this? but omg, so good).

Good news: Passed Glucola test! Woot!  Bring on the dessert.

Babymoon #3: Charleston, SC coming up in two days! YAY!

Favorite new thing: Since we are now counting fetal kicks, I am hyper-aware of her movements but more specifically, her lack of movements. If we go more than an hour without feeling a kick (or even small movement) we have learned exactly what to do to get a little kick from her — a gentle push on the right side of my belly with my palm.  She does NOT like her space to be invaded! We get an immediate response from her (generally).  We tried rubbing, talking, lights, etc. – but this seems to work best. I am still super nervous at having to count kicks at all…

Favorite daddy-to-be moment: When I asked Dustin what his favorite part of my pregnancy has been so far he replied with “Two words: ICE. CREAM.” hah!

Apothecary Ball 2013

Right now I should be preparing for our first OSCE of the semester scheduled to take place tomorrow morning. Or I could be studying for our first exam of the semester coming up Friday. But instead, I’m doing what I really want to do…which is to post memories from my first Apothecary Ball!

The night started off at Caffe Luna with two other PA couples for dinner before the ball. It was delicious, as always.

After dinner we made our way to the ball. The Apothecary Ball is an event for the Pharmacy and PA students held each year at the beginning of Spring semester. The theme this year was “Fire & Ice” and so naturally, I aligned myself with the “Fire” side and wore Red.  It was such a fun night.  I was looking forward to the event being held at the Brownstone hotel — the same place where we had our Initiation party my freshman year on the day I was initiated into Pi Beta Phi!  Being in a sorority, we had formals and semi-formals each year. I was SO EXCITED to finally be able to take my sweet Tar Heel to our first “formal” together.

And we had a GREAT time!  Granted, I think the Tar Heel had pretty low expectations given his former formal experiences. Poor guy just wasn’t lucky enough to experience a Pi Phi event at State. BUT, the Apothecary Ball made up for all of that.:)

I think this was during Ke$ha’s “Die Young” song – sooo fun!

We even had Class Superlatives. They included: Best Dressed, Most Likely to Misplace Their Cadaver, Most Likely to Flirt with their Supervising Physician (this was a little awkward for both the peeps who received this since they are married/engaged…gotta love it), Most Likely to Yell at their Patients, and Most Likely to Cry in a Corner on the First Day of Rotations.   Seriously.

Alex made me promise this pic didn’t go on FB. She failed to mention the blog… Love this girl. :)

The night was simply perfect. It ended shoeless – a proven indicator of any worthwhile formal event. We even stopped by gumby’s for a quick pit stop before the trek home to Holly Springs.  Yes, this was a great event to relive my “glory days” of Pi Phi formals and carefree nights of pretty dresses and sweet drinks… but this night was better than any of those simply because I finally had my forever date with me – my sweet Tar Heel.

So, cheers to not having to pretend when your reality is better than anything you could ever dream up. :)

Pi Phi Wine & Design

Without a doubt, one of the best outcomes of moving back to the Triangle area is being able to once again be involved with the NC TriAngels — the Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club for the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill areas.  I was pretty involved in 2008 and 2009 right after I graduated from undergrad, but when I moved back east I couldn’t really attend any events and after moving to Savannah, I ended up joining the club down there.

Last night I went to my first Triangle alum event since 2009ish at the Raleigh Wine & Design.  There were a few familiar faces and lovely new faces as well.  I re-connected with two sisters from my own chapter and met several sweet new girls.  Everyone was so welcoming and it was like picking right back up where we left off.  I love those types of friendships.

Aside from getting to see everyone again, I was SO excited for this event specifically because I have been wanting to go to Wine & Design for soooo long!!  In what seems like a former life now, I actually once loved to paint, draw and had a special gift with chalk pastels.  In high school, I spent hours in art class and took every class imaginable.  Anyway, it was my escape and I loved it and I was fairly good at it.  But ever since starting college, I haven’t had the chance to hone my skill or even just let go and paint a little.  Aside from the random silly craft, I just sort of let that hobby go.  I was really looking forward to holding a brush for the first time in far too long.

In the end it was a fantastic night of catching up with old friends, good wine and some pretty decent painting if I do say so myself.

Happy to be back, Raleigh!



Faith Like a Child

Sometime in late November,  I volunteered to coordinate the sponsorship of three children with Compassion International through our church, LifeBridge.  When a child is sponsored, the child sends an introductory letter and we received several pamphlets explaining more about the daily life of our sponsored child.  All three of our children happen to live in Dominican Republic, which is a place the Tar Heel holds near and dear to his heart because he went on a mission trip there several years ago.

When the Tar Heel and I started attending LifeBridge, he began volunteering with the Production team right away and I found my place in the Children’s ministry, called UpStreet.  I thought it might be a fun idea to blend my duties of coordinating Compassion International with the kids in our children’s ministry, so this morning we had our 2nd/3rd grade students and 4th/5th grade students write letters to our sponsored children.  I can honestly say this was the GREATEST EVER because the letters are just precious!!!  I have transcribed one of the letters I received this morning below.  I just HAD to share this.

“Truly I say to you, Unless You turn around and become as young children, you will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens.” Matthew 18:3

Dear Joldy,

My name is Lindsay, but most people call me Lou Lou.  I am 11 years old.  I go to Lifebridge Church.  In fact, my parents are the people who started it.  Before now, Lifebridge was tiny.  There were only 5 or 6 families coming to my house.  After we got some more people coming to my house, we moved to my school, May Howard Elementary.  We were there for about 2 years, then we moved to the Island YMCA, which is were we are now. I am in my last year of Elementary school.  I heard that you were doing really well in school.  Congradulations. I really like my school, and I am in the smartest class.  I am not kidding.  Everyone is at least on honor roll.  My teachers name is Mrs. Dillon.  She really likes to do science expiriments IN CLASS.  She is really sweet.  I hope your teachers are okay. I would like school a lot better if there were only nice teachers.  Another thing I do not like is the music.  At my school, when we go to the lunch room, they have to play music so we don’t talk.  I only know a little bit of spanish, but I am really interested in it.  There is a spanish club at my school, and I am the president.  I get to sometimes teach the classes!  I am also the president of the whole entire school.  It feel good to know that everybody knows me, like when I am walking down the hall, random people will say hi.  I don’t even know any of them.  I do have a lot of friends, but the most important thing to me is Jesus Christ.  I feel that he has touched my life in so many ways, like knowing the connection to talk to you.  I really hope you have let Jesus into your life.  He is really, really important. No matter how bad things are, He will always be there.  If you haven’t let him into your life, I would really think it would be cool if you would talk to someone or to pray to god about it.  If you think you are ready for IT, just ask God to clean you of your sins.  Also ask for the Holly Spirit.  He will be there for you always.  He will also be there to help you make tough decisions in your life.  You should also forgive any others that you have hurt.  It feels really good to be a brand new person.  People like you make the world go ’round.  I have really enjoyed this time writing to you.  I hope you will appreciate this letter.  Make sure that you and Jesus are best friends.  Keep him in your heart forever if you already know him.  I think it is cool that we could talk.  Maybe we couldn’t talk in person, but this letter should be enough for you.  Don’t forget about God or Jesus.  Thanks a lot.


Lou Lou

Is Jesus your best friend?  If not, you can learn more about why Lou Lou hopes Jesus is your best friend HERE.

You can sponsor a child today with Compassion International HERE.

May we all grow to once again have faith like a child,

This weekend…

…I am headed to Savannah, Georgia to see this girl get married:

That’s me and my Big, also one of my faaaavorite Pi Phis, from my FRESHMAN YEAR at our very first Formal!!  Please note the amazing Pi Phi ice sculpture behind us.  Legit. Hah!

I am SO excited to spend this weekend with my sweet husband-to-be and some of my absolute favorite people from college, I can’t even tell you! My Lil’ Ave will be there too!  The Tar Heel and I won’t be getting a hotel for the wedding of course, we will be staying at our house!  Our houuuuse! Where I get to live soon! Yay!  How exciting. :)

Can’t wait to celebrate with these wonderful girls this weekend!  Hooray for weddings and best friends!

Heather and I in O’Lunney’s Pub in Times Square!

My Big Heather, My Little Ave, Me, and Kelly at Caffe Luna my junior year!