Wedding Dress Dramatics

At the end of August, I ordered my wedding gown and it arrived three days later.  I was shocked at the speedy arrival considering I was told it wouldn’t get here until December 3, and when I went to pick up the dress I found out why.  They were trying to give me the Sample gown as my “brand new” wedding dress.  I could tell because the dress had a pick in the fabric across the chest and I immediately recognized it.  Of course I made them order a new dress which they “rushed” and it ended up taking a month to come in.  I was so excited at how quickly the first dress arrived that I went ahead and made plans to have my bridal portraits taken at the end of October so it could be a fall shoot, complete with pumpkins and the beautiful fall leaves.  I had my heart set on this idea since it is my favorite time of year, and every day that I had to wait on my 2nd dress to come in was a reminder of my dream bridal shoot slipping away.

Finally, my 2nd dress came in yesterday.  When we got to the store, I thoroughly inspected my dress and found this one to be perfect.  I was thrilled!  Now I just needed to purchase my undergarment that I tried on with the dress and I was headed to the alterations shop.  Wouldn’t you know, they were out of my size! Luckily, the other boutique in Durham had one in stock. I called and bought the non-refundable undergarmet from the Durham store and thought it would be no problem to head there first, then head to Cary for my fitting.

No.Such.Luck.  It was pouring rain all day yesterday, which to drivers in Raleigh translates to “forget everything you learned about how to drive properly.”  By this time, nearly 6pm, I-40 was a complete parking lot.  There was no way I could make it to Durham, then back to Cary in any reasonable amount of time.  There I sat in traffic, with pouring rain, and stressed to the max.  My mom doesn’t do well in these situations, but she did try really hard to be reassuring and calm.  We finally pulled up to Olga’s house for my alterations appointment a hour late.

Let me tell you a little about Olga.  Olga is a small Russian lady, with a LOT of spunk.  She was a referral from a friend and after reading her reviews online, it turns out she is apparently a seamstress QUEEN.  Earlier on the phone, she told me she was booked solid through November and there was no way I could have even one fitting before then.  I guess she could hear my disappointment because she said “You get dress tonight, you bring to me, I see how hard to finish by October”.

When we arrived, we were greeted by our now favorite Russian lady and her cat, Ninja.  She informed me his full name is Big Bad Ninja Cat.    I was still nervous about going to my fitting with no strapless bra.  She kept saying to me “I makes and fix dresses long time–and I know man.  Man NO WANT  a bag of bones, you see!  You will be bag of bones with corset bra!”  I wanted to ask her if that meant I could keep eating ice cream on my pre-wedding diet.

After getting my dress on, my shoes, and my pearls… I just couldn’t help but feel the stress of the entire day and night melt away.  I remember thinking that’s probably what my wedding day will be like.  All of the stress over details and decisions in the days leading up will just melt away when I get into my dress and my shoes and my pearls and walk straight towards my groom.

Much to my surprise and complete joy, Olga will have my dress finished by October 24th, just in time for my 25th birthday three days later and my bridal portraits.  Don’t you just love it when things work out?

I know, I know…

…it’s been a while!  BUT, I have SO SO SO many good excuses (aka Wedding Plans).

1) We booked our chapel (which you already know! see? you aren’t THAT out of the loop!)

2) We booked our reception site — Elijah’s Restaurant on the Riverfront in Wilmington

3) I ordered my dress!  And I went with my 2nd dress, just like you lovely readers said I should.  I knew I could trust you all. :)

4) I ordered MY SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I should receive the tracking information today, which I will be stalking relentlessly until they are in my possession.  Yes, I know you are dying to see them.  Yes, I am dying to show you.  BUT since I am SO excited about them, I think I am just going to keep them my little secret (unless you send me an email, comment, or facebook message indicating that you cannot go on without seeing them! In which case I will happily send you the link)  and show everyone after the wedding. I may give blog readers a sneak peak once I have my bridals done. 

5) I received my last piece of my Bridesmaid’s Bundle (what I am calling my “proposal”  bridesmaids gifts) last week so I am ready to ask my girls to be my girls!  Hah.  Finally!  I hope we can find them dresses in time… if only I knew a superstar dress maker that could make my bridesmaid dresses in any glorious pattern and fit of my choosing… Hmm… if only I knew someone like that.

6) We are meeting with Jessica and Hannah of A Shindig Events this weekend to discuss our “Day Of” coordination that will be taking place.  Let me tell you, I want to be completely disconnected from the world on my wedding day.  (No phone + no texts =no freakouts)  And so someone will have to take over my Type A-ness for the day.  That’s where Hannah and Jessica will step in.  We are still meeting with one other event coordinator before we decide who we are going with, but I am just excited to meet with anyone who wants to talk wedding details with me.  :)

7)  I’ve also been working on a few non-wedding related projects like these adorable cupcake picks for Jerri-Rae and Robby’s baby shower!  I think they turned out aaaaadorable.  I am now working on something for the Tar Heel’s nephew’s 1st Birthday!  Crazy! He is the cutest little baby and it seems like yesterday that the Tar Heel was telling me he was on the way to the hospital to see the little guy for the first time.

THE dress.


Last Friday after work as I turned to get on I-40 East, I realized it would be a long and slow drive considering I-40 resembled more of a parking lot than an interstate.  So naturally, I decided to exit immediately and headed to the nearest bridal boutique to try on wedding dresses.

In just a matter of minutes I was fitted and standing in a dressing room with a woman I didn’t know wearing only a strapless bra that didn’t belong  to me and a slip.  It was a little weird at first.  But I quickly forgot about my modesty once this stranger lady helped me into the first wedding dress I had to try on.  I immediately stepped out of the room and looked at the mirror and felt…disappointed.

All I could say was “WAY too big.”

It wasn’t at all what I wanted and I jumped out of it (with the aide of my new stranger-lady-friend-who-has-seen-me-half-naked) and quickly readied myself for the next dress.

The next dress was a style that I just wanted to “try”.  It is very untraditional and somewhat trendy. I thought it was cute though and worth a shot… so I put it on and headed out to take a look-see.

Once I stepped out and saw myself standing in the mirror in a wedding dress, all I could think was “wow”.  It was surreal.  I couldn’t tell right away if I was taken back by the dress itself or by me just being in a wedding dress.  As soon as I walked out a lady and her two young daughters came around the corner and the girls’ faces both lit up when they saw me.

They both said “Mommy, look!  A bride, a real bride!”
It was so cute and such an affirmation for me.  I just smiled at them, but I wanted to squeal back “I know!!! Can you believe it!?”

So I stared at myself for a while and let the consultant bring me the brightest pair of high heels that she could find (a pretty shade of pink called Watermelon).  I loved what I was seeing in the mirror, but there was only one thing missing…my handsome groom!

The only person in the entire world that I wanted to see me in that very dress at that very moment was my Tar Heel.  Sure, it would have been nice to have my mom there and Mama Kay, but I couldn’t help but think about only one person.  I sent a text to the Tar Heel saying “I couldn’t help myself. I tried on a wedding dress and felt like such a bride. I just wanted you to see me SO much!” And  he sent back:

“I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle…I know you’ll be the most beautiful person to ever walk the earth, I love you so so much and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be together forever.”

I got so giddy and happy I could hardly contain myself.  I decided to leave the dress there for now.  I am scared to buy the 2nd dress I ever tried on, but I cannot find anything else out there (online at least) that I even want  to try on.  I am dreaming about myself in this dress!  And the great part?  I’ve been saving pictures I like of weddings, dresses and hair styles for about a year now.  I found out this week that one of the weddings I saved all the photos from had this awesome wedding dress in them… it’s the same dress I tried on and fell in love with last Friday. I decided to make an appointment for the end of August which gives me time to try on other dresses.  Next time I plan to bring my mom, Mama Kay, and whoever else I can coerce into coming to see my potential dress as well. :)

What do you think, is it too soon to be in love after trying on just 2 dresses?