Lost Locks

Yesterday was a traumatic day for me.  I have been trying to grow my hair out long for nearly 2 years now.  In college I sported the “Raleigh Bob” all four years plus one year of grad school.  While I still love the Bob look, I missed the dramatic flair of long and flowing locks. And my hair grows s-l-o-w.  I’m talking hair cuts only twice a year, slow.  Yesterday was the first hair cut of this year and she chopped ~2 inches from my poor hair.  I was devastated. I know its just hair. I know it will grow back (very slowly).  I know there are people in this world that lost limbs yesterday (thanks for the reality check, Erin). But I still broke down into tears after walking out of the salon.  What is it about us girls and our hair? Fortunately, I can still pull back all of my hair into a super cute low pony AND the stylist fixed my messy side swept bangs. I guess there is always a silver lining.

The only thing that has made me truly happy was fleeing to the arms of my Tar Heel who was sweet enough to add “And give Regina confidence about her hair” into our dinner blessing last night. And he reassurred me at least 100 times that I do not, in fact, look like a boy and that they really didn’t cut that much hair. 

My mom’s advice? “Oh honey, at least you got it cut on a Growing Moon.”

WHAT? What is a “growing moon”?  Whatever it is, if it makes my hair grow faster then, yeah, I am glad I got it cut on a Growing Moon.  Jeez, I am such a girl.

Easter 2010

My weekend in a brief equation.

Amazing worship services at The Bridge and WC’s The Cross and The Crown drama


Yummy turkey with all the sides lunch at my parent’s house with the Tar Heel, Bobo, SIL and Baby Dane


Yummy fish fry at the Tar Heel’s Mema and Papa’s house with his sweet family


An Easter egg hunt!!


Meeting my best friend Spinner at Sonic for a chocolate milkshake and life chat


A hilarious new video


Wrapping up three glorious days with porch swinging while watching the sun set with my love


One fun weekend!

I am sad it is over and exhausted (and probably 5lbs heavier!) but it was all worth it.  Let the warm weather, flip flops and sundress season commence! I Loooove the Springtime :)

Images from here, here, here, here, here and here.

Thank goodness for best friends…

…because they know how to make you feel a lot better about yourself when you may not deserve it.

As an example,  I give you a gChat discussion:

The Stately Lady’s gChat status: So what if I picked out all the pink, red and grape starburst jelly beans and gave the orange, yellow and green ones to my coworkers? That’s still being thoughtful….I think.

BFF Spinner: I like the green ones. So maybe your co workers like them too. And maybe they like the yellow and orange ones best. In fact, they may conclude that you gave them the flavors that you enjoy most. I would even go so far as to say that you may seem like a sacrificial jellybean hero…..  think about it…. :)



The reminder.

Hey, did I mention that we won on Saturday? Yes? Oh well we still won. By one amazing little point. Just thought I’d throw it out there again! After all, what kind of Stately Lady would I be if I didn’t brag on my team a bit?

In other news about the Turkey break, the third annual trip to LBJ’s on Thanksgiving Eve was a success.  You know you’re in Johnston county when the bar is so small that there are triple the amount of people outside drinking in the parking lot as there are inside.  But it was fun regardless! I got in some valuable Spinner QT beginning with dinner at Texas Steakhouse and then at the Carolina Pottery–the Jockey store to be exact.  Spinner, in true fashion, failed to pack the underessentials  so she had to stock up for the break.  Funny thing was, when she told the cashiers what she had done, they weren’t suprised in the least and said she was the third person that evening to come in saying the same thing.  I guess when you get so excited for all that turkey and family time you just forget  the small, yet oh so important, things. 

I think the pic of Thanksgiving Eve 2009 may be the best yet. And it has nothing to do with the Blue Moon bottles in the background, nothing at all!meerin

One last thing for the sorority girls that might be reading. My sweet sorority sister, Elisabeth, sent me the link to this song and I have to say I really think its cute.  I have no idea if its new or not, and I’m sad there wasn’t a shout-out to Pi Phi, but we can just change the words and pretend. :) Sorority Girl by Luke Bryan The thing is that its just so true! Love the lyrics.

You got your sundress on for game day
Just to drink beer on an old tailgate
You were born and raised to be a southern belle
But in a place like this you like to raise a little hell
You got your year-round tan
You’re on the five year plan
You shake your little pom poms up in the stands…

My my my little PI BETA PHI!