Amy’s Wedding Part 2

Amy’s highly anticipated day had finally arrived.  And when I say finally, I mean it.  These two dated 8 years and were engaged for 1.5 years.  There is no other word to accurately describe that wait than finally! Alas, finally, it was here.  We started out the day bright and early at Salon 21for all of us girlies to get our hair done. Well, I retract the “bright” part.  That morning I woke up to an all-out thunderstorm, complete with torrential downpours and lightening.  In my mind, I couldn’t help but think, “Did God forget to give Amy a pretty day for her outdoor wedding?”  I mean she was blessed with the best family, friends and fiance you could ever ask for.  Can’t have it all I guess. ;) But I think God really meant for that wedding to take place at Caffe Luna.  It was a gorgeous ceremony, and Amy was so CALM! Literally, calm as a cucumber. :) She pretty much floated all morning.  She was the same sweet Amy that she always is.  I don’t think anyone has ever been more prepared to marry their best friend than this girl. 

We all made it back to the hotel to help Amy get ready and took lots of pictures with the AMAZING Rachel of Millie Holloman Photography.  I have to admit, I was SUPER bummed when Millie broke her ankle the week before Amy’s wedding and had to cancel personally shooting her wedding.  I had no doubts regarding Rachel’s ability to produce phenomenal photos like Millie, but I am a bit of a Millie fan and I was giddy with excitement to meet her.  Oh well. Hopefully one day I will get to meet her for my wedding. :)

We scooted off to Caffe Luna for the wedding and reception and everything went just perfectly.  Amy asked me to read a poem called “Advice from a Tree” during the ceremony and I was pretty nervous about that, but it went very well.  I was only nervous after talking to the Tar Heel who said “You know, this is their wedding and you’re speaking in it. There isn’t a practice round, you only get one good shot!”  Thanks, babe.

I cannot tell you all how much fun we had.  We all (all being me, the Tar Heel, Amy, Matthew, Amy’s sister Megan, Amy’s sister Megan’s boyfriend Taylor, Mindy and her husband Will) wore that dance floor out!! We were the only ones on the dance floor basically all night, with the exception of when the Tar Heel grabbed Mindy’s mom, Mrs. Becky out onto the floor.  It was so much fun, and their Rickshaw sparkler exit was a classic! 

I was so happy  to be a part of Amster’s day.  She has been such a wonderful friend to me over the years and I know there are no two people more perfectly matched for each other than Amy and Matthew.  I use to joke that if they couldn’t make it, absolutely no one else in the world could.  They completely complete each other. :)  So, here are some of my favorite pictures from the evening. (All photos taken by the Tar Heel with the exception of the last one of us, taken by Rachel of MHP)



The new necessity

Before I get to my favorite new necessity, a little eye candy courtesy of Millie Holloman Photography. How amazing is this shot by Millie Holloman photographer Rebecca?! I found this while browsing the Millie Holloman blog yesterday and couldn’t get over how great it is.  Can’t you just see this on canvas hanging in the couple’s home?  I love it! There are so ridiculously many amazing shots by MHP — they are the best of the best as far as I am concerned! And how fabulous that MHP is based out of good ol’ NC?

In other news, I just have to let everyone in on my new necessity “secret”…

Last night while wondering around Target hoping to avoid that’s a lie finding something cute to buy that I don’t technically need, I actually found something that I am now classifying as a need. It is the Assets Womens Fantastic Firmers Cami! Uhmmmm I love this thing! I remember reading about some overpriced cami (around $90) that did the exact same thing and now it is available at the ever-fabulous Target! Its cute, cheap, and definitely does the firming thing. Its actually kind of long (probably because I’m kind of short) so it serves double duty with firming the booty :) haha. I am a big fan.

I hope everyone is having a great short week and looking forward to Easter Holiday!  I am so excited for this special time and remembering the sacrifice made on our behalf through Jesus Christ! If you are in  the Goldsboro area, I highly recommend attending Whitley Church‘s Easter drama “The Cross and the Crown“. Amazing!!