Texas Toast…?

Being from Eastern North Carolina, and specifically from the home of Wilber’s Barbecue, I believe there must be a universal rule against serving Pulled pork “Barbecue”  with anything other than Hushpuppies or Cornbread sticks.

Seriously, it just ain’t right.

Go here to learn all about the institution we call Wilber’s.  Many a politician (albeit, democrat), and other celebrities have enjoyed the fine culinary delights of this vinegar based chopped pork and HUSHPUPPIES at our famed Wilber’s.  And it is something I miss more than anything else back home!

I would also like to take this opportunity to personally issue a dare to one “Mr. Bobby Flay” to challenge a throw-down against Mr. Shirley’s chopped pork recipe.  If I were a betting girl, I’d risk it all on Wilber Shirley.  Seriously, if you are ever headed 70 East in North Carolina,  you MUST stop by!