An Open Letter

Dear North Carolina,

I have loved living among your pine trees, crystal coast, and beautiful mountains for nearly 25 years now.  You are home to some of my favorite places/things; namely, the NCSU Wolfpack, Wilmington (where I am getting married even), the Biltmore, Wilbur’s BBQ, and the NC State Fair. I always feel a sense of love and home whenever I cross the State Line when returning from a trip.  However, this was not the case yesterday.  You see, I left my most favorite part of North Carolina, my sweet Tar Heel, behind yesterday in Georgia.  Yes, Georgia.  You may have heard of it.  For some reason you and Georgia are a  solid 6 hour drive apart.  This is no bueno.  A six hour drive does not allow me to run home and make a quick dinner for us to share in-between classes and work.  A six hour drive does not allow me to check on the Tar Heel before I leave for work to make sure he gets up on time.  A six hour drive does not allow me to spend  the evening watching American Pickers or some other show I always pretend not to like snuggled up next to my sweet fiance. 

So, I guess there is really only one thing left for me to do: Move to Georgia.   I love you NC, but I love my Tar Heel waaaaaaay more. See ya in 2-3 years.


The NC StatelyLady



My wisdom teeth…”situation.” Labeled and color coded just for you.

Things are about to get real crazy in the life of the Stately Lady.  This weekend I have to finish writing my personal statement for an application I’m submitting June 15 (that’s next Tuesday…) and then start/finish working on a 10-page paper draft for my seminar class due on the following Monday.  Normally I wouldn’t really put  that much effort into something due a week away, at least I certainly wouldn’t finish it a week early.  But I am being left with no choice because yesterday I found out I’m having all four of my wisdom teeth extracted on the Friday before it is due. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I.Am.Terrified!

First of all, I don’t have any major dental issues and I’m not scared of the fact that it is a dental procedure.  Maybe I should be, given  that my wisdom teeth situation is a little uhm, odd. For starters, my facial nerve (CNVII) is hanging out right on top (or behind, they don’t know yet)  of my wisdom teeth. So, what happens if they damage this nerve? Potential permanent loss of feeling in my lip, chin and some taste.  WHAT?!  But I am actually more afraid of being put to sleep for the first time, and not knowing how my body will react to the anesthesia.  I know these people do this every day.  I knowthey are trained and well prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.  I am just concerned I will be one of the unlucky few who really don’t handle it well.  I was so concerned at my consultation with the DDS (who is also a MD and PA…yes I am a credentials snob and therefore feel a little better) that he went ahead and wrote me a rx for Valium to take the night before/morning of. Great. I am that girl.  And to add to my worries, I’ve never taken any anti-anxiety meds either so what if I have a bad reaction to the Valium?!  Oh, this is going to be bad. Isn’t this crazy irony that I love all things related to medications/the medical field, yet not when any of it applies to ME? Not fair.

The cherry on  top of my already horrible situation is really the excessive amount of money I’m about to drop on this surgery.  UGH. Boo. Hiss. No fun.

Fortunately the Tar Heel is taking me for the extraction and my mom will be there as well.  And they will send me home with Goodberry’s.  So it isn’t all terrible, really. And maybe I’ll get some great stories out of the crazy things I say?? Oh well.  Here’s to looking for the upside!

One for the record books.

Yesterday was pretty much one of the worst days of my life.  I am fortunate that no irreparable damage was done in my life, but boy was it just a BAD DAY!  E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g went wrong yesterday.  It was Murphy’s Law x30! Horrible day at work, uncomfortable experience getting a manicure/pedicure (how is this possible you ask? I am still trying to figure out what happened exactly. It did involve my manicurist telling me she wants to marry either a boy or a girl, she wasn’t sure which. I’m leaving it at that.) and the worst experience of my LIFE in a Target parking lot! I didn’t even make it in to the store I was so annoyed! Basically, a car stole my parking spot and made obscene gestures because they are doing construction in the parking lot and they were driving down the row the wrong way. Long story. I am trying  to forget it.

In a nut shell, an overall bad day.  It literally had me on my knees praying for a better day last night.  I haven’t done that in a while, I normally pray just before bed while at my desk.  Maybe I just needed to physically and emotionally lay my life down and give it all to God.  Actually, that is exactly what I needed to do considering I woke up feeling refreshed, in love with life, and ready to take on the day.  It was wonderful. Thank you, Lord. :)

And I am glad today started off on such a better foot given that it is WEDDING WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Amster is getting married this weekend, and she has every moment of the weekend planned out down to 15-minute increments. Literally, I have an itinerary.  I LOVE THIS GIRL! :) And I can’t wait to share every second with you in my weekend wrap-up post on Monday. Hopefully we will have lots of pretty pictures to share, too!

Finally, since I just couldn’t have a post without a picture, here is my favorite shot from last weekend’s fishing adventure.  I love my pink fishing rod so much! I have the best boyfriend in the entire world! No really. I do. I love you Tar Heel! :)

Lost Locks

Yesterday was a traumatic day for me.  I have been trying to grow my hair out long for nearly 2 years now.  In college I sported the “Raleigh Bob” all four years plus one year of grad school.  While I still love the Bob look, I missed the dramatic flair of long and flowing locks. And my hair grows s-l-o-w.  I’m talking hair cuts only twice a year, slow.  Yesterday was the first hair cut of this year and she chopped ~2 inches from my poor hair.  I was devastated. I know its just hair. I know it will grow back (very slowly).  I know there are people in this world that lost limbs yesterday (thanks for the reality check, Erin). But I still broke down into tears after walking out of the salon.  What is it about us girls and our hair? Fortunately, I can still pull back all of my hair into a super cute low pony AND the stylist fixed my messy side swept bangs. I guess there is always a silver lining.

The only thing that has made me truly happy was fleeing to the arms of my Tar Heel who was sweet enough to add “And give Regina confidence about her hair” into our dinner blessing last night. And he reassurred me at least 100 times that I do not, in fact, look like a boy and that they really didn’t cut that much hair. 

My mom’s advice? “Oh honey, at least you got it cut on a Growing Moon.”

WHAT? What is a “growing moon”?  Whatever it is, if it makes my hair grow faster then, yeah, I am glad I got it cut on a Growing Moon.  Jeez, I am such a girl.