Ever After

At 5:30 pm on March 19, Dustin and I walked back down the aisle as husband and wife! After a quick photo shoot with our family and bridal party, we were finally on our way to our wedding reception!!

Well before Dustin and I even met, and definitely before we started dating, I had this vision for my wedding reception.  In all my years before getting engaged, I never had a “vision” about what my wedding dress would look like, or whether I would leave in a horse drawn carriage or what flowers I would have or anything like that. (I told you I’ve never been ALL about my wedding!)  But I always knew I wanted my wedding reception to be one heck of a party!

Maybe it’s from my years of Pi Phi formals and themed parties, or from my toddler days when my mom loves to tell me how I would always walk into daycare telling her we were going to “party hardy” that day.  Regardless, I have always envisioned my wedding reception as being one of the most memorable and fun nights of all time!

My only other requirement besides a lot of FUN for our wedding reception was to have Twinkle Lights.  Oh, my sweet little twinkle lights.  It took a lot of searching, but my awesome and Amazing Wedding Planners finally found a fantastic deal on having Twinkle Lights installed in our venue for the wedding reception.  And they turned out so perfect.  There were so many details at the reception that I probably stressed about more than necessary, but at the end of the day I was so thrilled to walk into our reception and see all of our family and friends AND the many little details that made the whole experience very “us.”

After introducing our wedding party, we started off our reception with our First Dance.  Dustin and I chose a fun/sweet little medley of Alan Jackson’s “Right on the Money” which carried right in to Jack Johnson’s “Angel.” We then ate as fast as possible and headed out to the Cape Fear River Deck for some amazing sunset pictures.

When we came back to the reception, everyone was finishing up dinner and I changed from my wedding dress to something a little more conducive for dancing!  I also made a shoe switch.  As you all know, the most important aspects of my wedding day attire were my fabulous Kate Spade heels.  As luck would have it, Kate Spade was brilliant enough to make a flat shoe complement to my stiletto high-heeled perfection. My day would not have been complete without sporting both the Kate Spade “Charm” and the Kate Spade “Nell.” As a side note, I did come to find throughout my wedding planning that the phrase “But it’s for my wedding!”  could essentially justify any and all purchases.  Literally.  I have explained the complex concept to Dustin several times that buying two pairs of shoes for my wedding was actually an investment, considering if I were to wear my shoes every day for the rest of my life they would really cancel out their cost entirely.  It makes sense if you think about it… :)

Annnyway, we ended up having an amazing time and my little sparkling shoes danced until they couldn’t dance anymore.  There were so many fun times, I couldn’t pick just one so I made a Top 10.  (This list is in no particular order and is definitely not all-inclusive.)

I think Dustin and I must have said a thousand times…. “Can you believe it?  We just got married!”  That feeling of elation and love is something I hope to never forget.

Seriously, our wedding reception made me want to renew our vows next year!  Who’s coming? :)

…And we lived Happily Ever After!