We’re the Red and White from State!

The Tar Heel and I have a wedding-related event coming up soon and we had a little photo shoot for it at  two of our favorite places in the whole world this past weekend (told you this weekend could take up 3 or more posts!).  I don’t want to spill the beans just yet, but as soon as the invitations go out I will be posting a copy and the full photo shoot, so hold tight for just a few more weeks. :)  Until then, I have a little preview shot.  I bet you can guess where our 2nd location was just from this picture…. but I’m not confirming/denying any guesses! :)

I LOVE the fun/creative/silly things we get to do together for the planning of the wedding and wedding related events.  I have this thing where when I am first getting to know someone, I like to ask random questions to kind of break the ice and find out a little bit about the person.  For example, when the Tar Heel and I went fishing for the first time last October, we had a lot of time to just sit and talk.  So I asked him what his favorite childhood memory was.  I also asked him if money was not an issue, what would he want to do (career-wise) and why?  If you don’t currently do this, or something like this, I would encourage you to try it (when the opportunity is right–don’t make it super awkward!)  because you can find out SO MUCH about people and where they come from–you know, their “story”–just by asking a few simple questions.  I always tell everyone that if I could “be” anything I wanted, I would be a cake decorator.  I think I’m going to start telling people I would be a wedding planner! 

Love this shot, love my wolfpack, and Love My TAR HEEL!



All of this wedding mumbo jumbo*** made me fail to mention one of the THE best days of the YEAR….  the first NCSU Football game!!

This is the first year in five years that I missed a little bit of this…

And some of this….

And the debut of this guy, “Tuffy” the new sideline mascot!

I love starting off the season with a W, and hope we have a lot more to come! And especially a W against those boys in baby blue (the ones that aren’t still under investigation, that is).   I loooove my Wolfpack!

Images from the first game against WCU (W: 48-7) all from here.

***To the Tar Heel: By “wedding mumbo jumbo” I meant the planning of the greatest day of my entire life — a day which will have feelings even better than those of beating UNC for the last three years combined! And you know how happy that makes me! :)

The champ!

Sooo, the Tar Heel won third in the First Annual Wolfpack Classic Racquetball Tournament! Woo hoo! My boyfriend is Award-Winning :) haha. And I can’t forget to include how much I LOVE the fact that he now has a NC State t-shirt AND a NCSU medal! Yes!!!

The Tar Heel and I had a fabulous weekend together. Somehow we managed to pack the tournament, a wine tasting at Chatham Hill Winery (Hello, best Pinot Grigio I’ve ever had!), dinner/dessert with KSG and TimBo, shopping, church, and a walk over the Parkway pedestrian bridge — all into one amazing weekend!

Here are some snapshots of  our adventures…**Disclaimer: All of these pictures were taken via iPhone.  Sorry for the poor quality!**


After the tournament ended, we decided to  go for a walk over the House Creek Greenway pedestrian bridge (longest in NC!). We parked at the NC Museum of Art and walked approximately a mile to get to the bridge itself, which crosses over I-440 — a very busy interstate in Raleigh! The weather during our walk was really crazy– drizzly and cold one minute, mild and pretty the next. Typical NC weather!

Here I am on our way to the bridge. Nevermind that we were trekking out on a closed trail. I knew the way…mostly!

And here is “Rocky” as we approached the bridge…

Once we made it to the top, we did our usual happy dance and gave each other a big hug. Man, talk about some HORN HONKING! It wouldn’t stop the whole time we were up there! It just made the whole experience so much more exciting and memorable.

 Finally, don’t forget to pick up your puppy poo! The Tar Heel and I thought this was a highly entertaining way to encourage proper puppy etiquette. :)

A quick rundown

Here’s a little glimpse into my life from this week and for the next 72 hours.

1) I Worked 4, 10-hour-days straight this week. (Monday-Thursday)
2) I’m taking my final FINAL of Grad school tonight at 6PM. Bring IT, Research Project!!
3) I get to cheer on the TAR HEEL at his first Racquetball Tournament this weekend! Get this, it’s the first annual WOLFPACK CLASSIC. I’m loving the irony of it all.

4) I’m taking off this Friday to relax with the Tar Heel before said tournament.
5) I hope to actually adhere to this Nutrisystem diet for a change this weekend. I have a feeling it won’t happen, but one can hope!
6) Did I mention I am taking my final final tonight? Yay :)
7) I am taking ABSolutions at Seaboard Fitness with Jojo for the second week in a row. It KICKED my butt (actually, my abs would be a more accurate statement) and I LOVED IT! I can’t wait for my next session this Friday.
8) Since we will already be on campus for the tournament, I am taking the Tar Heel around to my favorite places at NCSU and to the library, where I lived most of the time. D.H. Hill isn’t exactly like most campus libraries, though. And those chocolate chip muffins from Hill of Beans! Well, needless to say I can hardly wait for my mini tour with the Tar Heel. :)
9) I am going bathing suit shopping. Ugh! At least I purchased this amazing cover-up last week from Venus!

The fun stuff

Whew…what a weekend! It was so amazing, again.  I am at the point in my life where I feel it is important for me to continually remember to give thanks to the Lord for how blessed my life is. The past year has been a pivotal one for me, and I feel like I have grown so much.   I now know how I want things to go for my life, but the trick is to be sure its what God wants for me. I think Pastor Ferrell said it best when he told us that “God’s will is what we would choose for ourselves if we had the good sense to choose it.”  Previous experiences have shown that I don’t always make the best decisions and God has had to redirect my path, but I am trusting in Him and praying continually over this. After having my heart crushed, overcoming it, growing from it, and now being lucky enough to find love again, it is hard NOT to always feel elated about my life! But I know that no matter what, as long as I am steadfast in my pursuit of God’s purpose for my life everything will work out just fine. B T Dub, (btw, get it?) I didn’t mean for this post to get heavy. But sometimes you just have to lay it all out  there. :) Here’s the fun stuff I meant to mention at the beginning…

Friday night: Girl’s night! First, the NCSU School of Design Senior project fashion show featuring our very own BK Erb! She did amazing, of course, as proven by her 2nd place finish. One of my favorite designs of the night (before my camera died, before Erb’s designs :( ) I wanted to take this outfit home with me!

Fashion show

Before the show – Cat, me, Elisabeth.

Fashion Show 1

Then we headed to Sitti for dinner – my first Lebanese food experience. It was pretty good, but super garlic-y. Saturday the Tar Heel and I had lunch with the two lovebirds–Lil and Grant.  They are so cute and “old married couple-ish” ;) I love it! We watched the Tar Heels lose to Kentucky, which was not so fun for the boys (both Tar Heel fans!) but they managed to keep a smile during lunch. Saturday night we headed home and to an oyster roast with the Tar Heel’s family. It was so much fun – despite (or because?) of the super cold weather, and our amazing flip cup talents.  The Tar Heel is a lot better than I am, and we had a great time competing against each other, as always. But I redeemed myself on Sunday after church and lunch when we went shooting skeet.  We’ve gone shooting 4 or 5 times together and each time I get a lot better. Yesterday was a great day for me! I shot my first double in only 2 rounds (something the Tar Heel didn’t do…hehe) Here’s a pic of me lining up my shot.


Isn’t it fabulous that Southern women can go  to a fashion show one night and show up their boyfriends shooting skeet the next? We are truly a special kind. :)