Fall Break

Can’t believe it is already Oct. 26th (the eve of my 27th birthday). Where did this semester go?

Yesterday we had an anatomy test at 8am and 2 hours/100 questions on Endocrine, Digestion, Reproduction and the Urinary system later,  my brain is STILL trying to recover.  So here goes my post on Fall Break…two weeks later. What can I say, It is what it is, people!

Thursday, aka Fall Break Day 1:

  • Early morning manicure with my sweet PA friend, Alex, where we chatted all about her engagement shoot that was happening that weekend in Asheville (which turned out AMAZING by the way!)
  • Lunch with my BFF Erin at Cafe Cattura and dessert at Sugarland in Cameron Village, aka my Happy Place!
  • Farm Worker’s Clinic with one of my PA school instructors.  This was an awesome experience for me. I got to do my first breast exam on a patient, saw a gentleman who decided to remove his own cast after breaking his ankle because he wanted to make sure his “meat was growing back with the bone” along with some other fairly awesome cases…all in SPANISH! I left the clinic with a renewed hope of becoming fluent in Spanish AND a bit of an obsession with the idea of doing a Spanish medical immersion program. But, I have to get my degree first so no carts before the horse.

Friday, aka Fall Break Day 2:

  • The Tar Heel took the day off so we got to spend an entire weekday together!! It was amazing!  I cannot tell you how much I have missed him during this little “venture” into PA school. We’ve had to do a lot of adjusting and sacrificing of time for each other so it was nice to just “be” for one day. We had no agenda, no plans and total relaxation. We ended up relaxing the whole day and rounding out the evening with seeing Old Habits play downtown at 42nd Street Oyster Bar.  My lil Ave and her husband, Grant, made an appearance and so did Erin and her beau, Sammy.  It was a LOT of fun. So much fun I forgot how long it has been since I was able to enjoy a glass of wine and boy did I make up for lost time that night.  But I had the BEST time with my girls. True friends are really priceless.

Saturday, aka Fall Break Day 3:

  • Recovered from Fall Break Day (night) 2.
  • Made a spontaneous decision to go to Naylor Family Farms with Riley and the Tar Heel where we experienced the Corn Maze, picked a couple of pumpkins and went on a hay ride. The Tar Heel also insisted on taking Riley down two giant slides and he actually LOVED it. Me on the other hand — I was a basket case thinking Riley was going to try and jump off or get hurt.  I am already nervous thinking about our kids and their destiny of shenanigans given their father’s adventurous childhood… eeek!! Glad that’s far away :)

Sunday, aka Fall Break Day 4:

  • Went to an awesome church service at Hope Community Church – Holly Springs campus!!
  • Relaxed a bit more….
  • ….and finally said goodbye to Fall Break and wound up studying for my Pharmacotherapeutics test the following Tuesday. All good things must come to an end!

We let Riley Roo lead the way.  He got us lost. A lot…

Had to throw in the last few pictures from our State Fair trip… oh my goodness we had so much fun. Even though it didn’t happen over Fall Break I just had to include these pics :)

The wine adventure Part 2

Wooooooo!! What a fun weekend it has been. I have enjoyed my little nephew as much as possible and I still can’t wait to go home to spend even more time with him. He just sleeps and blinks a little and sleeps and eats but he is so adorable and I love him! :)

So, back to my little adventure trip with the Tar Heel.  :)  Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to start our wine adventure.  We tried to pick the closest vineyards to our hotel first  from the GPS.  Our first stop according to GPS was Elkin Creek Vineyard.  When we pulled up to the winery, we saw only one other car and the door was locked so we decided to take a few pictures of the scenery.  This winery was, in my opinion, the most beautiful of all that we saw that day.  It was situated on what appeared to be an old farm and there was a waterfall, barn, tree swings, and a teepee. Yep.  A teepee.  We aren’t sure why there was a teepee but whatever.  Here are some of the shots the Tar Heel took at our time at this winery.  We also had a tasting once the winery opened after our little photo shoot.


The next winery we made our way to was the Grassy Creek Vineyard and Winery. This vineyard was once a dairy farm and the winery itself was a restored horse barn. Of course I love that! They did a wonderful job maintaing the charm of the dairy farm and actually bottle their house red and white wines in milk bottles.  We bought into their marketing tactic and purchased several bottles of the red wine in the milk bottles.  I love those :)  When we were leaving the winery, we pulled out onto a road that was lined with trees and made for a perfect setting.  The Tar Heel insisted on stopping to take a few pictures and so we stopped in the middle of the road and made 2 cars go around us pulled over for a photo op. I loved these, too!


We then headed to the McRitchie Winery and Ciderworks. I was looking forward to this particular winery because it is the only cider-producing winery in the state. Needless to say, the hard cider was amaaaaaaazing and arguably my favorite wine of the weekend. Its hard to say with certainty, though, because all of the wine was so amazing.  There was yet another tree swing at this winery and the Tar Heel took some b-e-a-utiful shots on our way out. I’m telling you, its so fun to have your own personal photog everywhere you go.


Our next few stops were to the Brushy Mountain Winery, Round Peak Vineyards,  and finally to RagApple Lassie Vineyard.  We loved the Booger Swamp Red and Blackberry wines at Brushy Mountain.  I also loved the red wine with mullling spices served hot at Round Peak Vineyards.  And while we had amazing tastings at all the vineyards we went to, our tasting at RagApple Lassie was especially memorable.  There was a lady singing Patsy Cline songs there and she was dressed for the part as well.  It was great.  The only song I know (but love!) by Patsy Cline is Crazy, so I asked her to please sing that song. She said she would be happy to and we continued the tasting without a second thought.  A few moments later, Crazy comes on and “Patsy” has made her way back to our area.  Before I knew it, the Cabernet must have really set in because she somehow talked me into singing the rest of the song. With a microphone. In front of everyone at the entire winery. WHAT!? I am cringing inside just thinking about it.  Regardless, I think the Tar Heel enjoyed my serenade and I did get a few applause out of the whole deal.


This is the Tar Heel and I with the RagApple Lassie statue outside of the winery. It is a really cute story to read the history of the winery and where the name RagApple Lassie comes from.  This winery takes home the award for most beautiful wine bottles.

After all those tastings, we were both pretty exhausted and decided to go back t o the hotel for a nap before dinner.  Our good friend “Patsy” had recommended a restaurant to us so we had our plan in place. Well, things don’t always go as planned. Neither of our alarms went off and we slept right through dinner and past the hours of any nearby restaurants.  Our only option was to head to Wal Mart for frozen dinners to pop in our hotel room microwave. And so that, my friends, is exactly what we did. We caught the end of SNL with Jacob from New Moon and headed to bed to rest up for our final day of tasting.