The whitest white girl ever

So last night was my first night of Zumba at Seaboard Fitness. Here are the things I loved most about Zumba:

1- FUN!

2- FAST!

3- SEXY!

Let me just  tell you,  I was NONE of those things during that class. It was so fast I could barely keep up with the choreography and I looked like the most awkward, whitest-white-girl-of-all-time. Fortunately the instructor, named Gigi, insisted that if it was anyone’s first time (ie: me!) that we should not look at ourselves in the mirror until at least the third session.  I have to say, it was so much fun and she insisted we do all the sexy hip shaking possible.  Since it was a class full of women I think she wanted us to really channel our inner Latina. :)  After the class Gigi told me I should definitely stick with it and I promised her I would go back next week.  Let’s just hope my hips find some rhythm before then! hah!

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