The wrap up

Sunday morning after checking out the live webcast of the church where the Tar Heel works, we headed to lunch and on to our final vineyard of the trip, Shelton Vineyards.  This vineyard was the nicest we went to of the entire trip and we even took a tour of the winery.  It was so interesting to hear the ins and outs of how all those grapevines turn into what we drink from the wine bottle.  I especially loved that the Shelton Vineyards have an “Adopt a Barrel” program where you can pay an annual fee and own one of the vineyard’s barrels after 5 years.  It includes a case of wine a year and other perks, but the best part is that you get to keep your barrel with a customized nameplate for all the years to come.  They had a room with the adopted barrels on display and the first one when we walked in had this on the nameplate:

“Amy, will  you Marry me? Love, Matt. November 21, 2009”

What an amazing keepsake for your engagement! I thought it was precious.  The Tar Heel and I loved the Blanc de Blanc and took home a bottle.  We also received two beautiful crystal glasses at this winery after our tasting. Outside, before the winery opened, we decided to take a few pics.  I think these are my favorites of the whole trip! :)


After leaving the vineyard, we decided to head to Charlotte to go to Elevation church.  We both had been wanting to go to this church for a long time after hearing about the amazing things happening there, and needless to say the worship experience there is truly one of a kind.  I strongly encourage anyone in the Charlotte area to try it out! It is really an amazing church.

All in all we had an AMAZING time and brought home lotssss of wine. 16 bottles and 16 wine glasses, to be exact!  Here are the “fruits” of our labor… :)