The stars.



This weekend was a strong contender for busiest and best of all time. In the past three short days I:

  1. tasted wine at A Southern Season
  2. had amazing sushi at Spice Street
  3. split a pitcher of Sky Blue Golden Ale at the Carolina Brewery
  4. received a dozen roses (see above).
  5. played disc golf  with Riley (and won of course)
  6. had amazing sushi at Sumo
  7. worshipped my wonderful Maker at Whitley Church.
  8. had specially designed Baby Shower Invitations made for Bobo and SIL!
  9. had some pretty amazing LifeChat.
  10. looked at the stars.

…all with the Tar Heel.

ps. More to come about the invitations. I am so excited to reveal their awesomeness once they have been mailed!