The bad blogger.


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I know when I first started reading blogs I instantly loved the blogs where a new post was waiting for me each morning during my daily blog check. All the others that were occasional posters or those that became occasional slowly made their way to the bottom of my list and into the category of “check once every few weeks so you actually have something new to read.”  I am well aware of my sporadic posting nature and I promise to get better about  this.  Suffice  to say, things have been a little hectic in my world and I have been pulled away from the obligations I truly love, like  telling  you all about my fabulous weekend (yet another!) with the Tar Heel, or the adorable decorations I’m planning for Bobo and SIL’s baby shower this weekend, or about the awesome new wedding photographer I found (Anna Kuperberg). The shot above is one of Anna’s and I think it is my favorite, like of all time.  I love how simple, yet beautiful it is. Maybe one reason I love it so much is because this shot came from a wedding that consisted of: the bride, the groom, the groom’s brother, a priest, and the San Francisco Court House.  I’ve always thought of that as such an appealing alternative to a huge wedding ceremony, because the intimacy of what is being done – the uniting of a man and woman before God -is sometimes lost in the jitters of having 500 pairs of eyes on the couple.   Alas, that is another post for another day.

I promise great updates and exciting posts in the near future. Pinky promise.


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Another awesome shot by the oh-so-talented Anna Kuperberg. Seriously go check out her blog, too. 

The 20.


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I love this list called  “20 Things To Do Before Getting Married.” Being me, I had to see how many of these I have accomplished, as if this could somehow measure my marital readiness. Not having a boyfriend? Small hiccup. I quickly realized I would fall pretty short using this measurement tool anyway. Regardless, I’m a total Type A and marking things off a To Do list makes me feel great. Here’s my best attempt.

1. Live by herself for at least a year.
2. Live with someone else for at least a year.

3. Recover from a broken heart.
4. Have a vacation fling.
5. Take a road-trip with a group of girlfriends.
6. Relish sleeping in a queen-sized bed by herself.
7. Get her finances in order.
8. Learn to love her body. (If I could make this more of a dashed or squiggly line, that’d probably be more accurate.)
9. Have sex with at least one person she’d never want to marry (or introduce to mom). (This one is marked off because I prefer not to play Russian Roulette with my life. )
10. Find reliable birth control. (AKA Abstinence)
11. Pay off as much credit card debt and student loans as possible.
12. Spend way too much on a something frivolous. (Or two frivolous somethings. Or three.)
13. Exorcise all past relationship demons.
14. Travel somewhere exotic.
15. Establish a strong circle of friends.
16. Forgive her parents for not being perfect.
17. Have at least one night she can’t quite remember.
18. Experience some really bad first dates.
19. Find hobbies that fulfill her.
20. Celebrate her 25th birthday.