Two Sweet Months

2monthsMiss Emmy Mae is already two months old!  I can’t believe how fast time is flying by.  She had her two months visit today and we suffered through two more shots.  That was harder for me than her, I’m sure. Something about seeing her chubby little thighs being injected and her tiny little face all tear-filled and crying… breaks my heart!  BUT, evidence based medicine wins out on this one.

The past month has been one of fun and learning for this little one.  Her personality is shining through and getting brighter every single day!  She makes me laugh so much.  I am loving being her mom a little more every second.  This month she learned how to cry and get her way (already!).  She also has been doing great with tummy time and holding her head up a little longer on her own.  The BEST thing that happened this month…. her bright smile every time she sees me enter a room!  The Lord really knew what he was doing with that one.  There’s nothing like seeing your baby so happy to see you!  I have also enjoyed seeing her fascination with watching me talk.  She stares at my mouth as I talk to her about any and everything… and then she tries to get a little response out. It is adorable! She twists her tongue and contorts her mouth like she is trying so hard to say something back.  She can usually muster up a little “ahh” in response.

Also this month Miss Emmy went to college for the first time!  Well, in person, anyway.  She finally met all of my classmates at our clinical seminar day.  It was so exciting!  She stared at several of them as if to say, “something seems familiar about you…”  and I really believe she recognized their voices.  It was such an exciting day for the both of us. Everyone seemed so happy to meet her and just doted on her all day long.  It was so sweet :)

EM @ Two Months

Weight:     11lbs, 11oz (WAhoooo!!!)

Firsts: First full day away from mommy (stayed home with super dad!), met Santa, first responsive smiles, first visit to Campbell, and first college sporting event (Duke @ UNC football game – Pope Box tix!)

Sizes: Officially out of newborn, and in 3 months, though 3-6 month size is a little less snug than 3 months! Wearing Size 2 diapers (omg!).

Likes: Her PACI! Being held (always), baby einstein pandora station, mommy’s milk (drinking 4-6oz at each feeding now) and cuddling with mommy.

Dislikes: We aren’t a huge fan of tummy time, but it’s getting better every day!

collageClockwise from top left: Our bar sink is now “stocked” with breastfeeding supplies instead of alcohol, my adorable Gerber baby with her dried milk chin and ridiculously beautiful eyes, Emmy waving hello in her sweet cupcake sleeper, and finally the pouty lip of all pouty lips…this girl is going to be spoiled ROTTEN!

collage2Clockwise from top left: Getting ready to go to cousin Dane’s birthday party, Emmy sound asleep on her favorite spot: Granddaddy, Emmy at her first church service watching cousin Wilder sing Silent Night, and finally.. mommy and daddy got to get all dressed up for a night out at the Law Ball!


Clockwise from top left: An outtake with Granddaddy trying to make her smile, getting SO good at holding her head up!, at today’s visit just before her shots (:(), and finally…my girl has a big head. And that’s not surprising given how big her daddy’s head is. ;)

Merry Christmas! Love,


Emmy One Month (aka 6 weeks)

one month

This was supposed to be a one month post, but the weeks are just flying by and we are coming up on 6 weeks.  I can’t believe our sweet little angel has been with us for 6 weeks already!  She has already changed SO MUCH!  I have to say, as a “list maker”/OCD-type-A-person, having a newborn can be a very satisfying experience in some ways.  Not just for the reasons you would expect, but because I love taking her to the Peds office for check-ups to see how much she has grown.  Seeing her exponential growth each week is amazing! It is so rewarding to know she is gaining weight at an impressive rate due in part to the hard work I’ve put in with breast feeding. And when I say hard work, I really mean it.  It was never in question that I would try to breast feed my babies as long as I was able.  As a medical professional, I cannot “opt out” of breast feeding while fully understanding how important breast milk is to her development.  But I wish women were more open about how difficult it can be.  I had several issues in the beginning – I was extremely engorged and it was incredibly painful. I was also concerned because my supply was struggling following the c-section and I became neurotic about pumping every 2 hours to try and increase the supply. I was eating everything ginger I could find and taking supplements that made me smell like maple syrup (seriously).  All of this added to my exhaustion with taking care of a newborn. But the swelling and engorgement resolved, and Emmy and I are really getting the hang of it!  Thank goodness! Between breast feeding and supplementing when necessary, baby girl has never had an issue with weight gain and I am so thankful. We have a happy, beautiful, healthy baby girl and we could not ask for more.

EM @ One Month

Weight: 9lbs, 3oz

Firsts: Everything! Her first outing was to Babies-r-us on the way home from the hospital (seriously…) at 4 days old.  Her first smiles happened during the hospital as she was falling asleep.  She loved all the attention she received at Uncle Drake and Aunt-to-be Joanna’s bridal shower at 3 weeks. She took her first trip to Surf City at 5 weeks and she was a little doll the whole way.

Likes: Soft textures, Mamaroo, music, and bath time!  This girl loves the water. She is definitely a water baby, just like her daddy.

Sizes:  Newborn and some small 3 months. Size 1 diapers.

Our Day: Emmy still refuses to go to sleep after her 10pm feeding, so she stays awake fighting sleep until 12-1am. She eats then and will generally stay asleep until 5am or sometimes 6. She even slept until 7AM one day and I was so worried I checked on her every hour until she woke herself up. I will then feed her again and we snuggle until we both fall back asleep until 9 or 10am. She eats again, I put her back to sleep and then hop in the shower. She eats again (she does that a lotJ) around 1pm and we play after. We may run an errand or two. We come back by 3:30 and my mom comes over to help until the Tar Heel comes home around 7pm.  And the cycle continues J

Sweet memories:  Emmy was delivered via c-section.  I was terrified during my surgery. The spinal tap caused me to shake uncontrollably and I was horrified at being awake and on an operating table (ironic, since I also knew how unfounded my fear was). All of that went away the moment my surgeon held her over the curtain and I could see her and hear her crying (screaming!).  She had an incredible set of lungs. I will never forget that she cried the entire time they cleaned her, and up until the moment they placed her by my face and I was able to say “hello” and give her a kiss.  The moment she heard my voice she stopped crying.  It was the sweetest! I knew I was a mom at that moment. Only mommies have the ability to calm a crying baby with just one tiny word.    She had the softest cheeks and I loved holding her close. She made sweet, tiny noises that reminded me of a kitten.  Within a few days her tiny kitten noises began to rival that of a full grown man (the belches she releases from her itty bitty body continue to amaze me!).  I also love the way she makes the sweetest little laughing/neighing noise. I have been trying so hard to get it on video but no luck yet. She is just adorable. There are a thousand other memories I could write about but it has taken me all day to write this one post.  Guess that’s the new normal with a precious little blessing!

Clockwise from top left: My view of Emmy on the day she was born getting skin-to-skin time under my hospital gown, getting burped by daddy at 2 days old, headed home from the hospital, and at her first in-hospital photoshoot.
Clockwise from top left: My view of Emmy on the day she was born sleeping on my chest, getting burped by daddy at 2 days old, headed home from the hospital, and at her first in-hospital photoshoot.
An exhausted daddy feeding baby Emmy in an nontraditional way, Emmy getting her nails done for the first time, my beautiful little baby on Halloween, and my sleeping beauty during one of her early morning naps.
SCAD re-posted an IG pic of Emmy in her bee costume, Emmy sleeping on daddy, Emmy at her first visit to Surf City, and Emmy at the bridal shower
SCAD re-posted an IG pic of Emmy in her bee costume, Emmy sleeping on daddy, Emmy at her first visit to Surf City, and Emmy at the bridal shower




Well she’s here!  Been here for almost 3 weeks, to be exact.  I can’t  believe how much our lives can change in just three weeks. But we have really loved getting to know the little person we made together.  She is perfect in every way.  She makes  the sweetest noises, hilarious faces, and is such a little cuddle bug. She loves being held.  Even the lactation consultant at our peds office fell in love with her because when she went to weigh her, she snuggled right up under her neck and settled in for a nap.  So sweet.  She is the best little baby we could ever ask for her and I am still in awe that the Lord gave her to us.  I will never understand how he could trust US with something so wonderfully perfect.  We are bound to screw it all up.  But we keep praying for guidance and wisdom and somehow the Lord provides us with exactly what we need to know to keep her safe, healthy, and happy.  We are blessed beyond words.

Born October 17, 2013 at 10:30 AM weighing 7 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long with a full head of black hair.  She is so beautiful!