In 24 short hours…


…I’ll be preparing to have my wisdom teeth extraction.  Ugh.  I’m glad I’ve had a week to process the idea, because now my impatience has set in and I just want to get it over with.  This feeling is a lot better than the consistent thought that I might die! Also, the Tar Heel has repeatedly mentioned that he can’t wait to add new material to his photo blog after my surgery.  Great.  I’m glad someone finds so much joy in my misery. ;) Justttt kidding.   

I can’t wait to tell you all about a very important event taking place next week.  The only thing is I kind of have to keep it all under wraps until the end of the week.  Trust me, it is good news, blog friends (blends if you will)!  At least, I hope it will result in really good news…OK, are you annoyed by my secrecy yet?! Hehe.

Finally, I want to direct your attention to a recent post by one of my favorite bloggers in the whole blog world, Kelly at Kelly’s Korner.  She recently felt convicted to share a powerful profession of her faith in Jesus Christ and it really resonated with me.  It is an amazing post, and I hope you journey over to her blog and read it. God is SO GOOD! 

Competitive craze


This picture is from last fall when the Tar Heel and I took Riley to play disc golf. It not’s applicable to the post but it is cute.


What a rocky relationship we have.  All of my putt-putting skills must have left my body this weekend during what was arguably the most important sporting event taking place in the last three days. Never mind that silly little World cup or the never-ending NBA finals.  Nope, it was all about the Goldsboro location of Putt-putt that resulted in a bittersweet finish over two days of sweating bullets and hitting little round balls.  There were a few bad words tossed around, some club hits against the railing, and numerous angry eye stares.  Yes, the Tar Heel and I were battling it out for dinner.  Whoever lost had to cook a homemade meal for the victor.  And let’s be honest, clearly I didn’t really think the terms through all that well when I accepted them if I really  thought I would win. haha

What started out as an innocent attempt to find something fun to do after playing disc golf turned into a Tournament of champions. Or something like that.  Saturday night I lost by several strokes. No bueno.  Sunday night it was neck and neck for the latter of the 18 holes (the first 1-9 were no bueno for me either but I decided they didn’t count because the Tar Heel made me go first every time and that was clearly a curse).  We ultimately decided we tied because scores don’t matter that much unless I’m winning, which isn’t often. So we tied.  Don’t judge.

What oh what are we going to do when we have family game night?

Amy’s Wedding Part 2

Amy’s highly anticipated day had finally arrived.  And when I say finally, I mean it.  These two dated 8 years and were engaged for 1.5 years.  There is no other word to accurately describe that wait than finally! Alas, finally, it was here.  We started out the day bright and early at Salon 21for all of us girlies to get our hair done. Well, I retract the “bright” part.  That morning I woke up to an all-out thunderstorm, complete with torrential downpours and lightening.  In my mind, I couldn’t help but think, “Did God forget to give Amy a pretty day for her outdoor wedding?”  I mean she was blessed with the best family, friends and fiance you could ever ask for.  Can’t have it all I guess. ;) But I think God really meant for that wedding to take place at Caffe Luna.  It was a gorgeous ceremony, and Amy was so CALM! Literally, calm as a cucumber. :) She pretty much floated all morning.  She was the same sweet Amy that she always is.  I don’t think anyone has ever been more prepared to marry their best friend than this girl. 

We all made it back to the hotel to help Amy get ready and took lots of pictures with the AMAZING Rachel of Millie Holloman Photography.  I have to admit, I was SUPER bummed when Millie broke her ankle the week before Amy’s wedding and had to cancel personally shooting her wedding.  I had no doubts regarding Rachel’s ability to produce phenomenal photos like Millie, but I am a bit of a Millie fan and I was giddy with excitement to meet her.  Oh well. Hopefully one day I will get to meet her for my wedding. :)

We scooted off to Caffe Luna for the wedding and reception and everything went just perfectly.  Amy asked me to read a poem called “Advice from a Tree” during the ceremony and I was pretty nervous about that, but it went very well.  I was only nervous after talking to the Tar Heel who said “You know, this is their wedding and you’re speaking in it. There isn’t a practice round, you only get one good shot!”  Thanks, babe.

I cannot tell you all how much fun we had.  We all (all being me, the Tar Heel, Amy, Matthew, Amy’s sister Megan, Amy’s sister Megan’s boyfriend Taylor, Mindy and her husband Will) wore that dance floor out!! We were the only ones on the dance floor basically all night, with the exception of when the Tar Heel grabbed Mindy’s mom, Mrs. Becky out onto the floor.  It was so much fun, and their Rickshaw sparkler exit was a classic! 

I was so happy  to be a part of Amster’s day.  She has been such a wonderful friend to me over the years and I know there are no two people more perfectly matched for each other than Amy and Matthew.  I use to joke that if they couldn’t make it, absolutely no one else in the world could.  They completely complete each other. :)  So, here are some of my favorite pictures from the evening. (All photos taken by the Tar Heel with the exception of the last one of us, taken by Rachel of MHP)



Living well!

So I kinda threw it out there in my last post that this past Friday night was a LOT of fun. Afterall we did sleep in until 10:30AM Saturday morning, so it must have been a good night before, right?! Well, it certainly was. It was Tim-bo’s 50th Birthday Party! The Tar Heel’s sweet and beautiful momma, KSG, went ALL OUT for this party. I’m talking DJ, dance floor, food, drinks, and twinkle lights (my personal fave!). I cannot tell you how much fun I had with my Tar Heel and his sweet family that night. It was definitely an amazing night. The highlight of the evening for me was seeing Mema and Papa take to the dance floor getting down to the “Boots with the fur” song. Ha ha ha! Amazing. Getting ready for the party was a lot of fun too.   KSG asked me to make these really cute Cupcake picks that went along with the theme of the party, “Live Well.”  They turned out better than we imagined! KSG really thought of every detail, right down to the adorable koozies that said “Tim-bo is 50 and cleverly disguised as a responsible adult!” Haha I love that! :)

Here are a few photo collages I put together of the evening. I think pictures really do tell the best stories, especially for this particular night! Enjoy…





Washing a boat is hard work.

Me and my love, the Tar Heel

After sitting still for a long and cold winter, the Tar Heel’s dad’s boat was ready for its annual spring cleaning to get ready for the first fishing trip of the season. There was dirt, pollen, leaves, and muddy water littering the once-white floorboard of the boat. When the Tar Heel asked me to help him wash the boat this weekend, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Saturday was an exceptionally beautiful and warm (okay, HOT) day in eastern North Carolina. We slept in after a seriously fun night before (more on that later) and dragged ourselves to Bojangles around 11AM. One biscuit and a change into my bathing suit later, and we were finally ready to start washin’. Armed with a long brush, a short brush, water hose and a bucket full of suds, we started scrubbing. And scrubbing. And scrubbed some more! Most of the time we worked in silence, aside from singing along to the country music station and breaking into an impromptu dance here and there. Finally, a wonderful thought jumped into my heart and mind. I realized that 8 months ago I started finding myself driving an hour east every weekend to live out of a suitcase, in hopes of spending every moment possible with my sweet Tar Heel. In the early days, I literally brought every outfit and pair of shoes for any possible occasion. This was almost essential considering my weekends with the Tar Heel often involved anything from shooting shotguns to going out for nice dinners and spending time at church. Each of those things require specific attire and I never wanted to be without anything, so I brought everything. Each Sunday night I would find myself with the impossible task of leaving the arms of the man I had discovered was my missing half. Every time we did finally leave each other, the countdown until the weekend and our time together once more would begin again.
Now there I was, sweat dripping from the sun and scrubbing so hard, thinking about where we once were and where we are today. And my immediate thought was,

“This is so worth it.”

Every 2 hour drive there and back, every suitcase spilling over with clothes, every sleepy and hazed Monday morning, and every excitement-filled Friday afternoon was so worth it. Just so I could be here today, with my Tar Heel, the love of my life, cleaning that dirty boat.

Four hours and a sunburn later, we stepped back and looked at our sparkling white display of hard work and dedication. That boat looked brand new, and everytime we walked outside this weekend we stopped and said “That’s one good looking boat!” to each other.
I don’t claim to know a lot about life, but I do know that God’s timing is perfect in every way and if we can stand a little distance, overpacking and hard work, He will reward us with a love we cannot imagine.  As for the Tar Heel and me…. I cannot wait to look back at our lives together 60+ years from now to say to each other, “That’s one good looking life.”

On the boat we cleaned after it's last fishing trip of the year last October, my first time on the boat and the first time meeting the Tar Heel's family. It was the weekend that changed everything for me!

17″Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17