This is an important post because what is about to be presented has never happened before.  I am not really known for my ability to keep plants alive.  In fact I’m probably more well known for my ability to kill plants.  When I saw these cute little plant growing kits all I could think about is how adorable they would be on my windowsill. I didn’t decide to actually purchase the kit until I read the words “Guaranteed to grow!”  After that I figured what the heck, and grabbed the grass growing egg and a purple pansy egg.

So here is the “Before” shot of my growing grass egg.

Next I tried to plant the pansy and this is what happened after attempting the very first instruction to “tap the top of the egg with a spoon and lightly crack open.”

So I gave up on that one.  But this minor setback did not deter my grass growing efforts.  And apparently all my hard work and natural born grass growing ability paid off because this little guy seems much happier with some “hair.”

Adorable. :)

Wedding update/mini-freakout of joy!

Well, I just got a wonderful little email and I simply HAD to share with you all that it is finally officially official – we booked the chapel and so our wedding will take place on March 19, 2011 at Kenan Chapel in Landfall in Wilmington, NC!


I am marrying my best friend and way better half in this gorgeous and perfectly quaint chapel (amazing photography by my all time faves Millie Holloman Photography). 

Uhm, I am EXCITED to say the least!!!!!!

Ok, mini-freakout out of joy complete.  :)

My new favorite letter is….


This weekend I received my first “G” gifts.  “G” being my new initial once the Tar Heel and I are married, of course.  The Tar Heel’s sweet Mama Kay bought me my very first G present, a gorrrrrgeous wine bottle stopper.  It is cut glass and so pretty!  My cousin Christina (that I saw for the first time in SIX long years this weekend) gave me a “G” pink and green bag, “G” tissues and a “G” badge reel for my new job at the hospital, but I am already using it because it is too cute to sit in my closet for months. :)

Also, thanks to everyone who commented on the last post about your planning tips.  I have signed up for theknot and their checklist is AWESOME! I was already overdue on 22 items, but no big! I am slowly checking things off.

I also discovered Style Me Pretty, specifically where you can create your own inspiration boards.  I am incredibly torn on the colors for our wedding.  I think the Tar Heel wants to go with whatever makes me happiest, but I love having his input too.  At first, I thought it would be Coral (my COLOR of the season.  I love all things coral right now. Its a strange obsession.) and light blue (in an around-about-color-range of Carolina blue… but I could never call it that. You know, what with being the Stately Lady and all…).  Sort of like this:

(These are my first attempts at putting together inspiration boards, don’t laugh!)

All images found via google search.  Bottom left corner image is  by the awesome Millie Holloman Photography.

But I bought a painting for the Tar Heel as part of his 6 month anniversary gift that we both fell in LOVE with, and we are seriously considering going with this color palette from the same print:

Sources: Center image, “Shrimp Cocktail” by Ortud K. Tyler found here, other images found from top left to right: Paratinovia, Paratinovia, Paratinovia, The Bride’s Cafe, Snippet & Ink, Style Me PrettySnippet & Ink,  Snippet & Ink, Snippet & Ink, Style Me Pretty, Snippet & Ink, Snippet & Ink

We are getting married in Wilmington, so both will include a beachy feel.  But I can’t decide between these two palettes–sweet and soft understated beach theme or bold and bright nautical theme?



One of my favorite cities quickly became my most favorite place in the world after my sweet Tar Heel asked me to marry him there in the most perfect and loving way.  It was so reflective of his love for me and our love for each other, and I could not have asked for anything better.  

I am still in the process of working on a post (most likely several) describing the proposal and the weekend, but it is so hard to find words to describe how it all felt.  Everything seems to fall short!  But I want to document this event for us and our future children (yay!) so it is in the works.

But first, a little preview.  In true Tar Heel fashion, a photographer was hired to take pictures of the entire proposal.  The proposal was a complete surprise to me.  Even though we have talked about knowing we were “the one” for each other since the beginning, I had no idea our engagement would happen this weekend, and knew nothing about the photographer and other details.  Here are a few shots to hold you over until I can finish my posts. :)

Blog magic

I wish I could say I were coherent enough at this point to write this post, but thanks entirely to the wonders of blog magic I am bringing this post to you from the future.  Or past. Or basically, I set this post to show up Friday night at midnight. Either way, I just wanted to share with you the results of a project from back in April that I just realized I never showed you! Remember this post?  Here is the final product. (Click to view larger)

This sequence of shots actually happened entirely by accident.  We weren’t going for this effect at all. But you know what they say about the best laid plans… So while we were testing the camera, I ran down from those steps to  the right and jumped into his arms and voilà!  The camera caught the whole thing.

We were planning for something more like us just walking toward each other, inspired  by this shot from Kelly Hornberger Photography (found via The Bride’s Cafe.)

The Tar Heel used his edit-savvy skills to produce the final result, and I happen to love it.  By the way, we took these pictures before the Tar Heel bought his new pair of flip flops for the warm weather.  After revisiting these pictures, I had to laugh.  I was still instantly drawn to his “niks” as he refers to them, and I still wish I could crop them right out!  If you’re my friend on facebook, I’m sure you remember that discussion. :) But that’s my sweet Tar Heel and I love him. Niks and all.