A Whole Lotta Happy

Not only is October the happiest time of year (to me anyway) but it is also the busiest!  This past weekend was the first weekend the Tar Heel came home to North Carolina to visit since leaving for school in early September.  So, it was a very busy one with lots to do and lots of people for him to see.  This whole weekend recap could probably take up about 3 posts, so I am just going to mention one of my favorite things from the weekend, a trip to the 2010 North Carolina State Fair!!  (Let’s be honest — NC State losing  to ECU wasn’t exactly a highlight for me, even though the hype and excitement BEFORE the game was a lot of fun!)

Moving right along.

I love the fair.  From the time I was a little girl, I loved going to the Wayne County Regional Fair (the largest county fair in North Carolina)  and once I moved to Raleigh for college, I fell in love with the State Fair and have attended every year since I was a freshman.  It is a staple in my life and something I cannot miss each glorious fall.  It was an exceptionally wonderful experience last year when the Tar Heel and I went to the State Fair together for the first time.  At  that time we were very quickly falling head over heels for each other, and the State Fair was a perfect backdrop.

Ever since the 2009 NC State Fair, I have been looking to obtain a copy of the marketing poster they used last year with the 2009 theme, “A Whole Lotta Happy” on it.   I wanted the poster to remember the first fair experience the Tar Heel and I had together, and because the motto is so dang good.

I search for months, and had zero success in obtaining this poster.

I was super excited this weekend when the Tar Heel came home with an early birthday present for me:  A canvas of the 2009 NC State Fair poster!!


I can’t believe he even remembered me mentioning that.  But he is GOOD like that!  And this poster is going to look great in our home in Savannah! :)

On to our 2010 State Fair Trip, in pictures:





This year they had a Chiquita Bananas booth.  You know we had to do this!

And for the record, our food consumption:  1 large sweet tea, 2 roasted ears of corn, 1 bbq sandwich, 2 hot dogs, 2 candy apples, 1 fried dough, 2 sodas, 2 fresh cut french fries, 1 fried snicker bar, 1/2 lb of peanut butter fudge….all delicious!

They said Yes!


The Bridal Party has been assembled!! Wooo hoooo!!! :) I have been soooooo anxious to ask my best girls to be my bridesmaids and stand beside me on the day I marry my Tar Heel, and everything went according to plan!  I mailed them each a copy of “The Bridesmaid Handbook” and a sweet note explaining why I love them and simply can’t marry the Tar Heel without them!  I loved receiving their excited calls when the packages finally arrived (it felt like eternity to me to have to wait and not just call them the instant I dropped them in the mail!)  and it was a really fun experience.  I can’t wait to share the rest of the wedding process with each of them!!!! :)

Over the next few weeks I am going to put together a post about each girl and provide background info about how we met, why I love her, and any other special or unique things our friendship has encountered over the years… Get ready girls. :) haha!  I promise the post will only be encouraging/good things, nothing incriminating… though I am sure we all have a fair amount of incriminating material on each other– but what good friendship doesn’t!? 

In other news, everything is slowly but surely coming together with the wedding and I am slowly but surely surviving living five hours away from the Tar Heel!!  Last weekend marked two weeks in a row that we hadn’t seen each other, which in reality isn’t very long… but boy did it feel like it!  Last Friday morning while sitting at work I had a mini-breakdown (very mini) but it was big enough to bring me to tears while sitting at my desk for NO apparent reason.  I got up and called the Tar Heel (who was still asleep) and he instantly offered to meet me half way so we could see each other for a little while.  I felt so much better after we decided to do that, so we made plans to meet in Florence, South Carolina. 

Florence is a lot like my hometown, small but not TOO small, with only shopping and food as entertainment.  We managed to eat a LOT and actually found some great antique shops and a tiny (TINY) fair that was in town.  We took some pictures using my new Holga app on my iPhone (Hippstamatic for you iPhone people out there) and it is the BEST APP of all time!  The pictures were awesome!  See?


We rounded out the weekend by seeing “The Social Network” and let me tell you, that movie is AMAZING!  I remember joining Facebook my freshman year, the same year it started, and NC State was one of only four or five schools in North Carolina that had it.  UNCW, the Tar Heel’s alma mater was not one of them! It has been interesting to see how this one aspect of our life  has changed every other aspect entirely. It literally changed the way we thought/acted/were because every part of our life could suddenly become privy to everyone in your “network.”  It changed recruitment, college life in general, and now since Facebook has expanded to everyone, it has changed daily life.  I am sure Mark Zuckerburg had NO IDEA what Facebook would ultimately end up being.  It was a great movie and really gave an awesome perspective on what Facebook was intended to be vs. what is now.  Go see it for yourself!


All of this wedding mumbo jumbo*** made me fail to mention one of the THE best days of the YEAR….  the first NCSU Football game!!

This is the first year in five years that I missed a little bit of this…

And some of this….

And the debut of this guy, “Tuffy” the new sideline mascot!

I love starting off the season with a W, and hope we have a lot more to come! And especially a W against those boys in baby blue (the ones that aren’t still under investigation, that is).   I loooove my Wolfpack!

Images from the first game against WCU (W: 48-7) all from here.

***To the Tar Heel: By “wedding mumbo jumbo” I meant the planning of the greatest day of my entire life — a day which will have feelings even better than those of beating UNC for the last three years combined! And you know how happy that makes me! :)