Busy as a BEE

One year ago this month, I agreed to meet the Tar Heel for lunch after running into each other at church and exchanging emails.  We went to 42nd Street Oyster Bar, one of my favorite spots in Raleigh, and it was so great to see him again and spend the time catching up over the past year.  The majority of the time we talked about our goals,  and he talked a lot about this school in Georgia called SCAD.  I had heard about SCAD a few times before, and all I really knew was that it was a super elite school and one where many of the most talented artists of our time have attended. His face absolutely lit up talking about this place.  And I was ecstatic to see him so focused on meeting this goal.

After that lunch, our relationship started to build slowly but surely.  I kept asking him “You’re still going to SCAD, right?” and he always responded with a half-hearted response. One night when he was dropping me off at my house,  he finally confessed that he decided he probably wouldn’t go to SCAD because he couldn’t bare the thought of being 6 hours away from me or asking me to move my entire life for him.  

Well, this just wasn’t ok with me!  The idea that someone so talented with so much potential for greatness would toss that opportunity away over me just would not do.  It took several weeks of convincing him that I loved the idea of moving to Savannah, despite having no family or support system there.  We definitely realized what an awesome opportunity it would be when we visited SCAD in February to check out his MFA program and see the campus.  We had an amazing time, and kept feeling like this is where God was taking our relationship.  The faculty we met with were in awe over the Tar Heel’s demo reel, and I thought I was going to absolutely burst with pride the entire time.  And honestly, I wasn’t surprised in the least by their response. He has such a God-given talent and I am constantly amazed by what he can do!

I am so happy to report that recently our little lives have been falling easily into place together and one major domino for us fell last weekend when he got the call saying he was accepted to SCAD!! I have never been so proud! I am so excited that he is getting this chance to perfect his art and take his profession to the next level.  Now that I just started my new job, we have lots of prayerful decisions to make about moving together, or just waiting until the wedding (which is probably going to be in March now!).  Who knows! But for now, I am so happy to be a part of this exciting time in the Tar Heel’s life.  Congratulations baby babe, I am so happy you are finally getting this opportunity and I can’t wait to see where it takes us in life! :)


The Savannah pics

I just realized I never posted the pictures from Savannah that the Tar Heel finally sent to me. ;)  Here are some of my favorite shots.  Also, HAPPY FRIDAY!!


I believe this is the worst picture of all time of me. But the Tar Heel insists it makes me more relatable to my readers. But we all know I have beautiful readers and I’m sure none of you have a picture this terrible of you! :)

The Tar Heel driving and dancing. We all do it. Don’t judge.















The trip

Ok, so most of you assumed correctly that we headed to Savannah, GA this past weekend.  I am happy to report that it went AMAZING!  The Tar Heel and I had a great time and learned a lot which is why we made the trip in the first place.  We are both very excited about it all :)

We did have some time to do some fun things, despite the dreary weather all weekend long.  The Tar Heel has been itching to shoot a timelapse with his new camera for a while now.  I was pretty excited, too, because I think they are really neat to watch. Especially when set to the right music! The process, however, was a bit of trial and error.  Setting up the camera in the car and stuffing luggage against the tripod, for example, doesn’t do  the best job at stabalizing the camera.  This may and by may, I mean most definitely will result in hearing a lot of  “Regina!!! THE TIME LAPSE!!” from the Tar Heel when taking a curve at a normal speed rather than a super slow snail speed to avoid a camera tumble.  Regardless, we were both proud of the finished product.  And I contributed because I drove for most of it and picked the song. :)

Driving Time Lapse – SC to Raleigh in a Minute 40 from dustin gurley on Vimeo.