Four Months

Somehow, someway…Emmy is already over five months old. It is mind blowing how fast the time has gone by since she was born.  I knew I would get behind with posting  these monthly updates, but didn’t think it would happen quite so soon!  Anyway, it has been a very busy past two months and here’s a snapshot of all that happened in Emmy’s world!

Four Months

Miss Emmy Mae became a pro at the “almost” roll over at four months old.  She would get her entire body turned over, but her (large) head would just stay put! It’s hard being in the 86th percentile of head size.  We loved watching her learn and grow this month.  I missed her four month well-baby visit, but her daddy and GiGi went for me.  I hated missing out, but we are only given 3 sick days and 3 “discretionary” days to be used during the clinical year (which ends in December) and so I couldn’t take off for the visit.  She was a super star, though, of course!  Emmy Mae got to meet her great Uncle Gary this month.  I was so excited she got to meet him.  He is such a special person in my life though we hardly get to see him or my aunt Penny and cousin Christina and her little family since they live in Alabama.  Regardless, Emmy enjoyed meeting Uncle Gary and listening  to his crazy stories. :)

The biggest news in the fourth month of Emmy’s life is that her mommy finished her Orthopaedics rotation! Praise the Lord! DONE with Ortho!  Emmy told me she is super happy that I don’t have to get so stressed out over Ortho anymore. Woo hoo!  Five rotations down, seven left to go!

EM @ Four Months

Weight: 17lbs, 2.5oz (93%)

Firsts: We had our first family photo shoot and Emmy’s first professional photography session. She was such a little trooper! And the pics were wonderful.  Melissa DeLorme Photography in Raleigh, for anyone interested in a great photog! :)  Emmy also met a lot of fancy people at the Campbell University Scholarship luncheon.  I was blessed to receive two scholarships this year, and Emmy got to meet my scholarship donors!  Very exciting day for us.

Sizes: Wearing size 9-12 months.  Diaper – size 4

Likes: She is getting so good at tummy time and now holds her head up for several minutes without any problems.  She loves being “scared” by surprise faces or funny noises.  She makes these huge eyes and then lets out a great little laugh.  We bought a “jumparoo” jumpy seat and she LOVESSSSS it.  She has the best time just bouncing in her seat!

Dislikes: Emmy outgrew her mamaroo and the snuggle bunny swing she has at GiGi’s.  She is starting to have a little separation anxiety and gets whiny when Dustin or I walk away for a minute or two.


White Coat

There are no words to explain the happiness I felt to add my second favorite article of white clothing to my closet. (My wedding dress being my first, of course…)  The emotions of receiving my white coat coupled with the incredible events of the day (starting with the beautiful gifts from my husband) were just overflowing. To try and put into words how much my white coat means to me would never come close to describing how it feels to reach this milestone in my life.

I guess a picture is worth a thousand words in this case — Dustin got a shot just as I was walking off stage and had an enormous smile.  HE is the best part of my world and without the favor of the Lord and Dustin’s support, I couldn’t even pretend to do this!

Here we go, CU PA Class of 2014.




We have been blessed with crazy wonderful changes happening in the very near future.  My sweet Tar Heel has accepted a position in NC and he starts (drumroll please) …  APRIL 1st!

So we are boxing up our life in Savannah, room by room, and trying to figure this whole thing out day by day… Yes this is sooner than we expected, yes this is making me a little crazy with all we have to do in the coming days, but YES  I am so excited for this Blessing!!

The LORD is providing for us in a big way — we are excited to see how we can use this provision to further His Kingdom!  The adorable little yellow house above is where we will be moving in less than three weeks.  SO adorable, SO exciting, SO HAPPY!!  Congratulations to my husband for this amazing job opportunity — I am so proud to be married to such a wonderful man!  Thank you LORD!

Psalm 37:4-5

4 Delight yourself in the LORD;
And He will give you the desires of your heart.
5 Commit your way to the LORD,
Trust also in Him, and He will do it.


Our door was in desperate need of a colorful, Spring-y update… So I grabbed my paint and tied some ribbon and voilà! A touch of spring made on the fly.  My favorite kind.



Fall Family Tradition

I’m in Raleigh again this week training and am missing my Tar Heel some kind of fierce.  I know I signed up for this when I accepted a traveling position, but I guess I thought it would be easier to spend five days and four nights apart.  It really is anything but easy.  I am a worrier, too, and so when I can’t reach the Tar Heel during my breaks, I immediately assume the absolute worst and my mind spirals out of control imagining my life without him.  It is AWFUL!.  Fortunately, these weeks in Raleigh are insanely busy and I rarely have time to let my mind wander to such horrible thoughts.  I am lucky if my mind gets to wander at all, actually. But these intense work conditions are my strong suit.  I thrive on challenges and staying busy, so it all works out in the end. 

But no matter how busy I am, I always make time for the important stuff.  I may have mentioned a few hundred times here on the blog that my favorite time of year is the fall.  I love everything about it.  The weather, the colors, the fair, college football season,  the smell of apple cider (even if it’s coming from a candle) hanging in the air.  And there is one more big, round, and orange reason I love the fall.  PuMpKiNs!  Naturally, with such a heightened affinity for all things Autumnal, I am hosting Pumpkin Fest 2011 at our home in Georgia this year.

The Tar Heel and I  will partake in some of the best Pumpkin Goodness and Fall Fun this glorious season has to offer.  Pumpkin Fest 2011 will include Pumpkin Pickin, Carve-Off, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, and featuring a fall music lineup consisting of “Autumn Leaves,” “September Song,” and probably a little James Taylor just because. I can’t think of another artist that reminds me more of glorious fall in my home state, the lovely Land of the Pines.  And since I decided to decorate our home September 1st this year, I think we may have to add a few hundred more mini pumpkins for the occasion. I am getting excited just thinking about it.  I decided to build this little gem for fun to send to the Tar Heel.  I think he may have thought I was kidding , but I was being oh-so-serious.

Bring on the PUMPKINS!  -PF 2011