As usual,  my sweet Tar Heel came through for me and found a way to send these darned pictures from New Years Eve that we took with his phone.  While he may think the droid operating system is better than the iPhone, I beg to differ… especially given the mountains we had to climb in order to get these pictures out of his little phone and into the interwebs.  Phew!  It was intense.  But alas, they arrived and I am so excited they did.

New Years Eve is always a big event for me.  I think I am in love with every holiday that includes fire works — they are some of my favorite things!  This year’s NYE did not disappoint.  We started off New Years Eve evening with a fantastic meal with a fantastic couple, Justin and Tara and their amazing little miracle Baby Zane.  We were meeting Zane for the first time and OH SO excited!!  He is a doll and I could eat him with a SPOON!!  We were so happy to see two of our favorite people from Whitley Church and get to meet their little bundle of joy.  I SOOOO wish I had taken a picture of them, especially with little Zane sporting the onesie the Tar Heel and I picked out for him with “Rock Star” on it! 

After dinner, we hadn’t made any finite plans and so we decided to make an impromptu trip to Raleigh to see the Acorn drop! Last year the Tar Heel and I spent a relaxing evening in Raleigh with our good friends Mary Beth and Turner.  This year we ended up spending an exciting evening downtown at Raleigh’s First Night with the same sweet couple, Mary Beth and Turner!  It’s funny how things work out like that.  We had an absolute blast.  And despite living in Raleigh for six years, I never once saw the acorn drop.  (For those of you that don’t know, Raleigh is the City of Oaks for our many oak trees, and so we drop an acorn each year at midnight on New Years Eve.) I am usually out of town over NYE and so it just happened that I got to experience my first Acorn drop with my sweet Tar Heel!!  It was so exciting and I absolutely LOVE going home to Raleigh, even if it is only for a night.    My love for that city grows constantly!  The Tar Heel and I were amazed at the impressive turnout to Raleigh First Night this year.  We felt a bit like we were at a mini version of Times Square there on Fayetteville Street.  If you’ve never been before and are in the area, I would encourage you to go!


My handsom groom-to-be!  I LOVE that smile!! :)


Times Square or Fayetteville Street??? Almost can’t tell!


I told you I LOVE fireworks!  And the open container policy on NYE :)


Can you see the Acorn??


MB and TWood!

Yay for 2011, the year of our wedding!! :)

7 days

It is one full week into the new year and as excited as I am for 2011, it hasn’t started out tremendously well.  I have had a bad case of bronchitis this week and finally made it back to work today.  The upside? It’s Friday.  Couple that with Dustin returning to Savannah on Tuesday to start another semester and I am not a happy camper.  Oh, and he still owes me pictures from New Years to prove I actually was happy for the New Year. 

Send prayers my way that 2011 gets on track and starts looking a bit brighter! 

Our Story

The Tar Heel and I are finally putting the final touches on our wedding website and we can hardly wait to share it with everyone!  I wanted to share one of the pages on the website with my blog readers because it is the most special part of the wedding website to me.  I love Our Story and how the Lord brought us together, so I thought I would share it here first!   I can’t believe I’ve never shared the story of The Stately Lady and The Tar Heel on my blog yet… but here it is!

Despite growing up only 15 minutes from each other and living in the same town their entire lives, Dustin and Regina met for the first time on July 31, 2004. Dustin was the videographer for Regina’s brother’s wedding, and their brief introduction was fleeting at best amid the hustle and bustle of a busy wedding day. It wasn’t until June of 2007 at a collegiate business society conference in Chicago, Illinois, that this brief introduction paved the way for a budding friendship. The two were inseparable at the week-long conference, and they soon found themselves staying in touch months after the conference in Chicago. Regina has always attributed their time together in Chicago as the place where she first felt that they shared something very different and very special.

After the conference in Chicago, Regina began her senior year of college at North Carolina State University and Dustin started his junior year at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Even though life has a tendency to interfere with even the best laid plans, the Lord always makes a way for His children and He made no exception of Dustin and Regina. Though their lives led them completely separate ways for college and soon graduation, Dustin and Regina were eventually led back to the place where they first met 6 years ago in their hometown of Goldsboro, North Carolina. As fate would have it, Regina began attending Whitley Church, the same church where Dustin had recently accepted his first full-time position as Media Director. After months of lost contact, it only took a couple of Sundays before the two reconnected and a lunch date was set. Both Dustin and Regina would agree that for the first time, their friendship felt like it was on the verge of something much deeper and more meaningful than they had ever experienced before. 

Finally, two years after Chicago in the fall of 2009, after many prayers and patient moments of waiting on the Lord’s perfect timing, the two decided to begin a relationship together that was literally years in the making. Everyone that spent any amount of time with Dustin and Regina knew instantly they shared something incredibly special.  On July 09, 2010, the 55th wedding anniversary of Dustin’s beloved Mema and Papa Sullivan, Dustin asked Regina to marry him in a fairy tale proposal surrounded by the historic charm and southern elegance of Charleston, South Carolina.  Regina excitedly accepted his proposal, and started planning their wedding for March 19,2011.  Both Dustin and Regina are anxiously awaiting their wedding and beginning their new life together as husband and wife in Savannah, Georgia. 




“Urban” really means Hood.

The Tar Heel and I had quite the experience house-hunting in Savannah this weekend.  All too often, this is the situation we ran into.

What the craigslist ad said:

“Charming, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, period-era home just outside of Forsyth Park with an urban feel.”

What that really meant:

“Charming” = dilapidated; “2 bedroom” = 1 bedroom, 1 room small enough to be a closet; “period-era home” = land-before-time-old; “outside of forsyth park”= 2 blocks on the WRONG side of Forsyth Park; “urban feel” = GHET-TO. 

We finally found ourselves falling in love with a home in Ardsley Park.  It is much larger than we were looking for, but the price is right and Mr. Cecil (the landlord) seemed like a sweet old man.  He owned every house on the block and could tell us all about our neighbors.  The neighborhood reminded me so much of my previous home in Raleigh in Five Points, a very residential and young professionals/residential area.  I felt very safe in the area and the Tar Heel and I were smitten right away. 

The pros: Huge formal dining room,  massive bedrooms, a beautiful tile fireplace, a sunroom!!, beautiful floors, very safe neighborhood, cute grocery store and cafe in walking distance, and walking distance to the Tar Heel’s classes.

The cons: On street parking (though it isn’t a busy street), NO PAINTING ALLOWED (the inside is institution-white everywhere…yuck), hideous kitchen.

I know this is minor, but I am so stuck on the inability to paint.  I have painted every room I’ve ever lived in and I just can’t bring myself to accept the no painting rule.  We are going to work on Mr. Cecil with that one.  Without further ado, our potential new home (sorry for the poor iphone picture quality):

I am so excited to move down once we are married and I can’t wait to hang a cute “G” flag by the front steps. :)