Catching Up

Well, that was fast!  I can’t believe nearly two months have passed since my last blog post.  So much has happened in just two months. Most importantly, I have officially completed my first semester of PA school. (YAY!)

With the semester end came a lot of catching up. Catching up on sleeping, eating, sleeping, crafting, sleeping, shopping, sleeping…. did I mention sleeping?  The last two weeks of school we packed 8 final exams into 9 school days.  THAT was crazy. My days consisted of waking up around 5:45 am, driving to school and studying until the exam at 9:00, taking the exam until 10:00, then driving back home to nap and eat lunch, then studying from 1:00pm to 1:00am.  And Repeat.

Needless to say, I was looking forward to our long break so I could finally get some sleep and lead a “normal person” life again.  PA school has really changed my priorities, some for the better and some maybe not so much. We have a floor mat in our break room at school that says “Study. Sleep. Repeat.”  It is so true. I have been pretty out of the loop on current events, life in general…basically anything not related to school.  This was mostly out of necessity, as any extra “superfluous” information simply could NOT find a home in my brain. No chance.

A few fun things have happened over the last 2 months and since break started.  We celebrated my 27th birthday, the Stately Lady blog turned 3 on November 2nd, two of our sweet friends got ENGAGED (Elisabeth & Tyler and Melissa & Andrew!!), celebrated Thanksgiving, among other great things. More than anything I have been looking forward to today when my sweet Tar Heel finished up work at the office and began his Christmas vacation.  Now we can wrap up our Christmas shopping.  (Finally!!)

Here are a few shots from the last few weeks. Enjoy!

I am glad he is mine :)

Skeet shooting on Thanksgiving – a tradition four years and counting.

The Christmas mantel is coming along, and my favorite new ornament from my MIL!  My CU PA mug kept me going during finals, plus these amazing sunrises on the way to school (at an i’m-up-way-too-early-hour…)

My boys checking out the train going around the tree. A little light reading over the holidays and a preview of my Christmas craft gift tags.

Headed to our Tacky sweater Christmas party.  Dustin getting the truck prepped for the tree and my little tiny Christmas card tree is filling up fast!

Happy Halloween

I remember the morning of my interview for PA school very well.  The Tar Heel was there and when we walked in we were given a packet of information including our agenda and the breakdown of our interview groups and the names of our interviewers.  My name was listed under “Christopher Stewart, MD – PA Program Medical Director.”

My first thought was “Oh God, an interview with the Medical Director!?” My next thought was interrupted by Dustin saying “It’s OK, he graduated from Brody!!” My husband was clearly better at making decisions at that moment than myself as he was already googling my interviewer to help me prepare for my upcoming interview. I was instantly relieved to find out he went to the Brody School of Medicine at ECU, which is where I had just completed my first clinical position as a Research Assistant to one of the most successful and most celebrated Bariatric surgeons in the field. Of course, I hoped my time at Dr. Stewart’s Alma Mater would bode well with him and give me a slight advantage even if only by association.

About an hour later I walked into Dr. Stewart’s office, introduced myself and took a seat. His first question to me?

“So, Dr. Pories is still working at Brody? You know, he was my Attending….”

Cue internal “YAY!”

We went on to have a great discussion about one of the best physicians we know and we have had quite a few great conversations since.  As a student of the program, I love Dr. Stewart’s compassionate and realistic approach to medicine and his exceptional teaching style.

In fact, we ALL love Dr. Stewart and are grateful to have him as our Medical Director and a member of the teaching faculty.  To show our appreciation, we decided to dress up like him for Halloween.  The look on his face when he walked in and saw all of the “Dr. Stewart”s in the classroom was PRICELESS. He said we made his year.  I guess it really is true that imitation is the highest form of flattery!

Christopher Stewart, MD(s)

I love my fun little PA family!

Fall Break

Can’t believe it is already Oct. 26th (the eve of my 27th birthday). Where did this semester go?

Yesterday we had an anatomy test at 8am and 2 hours/100 questions on Endocrine, Digestion, Reproduction and the Urinary system later,  my brain is STILL trying to recover.  So here goes my post on Fall Break…two weeks later. What can I say, It is what it is, people!

Thursday, aka Fall Break Day 1:

  • Early morning manicure with my sweet PA friend, Alex, where we chatted all about her engagement shoot that was happening that weekend in Asheville (which turned out AMAZING by the way!)
  • Lunch with my BFF Erin at Cafe Cattura and dessert at Sugarland in Cameron Village, aka my Happy Place!
  • Farm Worker’s Clinic with one of my PA school instructors.  This was an awesome experience for me. I got to do my first breast exam on a patient, saw a gentleman who decided to remove his own cast after breaking his ankle because he wanted to make sure his “meat was growing back with the bone” along with some other fairly awesome cases…all in SPANISH! I left the clinic with a renewed hope of becoming fluent in Spanish AND a bit of an obsession with the idea of doing a Spanish medical immersion program. But, I have to get my degree first so no carts before the horse.

Friday, aka Fall Break Day 2:

  • The Tar Heel took the day off so we got to spend an entire weekday together!! It was amazing!  I cannot tell you how much I have missed him during this little “venture” into PA school. We’ve had to do a lot of adjusting and sacrificing of time for each other so it was nice to just “be” for one day. We had no agenda, no plans and total relaxation. We ended up relaxing the whole day and rounding out the evening with seeing Old Habits play downtown at 42nd Street Oyster Bar.  My lil Ave and her husband, Grant, made an appearance and so did Erin and her beau, Sammy.  It was a LOT of fun. So much fun I forgot how long it has been since I was able to enjoy a glass of wine and boy did I make up for lost time that night.  But I had the BEST time with my girls. True friends are really priceless.

Saturday, aka Fall Break Day 3:

  • Recovered from Fall Break Day (night) 2.
  • Made a spontaneous decision to go to Naylor Family Farms with Riley and the Tar Heel where we experienced the Corn Maze, picked a couple of pumpkins and went on a hay ride. The Tar Heel also insisted on taking Riley down two giant slides and he actually LOVED it. Me on the other hand — I was a basket case thinking Riley was going to try and jump off or get hurt.  I am already nervous thinking about our kids and their destiny of shenanigans given their father’s adventurous childhood… eeek!! Glad that’s far away :)

Sunday, aka Fall Break Day 4:

  • Went to an awesome church service at Hope Community Church – Holly Springs campus!!
  • Relaxed a bit more….
  • ….and finally said goodbye to Fall Break and wound up studying for my Pharmacotherapeutics test the following Tuesday. All good things must come to an end!

We let Riley Roo lead the way.  He got us lost. A lot…

Had to throw in the last few pictures from our State Fair trip… oh my goodness we had so much fun. Even though it didn’t happen over Fall Break I just had to include these pics :)


1.  I got bangs and “copper” low-lights. I’m channeling my inner Zooey Deschanel. So far I love it!

Me and the hubs at the Tar Heel’s cousin’s baby shower. We can’t WAIT to meet Baby Pearson!! (FYI: those are little red elephants on my shirt. Just doing my part spreading the news about the impending election without jamming political propaganda down everyone’s throat. And who doesn’t love little elephants? just sayin.)

2. Fall Break is only 2 days away.  It could not get here faster. My big Fall Break plans? “Catching up” on studying/school work, several small crafty projects and FINALLY breaking out my fall decorations (which may stay up until December 20-ish). PLUS we are going to the…. STATE FAIR!!!!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER OF  THE YEAR!!! And we are going TWICE this year since we also got tickets for the Corey Smith show :) woot!

Part of last year’s fall decorations (in Savannah :( !!).

3. NC State upset #3 FSU on Saturday and I had to watch from my couch while I was sick with a cold and double ear infections (fun!).  It was a GREAT game and Dustin and I were both standing up in shock watching the last minute of the game. Amazing amazing game – so proud of my boys and HENCE Why NC State was named the NATIONAL TEAM OF THE WEEK. Can I just say that beating FSU has always held fond memories for me. In 2005 I went to the NCSU at FSU game which wasgreat 1) because we won and 2) because it was my first experience at a college football stadium other than Carter-Finley.  Despite ridiculous amounts of heckling by FSU fans, we had so much fun .  In 2006 I was at Carter-Finley as we beat FSU when we scored in the last quarter on a beautiful touchdown pass by Daniel Evans.  I think that game was the beginning of the “Daniel Evans” chants.  I am so proud to be a member of the Wolfpack, especially when we beat those ‘NOLES! :)

Photo courtesy of
I LOVE me some TO’B!!
Image courtesy of

4. I’m watching Long Island Medium shows I dvr’d (while simultaneously avoiding studying my genetics test Wednesday) and I freaking love this woman.

5. This week is national PA Week! Thank a PA this week :)



So this is kinda cool…

…and I may be a celebrity in my own (tiny/microscopic/cellular level small more like nano level small) way.


For the record, I was sitting in the front row at the White Coat ceremony so I was an easy target in my Red dress (yes, naturally, had to represent my Stately-ness).  I was looking up to the spot where my family sat last year for my graduation ceremony and again this year for  my white coat.  I was also tearing-up a little seeing them up there, which explains the weird happy/sad smile I had going on.  I couldn’t help but think about how very proud my Mama would be, knowing she was watching from the best seat of the house with Mr. Tim.  It was a memorable moment for me…and now one I get to share with everyone who visits the Campbell website! (At least for a few days, anyway).

Hope that smile sticks after my first OSCE tomorrow and 2nd test of the semester.  Eeek! Back to studying!